DaMaGepy #4: cube training
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OrbitalBlueprint 25 сер о 8:32 
Best map I've played so far :)
Kickboxer 18 сер о 13:18 
Very good!
evilmolen 14 сер о 6:37 
thanks m8, awesome idea and secret level/
Andrew 30 лип о 11:10 
Amazing, great level design and every puzzle gave me a great feeling when I completed it.
Neuropunk 18 лип о 13:14 
thanks bro, very good job! Was interesting and kinda challenging
BlupHox 14 лип о 3:10 
@Seattlegamer wat
CrazyContraption 12 лип о 13:21 
Really great job :D enjoyed new types of tests that actually puzzled me a bit!
Seattlebronygamer 26 чер о 5:42 
reminds me of portal 3.
Seattlebronygamer 26 чер о 5:41 
@DaMaGepy: i'm back! i herd you made pictures of... no money for chambers 2.
but i have finished the cube puzzle map. includind the secret test. and parkour.
dadipadi 21 чер о 19:31 
Yes. I am in agreement that this was a fun map. Well done with lots of details, and textures. I enjoyed the puzzles. They weren't brain melters, but they were creative. I love the extra map, because walking around the parts I thought I couldn't go to is fun, because I love to explore. Thanks for making this.
robin_z 5 чер о 17:34 
This was a lot of fun! I like some of the transition corridors with cube shapes sticking out of the wall.
StraightFlame 1 чер о 2:52 
Certain areas reminded me a lot of Q.U.B.E.
Belthazar 3 тра о 5:46 
Wow. Such wow. I'm not normally the sort to gush, but... wow.

This is the sort of map that makes me wish I could rate with more precision than just pass/fail. I'd give it seventeen and a half. Out of five. Designs were absolutely superb - especially the antechambers - and the puzzle designs were heaps of fun too. Very inventive.

Just gotta say, though: you know the thing that happens right before you enter the secret chamber? Yeah, that. You are a horrible person. That's what it says here. We weren't even testing for that. =P
Dr. Kenneth Noisewater 1 тра о 19:25 
Next level of coolness 11/10
Test Chamber Junkie 25 кві о 18:05 
Absolutely Awesome! wish i could vote more than once!
Vico [FR] 16 кві о 15:12 
Magnifique :P
Par contre je suis presque triste qu'on ne s'échape pas a la fin ^^
rdkls 13 кві о 19:36 
This was amazing.
peter.ruf 30 бер о 12:23 
wow this map is huge and it looks pretty awesome 10/10
reallly nice
Lazer 14 бер о 6:38 
What an awesome map! One of the best I've ever played! 11/10
Jorrobow 12 бер о 21:39 
I love theextra secret puzzle! best map ive played so far! 10/10
AtomicRocket 10 бер о 21:27 
Wow! This map was fantastic! I've played several of your other maps which are all well done, but I think this one may be the best. Love the extra map and the outside scenery!
Thor, Chicken of Thunder 7 бер о 14:04 
Wow! What a great map! This was extremely well done. Some of them had me scratching my head, and I'm an advanced player! I liked the interesting visuals, especially the oddly-arranged wall tiles. Drop me a comment if you release any more like this!
Overall: 9.0
DaMaGepy  [автор] 7 бер о 7:36 
Ye, will continue makin No money fo Chambers #2[heroes.hardwired.hu] next week (its only 25% complete).
Konke 7 бер о 0:36 
Well crafted map and puzzles. Fun and humorous gameplay. I spended quite some time through this map and I must say I'm impressed you made this whole map in 16 days. Are you still making puzzles? Cheers!
AdzAdz7 14 лют о 19:55 
Yet another "DaMaGepy" map: incredible, amazing, tricky, yet simple... I can't even explain it So amazing!
Anonymous! 11 лют о 7:53 
you should be working for valve! simply the best maps available,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Whitevan Candyman 11 лют о 6:45 
@DaMaGepy I don't exactly remember where, but one of the places had an arrow-like roof. It also was a room between testing chambers.
DaMaGepy  [автор] 10 лют о 8:36 
@Whitevan Candyman: which places?
Whitevan Candyman 10 лют о 7:44 
Great tests, very neatly put together and an original setting. One bug, though: Some places look purple-ish pink due to (I'm assuming) a missing texture or something alike. Nevertheless an amazing map.
TheEPROM9 27 січ о 18:29 
That was exerlent, I have used the fliping trick in one of my maps (Prototype 0), but this is building on the idea even more =-)

Love the level design and layout so nicely put together.
jrturner89 21 січ о 20:23 
This map was amazing
.:.FK.:.DevilKiller2020.:. 13 січ о 8:32 
Nice Chamber
DaMaGepy  [автор] 7 гру 2013 о 20:43 
the winter map is out, winter testing initiative, check my workshop (or Tmast98's)
bob_erickson 7 гру 2013 о 16:13 
Thanks so much.
i also heard you're making one for Xmas right?
if so, try, if possible, dressing turrets up as elves and santa claus.
Santa's on his own naughty list :)
DaMaGepy  [автор] 6 гру 2013 о 16:38 
Its the free "Hammer" editor, in your steam library near the search box, change the "all games" to "tools", and install "portal 2 authoring tools - beta". Yo can find hammer tutorials for Portal (or other valve games) on youtube, and my maps' hammer sources in the map description above...
bob_erickson 6 гру 2013 о 14:56 
oh yeah can you list the steps i need to do
bob_erickson 6 гру 2013 о 14:55 
the stuff you use, u know, those retard turrets, and the half size blocks, and having more than one test chambers linked together by amazing passages, when you make test chambers,
1) do you use the one from community test chambers --> create chambers?
2) where do you get the pieces to build it? is it a cheat, or a mod file?
i really really really want to make flippin' awesome chambers like you.
i'm stuck with the junk that they already give me.
please help.
danielrockstreet 6 гру 2013 о 8:33 
honsetly im very interested in your maps but i most play community made maps with my friend some maybe consider some co op maps?
DaMaGepy  [автор] 4 гру 2013 о 19:48 
I'm at home, why? :)
bob_erickson 4 гру 2013 о 18:31 
Where are you?!
bob_erickson 4 гру 2013 о 18:30 
Pure epicness. When i'm making test chambers, it's always that stuff that they give you. But you put half size blocks or curvy passages (cool) and those black stupid turrets. WHERE. DO. YOU. GET. THOSE. THINGS?! please respond. make more by the way.
anok69 28 лис 2013 о 8:26 
we need more! great job brother...
ZAEROS 28 лис 2013 о 7:19 
Great effort, 2nd part even better than 1st. Love to see more like this. Thank you
SpeCtiCal 26 лис 2013 о 14:02 
that was boss. I'm thingking of doing my own map so I'm seeing what diferent downloads give and i'm definitly using your's!.
Mojopoop 16 лис 2013 о 3:14 
had alot of fun playing this! can't wait... for xmas :D
DaMaGepy  [автор] 29 жов 2013 о 13:56 
I helping with someone else's map...
will make nomoney 2 for xmas :)
Unowninator 29 жов 2013 о 10:31 
Wow, that sounds like a lot of hard work. I can see why you haven't made anymore maps after this.
DaMaGepy  [автор] 29 жов 2013 о 10:26 
2-3 week
Unowninator 28 жов 2013 о 22:53 
How long this this map take to make?
DaMaGepy  [автор] 20 жов 2013 о 4:53 
ye you can use, thats why I share source, but modify them a little :)