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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Lion - The Infernal Eye
Collection by: Meshroom
Collection by: Automedic
A selection of all my particle overhauls. More to come....
Awakened Thirst
Collection by: Nannou
Awakened Thirst by KEEN WORKSHOP Follow us for upcoming projects and giveaways@ If you have questions or want to collaborate you can reach us at k...
The Fiery Heart
Collection by: Paproch
...when he plunged inside, in the deepest cave, he fought with some mad inventor. In the terrifying workshop, the Raider found strange bat-like, flying machine. When he touched her, her eyes blazed with fire! She moved up, she moaned and he heard the hear...
Unrequited Corruption
Collection by: Rock It
Dancing Butterfly the TA set
Collection by: NVIDI[A]still makin' nuke?
神秘的蝴蝶,即便是探索过许多宇宙未解之谜的拉娜娅,也无法抵抗它们的优雅与魅力。它们很安静,就像拉娜娅保守着圣堂的秘密。 The mystery butterflies! Even Lanaya, as a witness of the secrets of the u...
Collection by: e_forge
Run run run, smash crush break! Our new set for Bristleback is here! SFM promo video made by Lozeng3r! be sure to check his youtube channel Vote for each item!
Collection by: Chemical Alia
A sentinel aflame. I protect that which cannot protect itself. But what protects me? Life becomes death becomes new life. This set includes fx for shoulder and arm. If you hit Treant Protector with a quelling blade, will he die?
Ancestral Set of the Wise Magus
Collection by: t1mu
High Priest of Dezun
Collection by: Konras
Dazzle was born in tribe of Dezun acolytes. No one expected him be be any special among his kind. Many made fun of him because despite his young age Dazzle decided to take final ritual - a ritual so dangerous and unpredictable that many of Dezun's followe...
The Masked Emoticon Pack
Collection by: Ashot
An emoticon pack designed to give some of Dota 2's masked heroes an expression! I based each emoticon on a character's personality or traits.
Na`Vi Bundle
Collection by: Natus Vincere
The official Natus Vincere Dota 2 bundle, including Na`Vi Loading Screen, HUD and custom ward!
Celestial Metamorphosis
Collection by: Sylei
This is a set for Puck named "Celestial Metamorphosis" which includes a head item, back item, tail item, and ambient particles for each. There are also two included styles, each featuring a different palette.
Collection by: Péro
Set for Shadow Shaman.
Lamian(Hand-Pulled Noodle) Master of the Mysterious
Collection by: Yestar
Lamian(Hand-Pulled Noodle) Master of the Mysterious 【神秘的醉面仙人】 Undoubtedly, the favorite foods of the Oyos’ are Beers and Noodles. Every time when there is a festival, the Oyos will prepare a giant bowl of hot noodle and a huge mug...
Treasure of the Amethyst Snake
Collection by: Nikey
Hello everyone! We've finished our new chest! We hope you will like it! Also vote other parts of this chest, and it will have more chances to be in Dota 2!
Calabaxa Collection
Collection by: Miles Ham
Calabaxa courier and loading screen.
Eye of the Lotus
Collection by: SNIPA
This collection involves all the items in the Eye of the Lotus set for Templar Assassin! Check it out and rate it!
EGM's Gales of Ancestry
Collection by: Fewes
Official Windranger set in the style of Jerry "EGM" Lundkvist!
Skull Collector
Collection by: Christian
A new outfit for Axe, hope you guys like it. :)
Myst Pursuer
Collection by: Godzy
Helm of Fear
Collection by: Hawf
Both submissions for the Helm of Fear for Sven includes model and particle fix.
Collection by: Grand Master
Voila mes reves...
Red Poison
Collection by: Mv [RavaFX]
Halloween Pack - courier & wards
Collection by: oxhid3
Halloween Pack courier and wards for Diretide
Rocket Maniac
Collection by: madshock
Rocket Maniac some are just a littlebit more insane then others... please also visit the single items and leave a vote there. every vote counts. Credits madShock: concept, texture & masks, illustration Rocket: model, video Andumy: particle ef...
Yuri's ingame single items
Collection by: Ўuri
Yuri's ingame single items
Set for Vengeful Spirit -Femme Fatale-
Collection by: Attasik
Many years have passed since Shendelzar became lonely spirit of the foothill plains. But the craving for vengeance and hope to see her native nest once again never left her heart. A lot of enemies, defeated by an unknown force, fell to her feet. This move...
Blackwater Disciple
Collection by: Threepgood!
Like the light and dark power of the Nothl realm, the giant reptiles of the Blackwater River stalk simultaneously above and below its shadowy magical waters. Select acolytes of the Dezun seek out these great beasts to harness their connection to the Darkn...
Kindred Spirits
Collection by: Sith Happens.
The Kindred Spirits have arrived. ---------------------------------- Watch how DOTA2 Items are made live on my LIVE WORKSHOP!!! Interact with creators, learn some new techniques or just hang out and enjoy the live art! ○
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