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The Goths (BNW or GK)
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Jul 11, 2012 @ 10:58pm
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Adds the Goths to the base game.

The Goths were an east European tribe of Scandinavian origins whose two branches, Visigoths and Ostrogoths, played a significant role in the fall of the Roman Empire. Although sharing common language, customs and beliefs, the Visigoths and Ostrogoths followed divergent paths and each founded a medieval kingdom.


- This civilization requires either the Brave New World or the Gods and Kings expansion.
- Updates to the Mod will most likely break save games. Please do not update until you are ready to begin a new game.
- The mod uses a UU graphic from a Gods and Kings scenario. If you do not have the second expansion, the mod will automatically switch to a backup graphic. (This is aesthetic only and does not affect gameplay).


Leader: Alaric

UA: Sacker of Rome: Non-mounted land military units may use enemy roads before the Industrial Era. Capturing a foreign Capital triggers a Golden Age.

UU: Gadrauht: Replaces Swordsman. Heals double when pillaging a non-road Improvement. +15% Combat Strength in Rough Terrain

UB: Hov: Replaces Stable. +1 Faith per Horse, Sheep, Cattle worked by the city. +10% Land Unit Production (instead of +15% Mounted Unit Production). -6% Production Cost.


- Leader, Map, DoM graphics by Janboruta
- Base assets (UU, UB, UA, Leader icon, and 'Alaric' image) adapted from the Firaxis "1066" DLC and "Fall of Rome" scenarios.
- Alternate UU graphic by JTitan
- Music files by Andreas Waldetoft from Crusader Kings II
- Korean translation by [KOR]SJKHR
- DoM voiceover by Andrew Holt
- All code and art otherwise not listed created by Tomatekh (primary author)


Mod Support:
- Supports Historical Religions, Ethnic Units, Expanded Civlopedia, YnAEMP, Civ IV Leader Traits, Map Labels[forums.civfanatics.com], Events & Decisions, Piety & Prestige


The previous version of the mod (v.47, 48) can be found here:

v.47 Download[www.dropbox.com]
v.48 Download[www.dropbox.com]


Direct Download[forums.civfanatics.com]
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Starwarsvogel 23 hours ago 
I can work every friday, saturday or sunday.
Tomatekh  [author] Oct 22 @ 2:29pm 

That actualy would be fantastic. I don't really think there's need to translate the civilopedia text (as its mostly just pulled from wikipedia and similar sources) but the ability and flavor text would be great. I'll add you to my friend list, if you can send me a message when you have time to work on the translation I'll forward the text.
Starwarsvogel Oct 19 @ 11:30am 
If you want, I can make a translation of this mod into german and you can intergrate it in you mod.
Caelum Nox Oct 7 @ 6:48pm 
OMG Dude Thank you so much! It did work. Man you don't even know, I was going to stop playing this game for a really long time(until I forgot the tradegy) if this hadn't work. Thank you again, you are very helpful and I sincerely appreciate it.
Tomatekh  [author] Oct 7 @ 5:51am 
At the moment the mod is only available in English and Korean. I do not have the ability to translate outside of English myself and any translations are provided by fans supporting the mod.
Schmucko Oct 7 @ 12:30am 
Only English ?
Tomatekh  [author] Oct 6 @ 10:39pm 
You can try this:


However, I can't guarantee that is the same v 44 that was uploaded here. Most likely I had already begun adding changes to it for the next update, so I'm not sure how well it will work with older saves.

Otherwise, there's nothing to be done. v 44 was from May and I usually only keep the last 3 versions on my computer. If it doesn’t work, I’m sorry.
Caelum Nox Oct 5 @ 9:38am 
Guys I updated the mod and it wont let me load the save, was using version 44. Is there any way I can fix this? I really liked that save and had put several days into it.
Tomatekh  [author] Oct 1 @ 9:32am 
Sorry to do another update so soon after the last one. It was needed for some behind the scenes stuff in terms of mod compatibility (although I also took the opportunity for minor edits).

If you need the previous version (48) for a save, a link is at the bottom of the description.
NIskaru Sep 18 @ 5:54am 
Thanks Toma!