Conan Hyborian Age
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when will a version on steam?
jedinomad 12. zář. v 5.13 odp. 
awesome intro video, best ever! :-) two thumbs up!
^2Fe^3rr^1od^0 11. zář. v 7.12 odp. 
The video is great,good job.
billylaw 7. zář. v 9.34 dop. 
thanks,and good work for 2h sword
PROMETHEUS  [autor] 7. zář. v 8.51 dop. 
Its from Chsristian Andersson.
billylaw 7. zář. v 8.13 dop. 
hello ! what the title of this epic soundtrack?
Molag Bal 23. srp. v 8.49 dop. 
I'm not a fan of mods that break The Elder Scrolls Lore, but I'll make an acception on this one.
dimitili 24. čvc. v 6.31 dop. 
can't u uplaod a mod with only the weapons-items here?
dimitili 24. čvc. v 5.17 dop. 
can i download it manually safely (the ? says not scanned for viruses) from Nexus ...never downloaded something from nexus
DovahKiinKING9.8 20. čvc. v 6.54 dop. 
what are the swords called?
zenzen2 13. čvc. v 4.54 odp. 
as I apply the war paint?
911nsidejob 13. čvc. v 12.35 odp. 
1D0CD1BA Fulgurite problem solved.
zenzen2 12. čvc. v 5.37 odp. 
where is the book? I do not get to find him looking more gray hair at home
The Ultimate Gamer 10. čvc. v 7.23 odp. 
"What is best: to crush the zerg, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the protoss." -quote from starcraft 2 terran thor
TigerDad76 6. čvc. v 7.55 dop. 
I loved the quests and the Items my only problem is I can not find any fulgorite ore to craft them with. But I totally love this mod.
Aristeede 28. čvn. v 7.08 odp. 
Niceeeee Conan Sword Power Quest fun ty Dude
alexander.lindegaard 14. čvn. v 4.18 dop. 
Sir Goatington 28. kvě. v 10.26 dop. 
Please can you upload a mod with just weapons, i will love you forever :)
Buck 14. dub. v 1.08 odp. 
You should make a sepreate mod with just the weapons in it
Slade 9. dub. v 4.33 dop. 
Oh, and by the way... Beautiful Work! Absolutely stunning!
Slade 9. dub. v 4.27 dop. 
Could you do a mod that was just weapons and armor? :( (that's a puppy eyes frown face)
Twerkin' 9-to-5 31. bře. v 4.28 odp. 
Loved the quest; the lack of lighting made it very atmospheric. The items were very well crafted, too. I only have two problems- Conan's lines were laughably transcripted and delivered, and two, I fell into the pit completely by accident while wandering around Whiterun Hold.

Also, is there any way to restore the nifty weapons to a presentable appearance?
snow snipes 25. bře. v 2.01 odp. 
cant find the damn book
barmyness 12. bře. v 2.52 odp. 
ive got a felling it requied something please tel me if im wright
Griede Starless 8. bře. v 10.46 odp. 
OK so, im still likeing this mod. However, i do still have an isse. i do have the diles from nexus mods, mod loads up fine, no issues finding the book, though oddly its marked as a steal item if you try to take it. the only issue is that i still cannoot talk to connans ghost. his conversation option wont work for me, i have to kill him just to get the key so i can get out of the room wich is kinda disapointing since im not sure if im supposed to kill him or not...
PROMETHEUS  [autor] 3. bře. v 4.40 dop. 
when you select the Data mods at the launcher screen .
Drunkmonkey9250 2. bře. v 10.04 odp. 
PROMETHEUS  [autor] 2. bře. v 4.16 odp. 
load the mod on top of everything .
Drunkmonkey9250 2. bře. v 2.11 dop. 
the book is not inside the greymane house for me, the note is on the tabe but the book is not there, what can i do? i tryed some cosnole comands but they didnt help
Faopaw 25. úno. v 8.24 dop. 
The book is inside the grey-mane house in Whiterun
TheGDFProject 20. úno. v 1.55 odp. 
i downloaded it but i can not find the book can you tell me if there is a mod i am missing
PROMETHEUS  [autor] 17. úno. v 4.33 odp. 
Check instructions on nexus .
snape28 17. úno. v 1.29 odp. 
i downloaded it from nexus but having trouble geting it in the game
PROMETHEUS  [autor] 17. úno. v 5.41 dop. 
You have to download the main file from nexus and follow the informations there it explains eveything .
snape28 17. úno. v 5.08 dop. 
like it but i cnt get nexus mod and i found the letter but no book can i still play mod
Axle 3. úno. v 8.56 odp. 
Loved it!
deltadefsquadyo 1. úno. v 6.43 dop. 
woah..............This is AMAZING! You guys did an awesome thing here.
mr. Rabbit 30. led. v 1.12 odp. 
PROMETHEUS  [autor] 30. led. v 10.55 dop. 
The mod here is mostly a represantative presence, the mod needs to be downloaded form the NExus .
This because steam doesn't allow big mods to be hosted and so only Nexus can host large files .
nickmarshall3 28. led. v 12.22 dop. 
i carnt find the book
☭General Rubenski☭ 25. led. v 4.43 odp. 
I cant download it from the nexus becuase of an error, and i cant download it here etheir?
mr. Rabbit 23. led. v 9.48 odp. 
me to
Undead0345 19. led. v 8.48 odp. 
Where is the book, I can't find the book 'The Secret Of Steel'
mr. Rabbit 19. led. v 12.57 odp. 
hey do you have an updated version
halfbaked1 19. led. v 4.00 dop. 
Had a bit of a problem. I found the broken sword hilt, made it through that, then got squished by the next boss and when I reloaded and went to the room with the broken hilt, there was no hilt. It was as though the system thought I had it already. I did get the hilt by using a console command. But I thought you should know. I still give this a thumbs up and it has been faved. Nice job mate.
Hawke1011 16. led. v 5.51 dop. 
is it possible to make mod into parts?
ForemostCrab7 12. led. v 8.27 dop. 
what armor is your char wearing? they look pretty neat
pantlessman1371 6. led. v 7.07 odp. 
couldn't get it to work properly and the files wouldn't move to the top, where they need to be
sideswipe1986 30. pro. 2013 v 3.08 odp. 
the band folkearth has a song called by the sword of my father , i dont know if it would be possible to add the track to the mod but that would fit in well
sideswipe1986 30. pro. 2013 v 3.07 odp. 
to the author of this mod im a huge fan of Robert E. Howard ,this is like one of his unfinished stories before his suicide and a real treat to see and experience Hyborian glory. do you think you will ever do a Red Sonja or Kull The Conquerer Mod?