Coraline Jones
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SkulduggeryGaunt Jul 13 @ 2:48pm 
Can I use it on Reign of Giants? Or will it crash something?
daftlogic101 Jun 29 @ 2:20pm 
I think having an unbreakable weapon would be a little op, maybe just make it really sturdy so your not relying on it so much and to still have to craft weapons.
Smailer20 Jun 29 @ 7:28am 
I like the touch on how the button eyes appear when insane! Very clever!
Remagamer (PC Co-Op) Jun 28 @ 10:00pm 
Oh, heck yes. This fits perfectly, and it's a bonus that I loved that movie.
ArcticEnigmaTHH Jun 21 @ 8:55am 
@Dryicefox This mod works for RoG, I use it all the time XD
TrickyFox Jun 20 @ 9:14pm 
could you increase coralines sanity and speed a bit i think there a little low
ArcticEnigmaTHH Jun 14 @ 1:51pm 
SkitzSays Jun 13 @ 11:45pm 
I would love an update of her I really love the Coraline movie and enjoyed having her in my game
BE THE BANANA TO MY DONUT Jun 13 @ 8:39pm 
I would be willing to take this character and revamp her for RoG and edit her files so that her files will show up with every computer. (needs power of two to be compatible). I just want your permission before I do it,
TigerKirby215 May 23 @ 7:01pm 
Button Eyes...
Only a lil' creepy... (granted they were also scary in the movie)
KillaMoKronic May 15 @ 9:16am 
An update would be sickk! Probably my favorite character!
ArmixPL May 14 @ 9:50am 
Its outdated :P
JoelVas Apr 30 @ 11:08am 
cool mod !
zombaystorm Apr 28 @ 2:25pm 
I'm having problems with with these the game keeps crashing everytime I try to change to Coraline or any of the other characters.I'm guessing this is because they're out of date. Are you planning on updating them.
ILuvPandasXx [Pandas!] Apr 25 @ 1:22pm 
amazing character! my fave so far! but i think you should make it so when she goes completly insane the other mother and father appear and start saying things to her like lines from the move 'soon you'll see our way' or something, just a little idea.
MegaFlame97 Apr 19 @ 7:39am 
i think she would be even better if she had Button eyes in general not just when she becomes insane :) (not saying you should change it or anything becuase it's great as it is :) but just wanted to say what i think/ my opinion)
Jasper Apr 6 @ 7:10am 
Could you please make this compatible with the Always On mod? The author gives instructions on how custom characters can be made compatible:
RIIIIKU Apr 6 @ 12:28am 
Please update for RoG
Mr. Blue Apr 5 @ 2:34am 
Man, I sure wish this wasn't outdated and worked with ROG.
Le Tapir Apr 3 @ 1:46am 
Out Of Date And Crashing My Game Just So You Know.
loved the movie
RaspBerrypiE Mar 3 @ 6:12pm 
love this mod but the game says it is out of date. please update o.o
That Guy Feb 23 @ 5:16pm 
crazycar22 Feb 23 @ 8:19am 
awsome mod!!! plz make my icon as a dont starve character plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOR-THE-MAN Feb 14 @ 5:55am 
cool, but the shears look WAY too overpowered.
Mad Muffin Feb 6 @ 9:50am 
thank you.
CoolFinnFan Feb 4 @ 6:18pm 
@Koolieo1 no its blue he/she got it right ive seen the movie 1,000 times and its one of my favorites
appnintendo Feb 2 @ 5:29am 
I saw the movie and liked it but i didn't install this mod cuz it's not interesting
Koolieo1 Jan 31 @ 6:51pm 
Hey isn't Coraline's hair black?
Willtepes Jan 27 @ 9:10am 
I really love this film so its quite cool to find coraline IN this game.
Lennix Jan 14 @ 10:56pm 
After much experimenting I found out that taking the game out of full screen mode in the options menu allowed me to play with no problem!
Lennix Jan 14 @ 10:16pm 
I am having the same issue as Steveobuscus and many others who have posted here. This is a great mod for a great character and I would love to use it! Please, if there is any way to fix it, your effort would be appreciated.
steveobuscus Jan 14 @ 8:02pm 
While I really love the mod it looks like it would be great, I'm having a problem with it crashing every time I go to choose her in the char. menu and its like that for the other chars. that you have created. It's really frustrating because I have no idea how to fix it. Please let me know whats going on with it.
Bee Jan 12 @ 11:48am 
Great idea!!! If she had a lighter like Willow, she'd be perfect. Is there any way you could give her a Cat to keep her sanity up?
laurablackstones Jan 2 @ 5:37am 
Somehow she fits wonderfully in this game.
BE THE BANANA TO MY DONUT Jan 1 @ 11:57pm 
I would like to notify you that I am currently working on this character. I would like to share with you my progress. I have added Coraline to the minimap, and am working on fixing her savespot and character selection. If you would like to collaborate with me on trying to fix this problem I could help you by adding all of the rest of the characters from this group to the minimap section.
Timelady Dec 30, 2013 @ 7:58am 
how can i download coraline?
Confettei Dec 22, 2013 @ 2:23pm 
I subscribed but it won't let me download...Any way you can fix?
sodemuth Dec 19, 2013 @ 7:06pm 
even just enabling coraline make my game spaz and crash. not to mention DISABLES EVERY MOD I HAVE
dhK | pbnj Dec 15, 2013 @ 2:44pm 
Having the same issue a few others have mentioned... when I scroll through the character screen the game crashes.
♀ Momma 'ka ☮ Nov 28, 2013 @ 7:17pm 
Just say nice u damn idiot. ;) Love that Movie, love that girl. nice idea. thumps up.
Dr.Jizmo Nov 20, 2013 @ 5:49pm 
Hello my name is Jizmo and I make mod spotlight videos for Don't Starve and I would like to know if you would like me to make a video for your mod here. Hope to hear back from ya!
Funnystuf Nov 20, 2013 @ 3:03pm 
I just re-watched this movie recently! I'm gonna subscribe to this and try it out!
sodemuth Nov 12, 2013 @ 6:39pm 
Every time i try to enable the the mod to use her as a charector it crashes! it is really agrivating cause i wanna use her. Sombody fix it!! plz!!
Sasha Nekosune Nov 5, 2013 @ 5:50am 
for some reason her button eye form makes her look like and old pre looney toons style character. Like. Steamboat willy old.
Tablode14 Nov 4, 2013 @ 7:41am 
I second the below statement. She is crashing my game whenever I try to scroll towards her to select her as a character to play.
tytus_hale01 Nov 2, 2013 @ 5:52pm 
i really want to use this mod but she keeps crashing my game. anyone got some advice on how to fix it?
BFishY ><> Oct 29, 2013 @ 12:51pm 
@Arturbx to download her you need to hit "subscribe +" button on top (green) and it wil lbe added to your game, if you do own a steam copy of Don't Starve, if you don't... you're on your own.
Arturbxc Oct 25, 2013 @ 11:10am 
were can i download her?
Frankwest16 Oct 24, 2013 @ 4:59pm 
@Momentarily No One, you click on the "subscribe" button, boot up "Don't Starve", go to the "mods" menu, and click on the checkbox next to "Coraline Jones" to enable it.
Simple as that.