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CleverUsername Oct 8, 2022 @ 10:59am
Bug and Workaround: Accessing "imaginary" inventory slots
Here's a bug/problem I encountered and a solution.

--Bought a bunch of stuff at a trade terminal. I think it exceeded my inventory capacity, but it let me buy it anyway instead of displaying and "inventory full" message.
Open my inventory, the stuff I bought isn't there. Even after scrolling down to the bottom of the inventory. Anyway, I know how many inventory slots I had, and they were definitely all full.
Seems like the stuff is totally gone. However, if you interact with a refinery, select an item to put into the refinery, and scroll to the bottom of that list, your missing items will be there! You can temporarily put them in the refinery and then move them to an empty slot in your inventory or freighter or whatever.

Problem: Purchases (and some other ways of acquiring items) do not respect inventory max and place items into "imaginary" inventory slots. The items are not gone, just inaccessible.
Workaround: A refinery can access the imaginary slots.
Hypothesis: The code for the old "cargo" slots was not entirely removed. They are still there in some sort of way. They are just inaccessible by most means. However, some game processes still act on them. This is also supported when you examine your ship with the analysis visor. The capacity is still reported as 59+7+9 or something like that. Even though only the 59 and 7 are accessible....... but it appears that maybe the 9 cargo slots are still there somehow?
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CleverUsername Oct 8, 2022 @ 1:17pm 
Just confirming that bug (and workaround) still exist in 4.03 patch. I'm guess that they are trying to maintain legacy support of cargo slots for those that don't have the 4.0 update yet, but they messed it up.
Thank you so much for this workaround! I was hit by the same bug. I have similar thoughts about what might be causing it, but I had only seen the missing items in the trade terminal. I hadn't noticed them in the refiner!

It worked for the stuff I had stuck in my exosuit. Unfortunately I had a couple of Psychonic Eggs get stuck in the imaginary inventory on my freighter -- which I couldn't access with a refinery as far as I could tell. And the new goes-onto-the-stack-first feature (which is otherwise really convenient) meant that when I got some new Psychonic Eggs today, they went onto the same imaginary stack.

I ended up selling them, so at least I won't have an imaginary stack absorbing every psychonic egg I get until the stack fills up.
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