Portal 2
DaMaGepy #4: cube training
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ThePugGuy febr. 10., 20:16 
Awesome! Very creative. Lots of fun. Out of the cube thinking!
bigblackpeeter jan. 31., 17:19 
Amazing! Could not be any better! I had fun walking outside of Aperture, and the secret level was great. I had an amazing time playing this, I would suggest it to anyone looking for a little extra from this game. Keep up the good work.
Terra2Blocks 2017. nov. 1., 9:57 
thank you
DaMaGepy  [készítő] 2017. okt. 29., 8:58 
in steam: library / tools / portal 2 authoring tools - beta (hammer editor)
Terra2Blocks 2017. okt. 28., 11:09 
Wich Editor did you use to do this?
please tell me
jasonmason 2017. okt. 19., 20:49 
long ass map
I have no idea 2017. szept. 22., 10:48 
Mordecai 2017. szept. 7., 20:42 
gound secret chamber Nice map
薄月轻纱 2017. szept. 3., 19:41 
Great job
Lara Croft 2017. aug. 19., 10:06 
grandwigg 2017. aug. 3., 13:32 
I loved this map. I even came to the steam page to find more of your stuff. Loved the secret bonus room. Awesome.
Wolfen{WaT} 2017. júl. 31., 11:56 
Fantasitc map...the secret at the end was a nice bonus.

Good puzzles, great background music, and the design was excellent. I especially enjoyed the extra touches, seeing bits and pieces of the decay, hinting at a much larger and mysterious environment.

Excellent work.
Chris 2017. júl. 27., 17:07 
Nice work parkour ;)
4512369781 2017. júl. 17., 6:06 
bullfrog 2017. jún. 1., 1:05 
Great design
ExnalG 2017. ápr. 23., 19:00 
Really awesome map, great work!
⭐三日月🌙 2017. márc. 26., 1:35 
Amazing map. Thanks for your hardwork. Very mind bending
RobstarTS 2017. márc. 4., 1:54 
The best Level I've ever seen
上官流云 2017. febr. 17., 0:07 
Just one hidden clearance?
carlpalmner 2017. jan. 15., 21:44 
Amazing level, thank you.
Esco 2017. jan. 3., 20:44 
Amazing level
Great for learning how to play
The after level is intermitdate yet cruel since I could't save the defective turret nor companion cube
THE BUTCHER 2017. jan. 2., 21:55 
Really fun map thankyou!
Triviaweise 2016. dec. 31., 7:02 
Wow great level, i like it!!
Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehen 2016. dec. 30., 6:00 
It wasnt the heviest one but defenetly the creativest one
BuddyRoach 2016. dec. 19., 22:34 
Great puzzle. Beautiful map. I love the scenery and the way the outside of the facility is setup. I wish Valve had done the maps in Portal 2 like this. The music is on queue and it feels as if I am in a movie. Great work!
BuddyRoach 2016. dec. 19., 20:11 
I played your level: https://youtu.be/GBLK7HOtuDQ
ryndycz38 2016. dec. 17., 13:33 
coolist thing ever!!!!!!!!
DaMaGepy  [készítő] 2016. nov. 10., 18:20 
@Setito: no, I learned the editor 20 years ago (for quake) and I'm using it ever since :)
Setito 2016. nov. 10., 14:43 
Do you use any program to decompile maps in order to learn from them in Hammer?
Me 2016. nov. 9., 10:01 
Very well made; I liked the design and I also liked the secret room.
TheEpicSchinken 2016. nov. 1., 8:34 
This map is outstanding beautiful.
Matt 2016. okt. 25., 11:00 
Bonus level is horrible.
Busbo 2016. okt. 21., 11:55 
GarfieldDragon 2016. okt. 16., 0:41 
one of the best maps I have played
somnambulist~ 2016. okt. 12., 10:29 
thank you for this beautiful map.
cochetmichel49 2016. szept. 14., 2:29 
Always funny to play again theses maps ! Thanks
jevans17 2016. szept. 6., 0:44 
I learned a lot about the properties of the laser mirror cubes. It's amazing what you can do to re-orient them. I found a second method to solve the laser cube on the stairs. instead of pointing the laser at the cube in the cage, i pointed it at the ceiling, placed a portal in the ceiling and another in the wall above the laser receptor. If you work the angles right, you can open the door to the next level and walk through, rather than placing a portal through the open door as designed. Fun puzzle and I liked the bonus secret level.
kompa_st 2016. aug. 10., 10:21 
The best homebrew chamber that i've played (find the hidden chamber is wonderful)!!! :D
TheCipher 2016. aug. 3., 10:53 
i belive me. i will
DaMaGepy  [készítő] 2016. aug. 3., 6:26 
@The_Cipher_Boy: check 'No Money For Chambers #2', it has many easter egg and sidequest...
TheCipher 2016. aug. 3., 1:59 
this was an amazing map! i think i got every easter egg! I really am amazing at parkour! I even got stuck in some places because i am pretty sure i wasn't supposed to be there.. i love this map! You did a really great job!
michal.kovar 2016. jún. 26., 5:38 
I really love the environment - very well done!
ƒlechette 2016. jún. 24., 20:33 
and the other thinking with portals .com on the opposite side...
ƒlechette 2016. jún. 24., 20:31 
Think ing with
por -> tals .com

I am a parkourer AND a cheater.
Jarsmin 2016. jún. 19., 6:01 
The idea in this map is the most creative I've ever seen.
biquetra 2016. jún. 18., 8:35 
Was fun finding the parkour button! Stil trying to find a way to break out completely.
D-day 2016. jún. 11., 5:36 
big map!!!!:steammocking:
little_tornado 2016. máj. 31., 3:22 
i have to say, ive played through most of, if not all, of your portal 2 maps. I am impressed, and thank you for the entertainment/chalenges.
Afro Melon 2016. ápr. 25., 17:39 
Lol, I guess I'll have to try those then XD