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Welcome to my profile.

Please add a comment before adding me, it's mostly just easier to tell if someone isn't a scam bot or something.

I spend my time mostly with spriting or drawing, I also work on a few fangames and also a few other projects. I don't take commissions, or at least not yet, mostly because I just don't feel ready for it.

Otherwise, have a good day and thanks for reading.
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A hat pack i drew and made, thanks MIRACLE SNAKE for the guide, Dennaton for the Game Hotline Miami 2.

So far the hats: (Note that there might also be Hotline Miami 1 hats added in the future.)

* Butcher
* Richard
* Richter
* Corey
* Mark
* Alex
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Pearl Aug 30 @ 11:19am 
Hey! I saw you on the Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion Fandom! :greguniverse:
Convict #3 Aug 9 @ 5:34am 
wynran Aug 9 @ 2:07am 
MimicLegend Jul 17 @ 7:46pm 
Yo whaddup, just gonna send a friend request because well, we talked(?) often I guess, and you're just kind of nice honestly and fun to talk with when in any sort environment. So yeah, I'm gonna do the thing, and you decide on what to do next. :stress:
i was born in busan first Jul 14 @ 6:59am 
+rep cute killer in dbd tho <3
Adri and peeker Jul 3 @ 1:52pm 
+Rep he fine af. Would let him ♥♥♥♥ me