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Conan Hyborian Age
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- MonK - 2017. dec. 7., 5:24 
"Not really a but but sometimes it goes in conflict with other mods loaded before or after."

Yeah, this what we call a "bug".
ridikhood123 2017. dec. 6., 19:31 
do to me have trouser shitting fear of installing mods of the internet i shall not be instal this but it looks good
PROMETHEUS  [készítő] 2017. nov. 25., 9:59 
Not really a but but sometimes it goes in conflict with other mods loaded before or after.
- MonK - 2017. nov. 25., 6:25 
@PROMETHEUS, - MonK - 8 oct. à 20h54
Great tribute ! But i m not able to speak to Conan (ghost). it is a bug ?
PROMETHEUS  [készítő] 2017. nov. 25., 4:17 
you might have had or check better .
tlr_1980 2017. nov. 24., 20:19 
i cant find the book and i have no mods that alter the house
- MonK - 2017. okt. 8., 11:54 
Great tribute ! But i m not able to speak to Conan (ghost). it is a bug ?
PROMETHEUS  [készítő] 2017. szept. 3., 6:23 
because u use other mods that alter the house .
mcschuerfix 2017. aug. 30., 0:46 
My problem is, I can't find the book too and I have level 100! The book is definitively not there; i have compared with You Tube film. Now I have deinstalled the Mod!
SangreDeLovo 2017. júl. 1., 3:02 
I have a problem, the book " Secret of steel " in Whiterun isn't in the house :steamsad:
Nightwing 2017. jún. 22., 8:02 
Hello PROMETHEUS! I have finished your quest and I wanted to tell you, your mod is just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! :steamhappy:
I mean the ambiance, the items design etc. All of this rocks!
I only hoped founding the big red jewel or fighting the giant snake, but however its still great!
PROMETHEUS  [készítő] 2017. jún. 22., 1:27 
Again check the nexus or Bethnet site for the full latest version and you play with your own character , and yes you can find the sword.
Nightwing 2017. jún. 5., 3:55 
Am sorry if my qestions are not easy to understand, am french.
Nightwing 2017. jún. 5., 3:49 
Hi PROMETHEUS! Am a great fan of this movie and i've got a few questions 'bout this mod.
Could you tell me if we are playing as conan in this quest or we are our own character ?
In fact my MORE important question is DO WE FOUND THE CONAN'S SWORD ????
vbloodwraith 2017. jún. 2., 13:29 
Thanks, I went and downloaded it from the Nexus site and seem to fix the issues that I had. Thank you again for a nice mod, for I grew up watching Conan movies with my father until he did at the age of 6.
PROMETHEUS  [készítő] 2017. máj. 27., 10:56 
The full release is on the bethnet site and the nexus with the new content.
vbloodwraith 2017. máj. 26., 21:11 
Question though, will there be any added content in the future for this mod, at least the one for normal version? I am waiting SKSE for SE to come out before I play it again for SkyUI 2.0 screws up with my video card for some odd reason.
PROMETHEUS  [készítő] 2017. máj. 7., 14:44 
Fishfude the key is on one of thr draugs if not wrong in the first chamber, on the right tunnel .
Fishfude 2017. máj. 7., 8:29 
So, gonna answer my question, Prometheus, or should I message you?
vbloodwraith 2017. máj. 6., 10:30 
I see, I loved some of the content that was on the SE version which was why I downloaded the version for normal.
PROMETHEUS  [készítő] 2017. ápr. 25., 0:36 
They are different mods, the SE edition is more advanced and holds new content . also when missing textures or the like means that it wasn't installed wel and is mising some folders.
vbloodwraith 2017. ápr. 24., 19:58 
I have issues with this mod, some of the weapons seem to be missing their image files. When I get that weapon, it is invisiable. Not only that, but the SE version seems to have things in it that the normal skyrim version does not. i wonder if it has to do with the fact that this one is divided into two files? I am going to reattempt to use the nexus one only.
Fishfude 2017. ápr. 7., 13:52 
Loved this mod! The dungeon design was superb, I loved nearly every moment. The bosses were way too powerful for a level 10 though, despite the recommended level. I had to drop the difficulty down and find a nook to hid in and ping the pitfighters with arrows for about an hour.

Now, please tell me where the key to the mummification chamber is. I have scoured every inch of every level looking for it on every draugr. Where is it?
Khaine Incarnate 2017. febr. 26., 15:06 
Crom. I have never prayed before. I do not have the tongue for it........
Zommbeez 2017. febr. 18., 10:09 
After a year or so off I can't access any items in the Hyborian Age mod, plus there is no texture or mesh folder in Data anymore which is where the items for the Mod were stored. Also used to have a Conan body type and I think that is also removed. So when I load my saved game my character has none of the items anymore, but the load screens are still talking about Conan, Hyborian Age, etc. Anyone have these issues or the solution?
chrisjrogers2000 2017. jan. 4., 7:17 
Its ok found the ore and ingots scattered in the ship awesome mod :steamhappy:and cracking films, didn't think much of the 2011 version though.
chrisjrogers2000 2017. jan. 4., 6:25 
This is one class mod awesome arkwork must have took ages. Just one thing yep you already know the question. Where's that dirty ore lol.
The Running Man 2016. dec. 29., 9:00 
nevermind....I hace an issue...i can not forge the blade
The Running Man 2016. dec. 29., 8:43 
How do I apply warpaint?
The Running Man 2016. dec. 28., 17:00 
Wow this was amazing!!! I love how i just simply grabbed conans shield and his skelton just colapsed...I shitted my pants lol
★ Alduin 龍王 づ。◕‿ 2016. dec. 25., 20:52 
i can't see the book idk where is he help me plz
shanestrobel29 2016. dec. 3., 12:16 
its a fun mod. make sure you have a spell for light or a lot of torches its very dark. the only part i didnt like was I had to use god mode to defeat some of the static leveled enemys, dieing 50 times before I gave up and cheated was lame. I also had to google walkthroughs to figure out how to get out, the switch to open the gate is in a weird place.
the Lord of Tastey Cake 2016. nov. 15., 3:02 
I've done everything I can think of, but for some reason, the book won't spawn. Is it possible to spawn the book manually?
Mythology 2016. nov. 3., 17:37 
Totally loved the little mini campaign. Completed it, and for the life of me cannot figure out how to forge the sword back together!!
WhiteFang 2016. nov. 3., 12:08 
I found the book "The Secret of Steel" at the second floor of Gray-Mane's House.
PROMETHEUS  [készítő] 2016. okt. 23., 9:28 
load the mod before everything else as some other mods might be overwirting.
Suicide 2016. okt. 22., 4:10 
The book is suppose to be on the bookshelf on the second floor, but there is no book for me either
Anon Y. Mouse 2016. szept. 18., 8:40 
I always thought it was Salsa Doom. So I constantly thought of mexicans playing doom on an old PC.
PROMETHEUS  [készítő] 2016. aug. 28., 4:08 
In Graymane house .
Mr . X 2016. aug. 26., 10:49 
where is the book?

Dark_Stone 2016. júl. 24., 10:17 
were is the armor and weapons
PROMETHEUS  [készítő] 2016. jún. 5., 2:04 
its about the camouflage .
sheadunda 2016. jún. 4., 17:50 
@Ilyrianspearman and @Prometheus

Love the mod and the concept. I'm a huge Conan fan. I actually had the same question as Illyrianspearman. I keep getting the "Use it while wearing pit fighter..." message at the top left of the screen. Not sure what it's in reference too, but it won't stop. Any idea what it may be about?
Tiber Septim 2016. márc. 27., 5:11 
This disabled my "Lore Friendly Loading Screens" Just Blackness with Quotes from The Movie.
everettdowd 2016. márc. 23., 20:45 
No answer for it either so that must mean this person is beating around the bush of not charging but you do not get it unless you pay......Oh well I will just get one of the thousand other quests that are most likely supremely done and do not charge.......what a joke. Why not just straight up say you have to pay?
Snake Plissken 2016. márc. 17., 16:21 
Okay, now i know that i´m in the right house, but the book isn´t there...
Snake Plissken 2016. márc. 16., 6:34 
Do you really mean the book´s in the Graymanes Manor? I mean, do this means House Gray-Mane?
TimeSplitter 2016. febr. 23., 5:25 
sick of all these nexus mods man.
ϟϟKraut Space Magicianϟϟ 2016. febr. 12., 6:54 
hey, this is most likely an incompatibility, but i keep seeing the message "use it while wearing pit fighter armor, or hyborian armor" literally being spammed on the top left of the screen.
Have any idea what it could be?
PROMETHEUS  [készítő] 2016. febr. 10., 6:53