Conan Hyborian Age
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zenzen2 9 saat önce 
as I apply the war paint?
911nsidejob 13 saat önce 
1D0CD1BA Fulgurite problem solved.
zenzen2 12 Tem @ 5:37pm 
where is the book? I do not get to find him looking more gray hair at home
The Ultimate Gamer 10 Tem @ 7:23pm 
"What is best: to crush the zerg, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the protoss." -quote from starcraft 2 terran thor
TigerDad76 6 Tem @ 7:55am 
I loved the quests and the Items my only problem is I can not find any fulgorite ore to craft them with. But I totally love this mod.
Aristeede 28 Haz @ 7:08pm 
Niceeeee Conan Sword Power Quest fun ty Dude
alexander.lindegaard 14 Haz @ 4:18am 
Sir Goatington 28 May @ 10:26am 
Please can you upload a mod with just weapons, i will love you forever :)
Buck 14 Nis @ 1:08pm 
You should make a sepreate mod with just the weapons in it
Slade 9 Nis @ 4:33am 
Oh, and by the way... Beautiful Work! Absolutely stunning!
Slade 9 Nis @ 4:27am 
Could you do a mod that was just weapons and armor? :( (that's a puppy eyes frown face)
Twerkin' 9-to-5 31 Mar @ 4:28pm 
Loved the quest; the lack of lighting made it very atmospheric. The items were very well crafted, too. I only have two problems- Conan's lines were laughably transcripted and delivered, and two, I fell into the pit completely by accident while wandering around Whiterun Hold.

Also, is there any way to restore the nifty weapons to a presentable appearance?
snow snipes 25 Mar @ 2:01pm 
cant find the damn book
barmyness 12 Mar @ 2:52pm 
ive got a felling it requied something please tel me if im wright
Griede Starless 8 Mar @ 10:46pm 
OK so, im still likeing this mod. However, i do still have an isse. i do have the diles from nexus mods, mod loads up fine, no issues finding the book, though oddly its marked as a steal item if you try to take it. the only issue is that i still cannoot talk to connans ghost. his conversation option wont work for me, i have to kill him just to get the key so i can get out of the room wich is kinda disapointing since im not sure if im supposed to kill him or not...
PROMETHEUS  [yaratıcı] 3 Mar @ 4:40am 
when you select the Data mods at the launcher screen .
Drunkmonkey9250 2 Mar @ 10:04pm 
PROMETHEUS  [yaratıcı] 2 Mar @ 4:16pm 
load the mod on top of everything .
Drunkmonkey9250 2 Mar @ 2:11am 
the book is not inside the greymane house for me, the note is on the tabe but the book is not there, what can i do? i tryed some cosnole comands but they didnt help
Faopaw 25 Şub @ 8:24am 
The book is inside the grey-mane house in Whiterun
TheGDFProject 20 Şub @ 1:55pm 
i downloaded it but i can not find the book can you tell me if there is a mod i am missing
PROMETHEUS  [yaratıcı] 17 Şub @ 4:33pm 
Check instructions on nexus .
snape28 17 Şub @ 1:29pm 
i downloaded it from nexus but having trouble geting it in the game
PROMETHEUS  [yaratıcı] 17 Şub @ 5:41am 
You have to download the main file from nexus and follow the informations there it explains eveything .
snape28 17 Şub @ 5:08am 
like it but i cnt get nexus mod and i found the letter but no book can i still play mod
Axle 3 Şub @ 8:56pm 
Loved it!
deltadefsquadyo 1 Şub @ 6:43am 
woah..............This is AMAZING! You guys did an awesome thing here.
MODEST RAT 30 Oca @ 1:12pm 
PROMETHEUS  [yaratıcı] 30 Oca @ 10:55am 
The mod here is mostly a represantative presence, the mod needs to be downloaded form the NExus .
This because steam doesn't allow big mods to be hosted and so only Nexus can host large files .
nickmarshall3 28 Oca @ 12:22am 
i carnt find the book
☭General Death☭ 25 Oca @ 4:43pm 
I cant download it from the nexus becuase of an error, and i cant download it here etheir?
MODEST RAT 23 Oca @ 9:48pm 
me to
Undead0345 19 Oca @ 8:48pm 
Where is the book, I can't find the book 'The Secret Of Steel'
MODEST RAT 19 Oca @ 12:57pm 
hey do you have an updated version
halfbaked1 19 Oca @ 4:00am 
Had a bit of a problem. I found the broken sword hilt, made it through that, then got squished by the next boss and when I reloaded and went to the room with the broken hilt, there was no hilt. It was as though the system thought I had it already. I did get the hilt by using a console command. But I thought you should know. I still give this a thumbs up and it has been faved. Nice job mate.
Hawke1011 16 Oca @ 5:51am 
is it possible to make mod into parts?
ForemostCrab7 12 Oca @ 8:27am 
what armor is your char wearing? they look pretty neat
pantlessman1371 6 Oca @ 7:07pm 
couldn't get it to work properly and the files wouldn't move to the top, where they need to be
sideswipe1986 30 Ara 2013 @ 3:08pm 
the band folkearth has a song called by the sword of my father , i dont know if it would be possible to add the track to the mod but that would fit in well
sideswipe1986 30 Ara 2013 @ 3:07pm 
to the author of this mod im a huge fan of Robert E. Howard ,this is like one of his unfinished stories before his suicide and a real treat to see and experience Hyborian glory. do you think you will ever do a Red Sonja or Kull The Conquerer Mod?
Supertruper 19 Ara 2013 @ 3:37pm 
Conan the barbarian is one of my favourite movies. cant wait to finish this quest! also, lets hope Conan the Legend wont be garabage
Griede Starless 18 Ara 2013 @ 1:29am 
ill post this on nexus now that i finaly found the coments section lol
Griede Starless 18 Ara 2013 @ 1:21am 
hey there, im absolutely loving this mod, however, i did notice 2 'things', not sure if they are bugs. 1. im not sure if im supposed to beable to but, i couldnt talk to conan. i got his ghost to apear, i click him, and the option for 'who are you?' came up but it wouldn do anything else. 2. how do you open the far door in the pitfighter room? maby im blind but i couldnt find any leavers/ pressure plates/ switches anywhere. only interaceive i did find in that area was the grip wheel but im not surewhat it does if anything. i did manage to defeat all of the enimies up to the pitfighter room and the 3 main bosses.
Bane 11 Ara 2013 @ 5:16am 
is it called BSA unpaker ....because you dont have a link to it and i cant find it but BSA unpaker
♠♔Caesar the Czar✠™ 21 Kas 2013 @ 6:39pm 
Where do you find more Furgerite ores?
Spectre 15 Kas 2013 @ 11:39pm 
what the locations of the ores?

Doughboy 15 Kas 2013 @ 10:50pm 
Wish you could of just added the Fur armor he and Subotai wear's in the film when running, I want to run through skyrim wearing cool armor like that. But the mod was great I loved the dungeon all the secrets, and the amor was good hope you add more to this awesome mod! Thank's!
wingchaps 13 Kas 2013 @ 3:54pm 
Excellent mod. I've just played through this again and got all the way through, no negative issues. The amount of gear you get is awesome, I had no trouble kitting out my character and a companion to look like a proper pair of adventuring barbarians. The scabbards for the swords is especially appreciated. All in all, the quest, the gear, the music, a first rate package!
PROMETHEUS  [yaratıcı] 5 Kas 2013 @ 2:14pm 
How many Times I have to repeat that for troubleshouting you need to go to Nexus site? This Workshop doesn't allow the upload of larger files !
Eres 22 Eki 2013 @ 12:04am 
i cant find the book help :{