Portal 2
DaMaGepy #4: cube training
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Jarsmin 6月19日上午6:01 
The idea in this map is the most creative I've ever seen.
luke 6月18日上午8:35 
Was fun finding the parkour button! Stil trying to find a way to break out completely.
青岛吴彦祖 6月11日上午5:36 
big map!!!!
little_tornado 5月31日上午3:22 
i have to say, ive played through most of, if not all, of your portal 2 maps. I am impressed, and thank you for the entertainment/chalenges.
Afro Melon 4月25日下午5:39 
Lol, I guess I'll have to try those then XD
DaMaGepy  [作者] 4月25日下午5:25 
@Afro: in No Money for Testchambers 2 you can meet and save him :)
Afro Melon 4月25日下午4:25 
You almost made my kill a harmless defective turret, thankfully you didn't
Cornholio 4月22日下午9:32 
The best level I played yet, oh boy that was fun and challenging
knightscape 4月20日下午7:33 
Perhaps the best one I've played in here yet! Valve should hire you :)
gunyyam5 4月6日下午8:03 
cant go in the door near the elevator on the right side if you know what I mean
already cleared the secret tho
WAP 2月27日上午1:50 
DO NOT PRESS "R"!!!!!!!
job.atrox [RU] 2月14日上午8:01 
Великолепная карта!
InvincibleGamer109 2月13日上午6:20 
pretty cool with the real life part
i wanna play this it look cool
Blasswelk 2月11日上午10:48 
Very nice puzzle, nice idea to put a bonus level and to put hints
mbrown259 2月8日上午5:09 
I didn't need the hints to complete the game but I enjoyed seeing what you put in them. I especially liked the bonus level at the end because I didn't want the test to end. Thanks!
MeatsOfEvil 2月5日下午4:45 
DaMaGepy  [作者] 1月30日下午2:32 
downloaded from gamebanana and changed to work in portal
BigEngine 1月30日下午1:59 
This is a cool map, but I'd like to know how you made the outdoor skybox.
ahmadsyar 1月30日上午2:18 
beautifully designed. I thought it was a DLC
nike52 (IT) 1月20日下午1:37 
&Dirge 2015年12月15日上午12:24 
These were really cool small puzzles. I liked how they were self-contained with only a few elements, but still required a little bit of effort to figure out just what to do with those few elements. Plus the parkouring to get to the secret stage was really well crafted.
ovb1c 2015年12月11日上午7:51 
Cube rooms are ordinary. Exit "room" design is very good but the "exit" way is disappointing !
martin.holeysovsky 2015年12月6日下午1:49 
Nice vork :-)
Old N Bitter 2015年9月27日上午6:08 
i beat secret chamber
Vol 2015年9月26日下午3:29 
Great creation.
wildgoosespeeder 2015年9月19日下午9:30 
Played all 10 mini chambers. It was OK.
DaMaGepy  [作者] 2015年9月18日上午4:56 
"Nooooob! :-) " is a hint, that if you need help there, it hints you that you maybe a noob.... just not aware of it yet... :) ... a small clue, not necessarily true.
I can also mean: Noooooooo Button!
moonprincess2010 2015年9月18日上午3:39 
"Nice work parkour!" Thanks! ^_^
moonprincess2010 2015年9月18日上午3:27 
Ugh, I seriously still can't see a way to get away from Aperture. And I can't get any higher without teleporting or spawning in more cubes than the two I stole from the first two chambers.
moonprincess2010 2015年9月18日上午3:13 
Also, I found the mural that has a website.
moonprincess2010 2015年9月18日上午3:01 
And where do I go after I find the tree that's on top of the buldings?
moonprincess2010 2015年9月18日上午2:23 
The hint that said "Nooooob! :-) " is the opposite of a hint and is very rude.
KAKTUS ‡SK/CZ‡ 2015年9月9日上午9:42 
Mini_Marauder 2015年8月10日上午4:36 
Thank you for your reply. I hope to see many more great works from you in the future!
DaMaGepy  [作者] 2015年8月9日下午3:08 
Gepy is my monogram from my real name. Its 'Daamaaaghepi' :)
Mini_Marauder 2015年8月9日上午8:16 
Great! My favourite part was the final area with the easter eggs all around. I loved parkouring over the rooves and then using noclip to look around. I found all three website easter eggs and the sight seeing turret ;). Very nice over all. Also, how do you pronounce your steam name? I have been trying to figure that out.
Niels_L 2015年8月6日下午3:25 
Awesome job! I was absolutely blown away
alfalfr3d 2015年8月1日上午9:18 
love all your maps. your the most tallented guy i know. btw when and what will your next map be
Fiamos 2015年7月9日下午12:33 
This is by far one of the best levels I have played. Great secret test chamber, randomly found it by jumping around some peers :) the levels made me desperated but solving it was a great feeling! :D
DaMaGepy  [作者] 2015年6月27日下午4:10 
You can't get companion cube, otherwise you must accompany and protect it forever.
Luckily that was a fake, I have warehouses full of it...
inoms-ur-pie 2015年6月27日上午11:40 
I loved everything except for the part where you stole companion cube. I was really excited for companion cube.
DatSniper 2015年6月20日上午6:55 
You are an artist! btw I found the secret test :)
andc.gm 2015年6月12日下午11:46 
Incredible piece of work! Turned off help messages - sort of did not like myself for that later on :)
In the secret chamber it did not occur to me how to place the cubes so I jammed the round "cube" between another mirror cube and the block close to the laser / exit. Then spent ~30 minutes carefully placing second mirror cube on top of the round one so that it reflects the beam to the reciever... Then saw the walkthough video, felt myself dumb :)
Thank you @DaMaGepy, had lots of fun!
banana laugher 2015年6月5日上午10:40 
@DaMaGepy Sure thing, sounds great!
DaMaGepy  [作者] 2015年6月4日下午3:57 
@Bellsniffer: The purpose of this map is to teach things, so I haven't planned it to be hard. If you want challenge, add me as friend and check my friend-only super hard unfinished map that I never published (#?), this #4 map basicall teaches 3 trick that needed there and maybe I'll finish that map after NoMoney2 :)
banana laugher 2015年6月4日下午3:09 
Awesome map, super unique ideas for sure and the secret level is really brilliant - but it really holds your hand.
There's little markers and targets and red crosses to show the player what to do, and on top of optional hints that are already there. There weren't many difficult moments in all honesty, all I had to do was scan around for some sort of symbol to tell me where to go or where to put a portal. The part in the secret chamber where you had to place a portal above you in a tunnel was especially annoying, as without the arrow a player would have used the running water as a subtle indication.
I love the map for the exploration aspect, and I'm sure a lot of people get stuck anyway, but I'd really recommend removing all the arrows and signs to make it much more challenging. If you did that then I wouldn't be surprised if this chamber hit the #1 spot on workshop, there are some great puzzles here!
octane 2015年5月28日上午3:46 
excellent map, damagespy
PortalFan 2015年5月4日上午5:13 
Thanks a lot for this excellent map.