Portal 2
Pond Hopping
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Sloth.ps  [作成者] 2013年8月1日 18時02分 
Ah, yes, thanks. I added the grating after most of the playtesting just to make failure less daunting. I can tweak the map to remove that when I remember.
Brave 2013年8月1日 17時56分 
Hey Sloth.ps,
You played my 3 sections map, so in returned i tried this map out.
For me, there were 2 ways to press the button to activate the gel.
I used the portable surface to jump over or i could stand at the end of the grating and shoot my portal on the other side next to the button.
Sloth.ps  [作成者] 2013年7月26日 18時27分 
ZneX 2013年7月26日 18時17分 
Thumbs up - not sure I was doing it correct at first but ended up getting to the exit with plenty of room to spare.... very good.
BEN 77 2013年6月22日 17時26分 
I only used the blue gel.
Sloth.ps  [作成者] 2013年6月15日 10時22分 
Sounds like you're having even more fun with the map than I intended. Not that I'm going to complain about that :D
Solig 2013年6月15日 9時19分 
Or even better you can jump out of the top portal airstrafe left hard then portal on the wall opposite the door and on the floor and if you've done it right you get flinged straight to the exit. Give it a try its so much fun when you hit it
Solig 2013年6月14日 14時59分 
yeah you have a point they're really quite hard to learn to do and actually apply so i wouldn't bother thinking about them unless you're making an airstrafe map
Sloth.ps  [作成者] 2013年6月14日 14時45分 
Thanks. I kinda put bunnyhopping up there with reportaling - sure you can do it, but it's hard enough and obscure enough and gamebreaking enough that designing chambers which prevent it is too limiting. :-)
Solig 2013年6月14日 14時42分 
Afraid i dont know how but just look up Krank's channel on YouTube if you want: 'Portal2maps' . He's a lot better than me and definitely on eof the best bunnhoppers in the world
Sloth.ps  [作成者] 2013年6月14日 14時38分 
I'd be interested in seeing that if you can record it.
Solig 2013年6月14日 14時26分 
not probably its really easy if you use momentum from the walls
Sloth.ps  [作成者] 2013年6月14日 14時10分 
Probably. Not designed for advanced players, but well done :)
Solig 2013年6月14日 14時08分 
yeah this one you can easily bunnyhop to the exit
Sloth.ps  [作成者] 2013年6月14日 2時51分 
Thanks for the extra detail, it means the puzzle is working exactly as intended, I think. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to jump into the goo while experimenting unless you do it on purpose. I always forget about quicksave on PeTI puzzles for some reason :D
Bad_Aim 2013年6月14日 2時42分 
Maybe it's spending a couple of days working with the advanced mechnics in the Crazy Stuff chambers I made but yeah, I walked in this one and "saw" the solution. It happens occasionally ;)
To be straight, I didn't think I got the gel amounts balanced correctly and I thought I'd come up short, so I definitely F6'd before going for it! As such, I can see people just not trusting it and looking for something else.
Sloth.ps  [作成者] 2013年6月14日 1時55分 
I figured you might find this one trivial, but I know others who have puzzled over it for a fair old while before the lightbulb goes and they kick themselves. Which is what I was going for.

Thanks very much for the feedback :)
Bad_Aim 2013年6月14日 1時51分 
Yeah, that works for what you are going for. I didn't love it but it's certainly a thumbs up. It's pretty clear what needs to happen so it seemed mostly about getting the gel in the right place, hitting F6 and going for it. If I were to change anything, it'd be to add a bit more portable surfaces to make placing the gel easier. That is unless you wanted to chamber to be about gel work, in which case, it's gtg.