Conan Hyborian Age
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Tobias 4月30日上午10:31 
PROMETHEUS  [作者] 4月28日上午5:31 
Is it?
Tobias 4月25日上午4:13 
Now that steam have lifted the 100mb limit, will you bring it all to steam?
antoinepech2 3月18日下午1:05 
i don't find him
jbandthewailers 3月17日下午5:26 
sorry but i cant found it..
PROMETHEUS  [作者] 3月17日下午1:21 
The book is on the uppershelves on upper room .
jbandthewailers 3月16日下午2:57 
the book?
antoinepech2 3月16日上午11:47 
were the book???
biggn82 3月6日下午3:05 
Since steam lifted the 100mb max are you going to bring it all into steam? That would be awesome. I'm waiting for this until my other play through but am pumped to try it.
Min Headroom 3月5日上午11:46 
Hey guy! I am super fond of this mod, but I was wondering if I may level a critiscism your way. I know you intended for the dungeons to be dark, but do you think there is any way to up the brightness on the ember pile fires? Or maybe just add a bit of ambient lighting to parts that don't have them? You don't have to listen to me, of course. Love the mod! Thanks!
PROMETHEUS  [作者] 2月9日上午2:29 
go check on the nexus site, its the complete mod , this is mostly informative .
Game2786 2月6日下午9:00 
I cannot download this. I had before and i saw the armor options in smithing and the letter on the table but not the book in house graymane. I have the alienware alpha and am new to pcm gaming. Any thoughts?
PROMETHEUS  [作者] 1月6日上午2:34 
also by me .
PROMETHEUS  [作者] 1月6日上午2:34 
g_martin96 2014年12月29日上午11:35 
On Steam?
PROMETHEUS  [作者] 2014年12月29日上午11:06 
there is alreay one
g_martin96 2014年12月23日下午3:11 
Can you make a modification that adds only the weapons and armor?
(HS)->Cottonmouth 2014年12月21日上午11:17 
Got the sword forged it was right in front of my nose just had to read the quest more carefully. Im sure the ore on the wreck is too but still cant find it.
(HS)->Cottonmouth 2014年12月20日下午6:09 
Love this mod! Thanks for the great work but only 2 things cant seem to find the ore on the ship wreck and I cant find the sword in my smithing to reforge it. any help on those 2 things would be great. I figured the swords would be under steel but couldnt find them and I have looked through all my smithing from wood to Misc and cant find them. And I know what forge to use too LOL
antoinepech2 2014年12月15日上午10:13 
i didn't find the book and when i use cheat code and when i go to the section book my game crash and comme back to steam
Léa 2014年12月10日上午8:41 
@PROMETHEUS where is the place on the map please ? ;)
Léa 2014年12月5日下午12:06 
Were is it ?
Drayon 2014年11月30日下午2:13 
Wow great work !! :)
superbeast2k1 2014年11月15日下午10:03 
All I found was a note, it didn't start a quest though, and I'm having trouble getting anything from Nexus to load properly
jerome.ruppe 2014年11月11日上午6:07 
PROMETHEUS  [作者] 2014年11月11日上午5:48 
because either you have another mod messing up the room or you haven't found it , check the videos to see where it is .
jerome.ruppe 2014年11月5日上午9:46 
jerome.ruppe 2014年11月5日上午9:46 
i can't find the book
White Rabbit 2014年10月5日下午8:05 
Cannot find book.
@ Everyone - If you can't find it like I can't, I suggest getting the one from SkyrimNexus:
Let's Play Conan : The Hyborian Age (Skyrim Mod) - Episode 1

Location: start @ 9:03 in the video to find it.
(Second floor, second bookshelf from the left)
^2Fe^3rr^1od^0 2014年10月3日下午1:13 
Good mood,but i can´t find the fulgurite to make a lingote.
aleman97 2014年9月28日上午5:15 
There is no book, just a note... quest does not pop up.... reinstall mod twice
Dovah 2014年9月15日上午6:12 
when will a version on steam?
jedinomad 2014年9月12日下午5:13 
awesome intro video, best ever! :-) two thumbs up!
^2Fe^3rr^1od^0 2014年9月11日下午7:12 
The video is great,good job.
billylaw 2014年9月7日上午9:34 
thanks,and good work for 2h sword
PROMETHEUS  [作者] 2014年9月7日上午8:51 
Its from Chsristian Andersson.
billylaw 2014年9月7日上午8:13 
hello ! what the title of this epic soundtrack?
Molag Bal 2014年8月23日上午8:49 
I'm not a fan of mods that break The Elder Scrolls Lore, but I'll make an acception on this one.
dimitili 2014年7月24日上午6:31 
can't u uplaod a mod with only the weapons-items here?
dimitili 2014年7月24日上午5:17 
can i download it manually safely (the ? says not scanned for viruses) from Nexus ...never downloaded something from nexus
DovahKiinKING9.8 2014年7月20日上午6:54 
what are the swords called?
zenzen2 2014年7月13日下午4:54 
as I apply the war paint?
✡911nsidejob✈ 2014年7月13日下午12:35 
1D0CD1BA Fulgurite problem solved.
zenzen2 2014年7月12日下午5:37 
where is the book? I do not get to find him looking more gray hair at home
Terran Spectre 2014年7月10日下午7:23 
"What is best: to crush the zerg, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the protoss." -quote from starcraft 2 terran thor
TigerDad76 2014年7月6日上午7:55 
I loved the quests and the Items my only problem is I can not find any fulgorite ore to craft them with. But I totally love this mod.
Aristeede 2014年6月28日下午7:08 
Niceeeee Conan Sword Power Quest fun ty Dude
alexander.lindegaard 2014年6月14日上午4:18 
Sir Goatington 2014年5月28日上午10:26 
Please can you upload a mod with just weapons, i will love you forever :)
Buck 2014年4月14日下午1:08 
You should make a sepreate mod with just the weapons in it