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Detailed Cities
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Feb 8, 2012 @ 6:18am
Nov 25, 2012 @ 12:55am
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Detailed Cities is a graphical enhancement modification for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Detailed Cities adds more than 1000 extra assets or modifications to the cities of Skyrim, giving each city a more vibrant feel. Detailed Cities primarily uses assets already in the scene to have as little effect on load times and performance as possible while still providing a substantial increase to believability.

Please note: Though Detailed Cities was not originally made with Dawnguard in mind, this should have no effect on the compatibility with the mod to the game, most compatibility / errors are due to other mods not being compatible with Detailed Cities or vice versa. To troubleshoot this try changing the order in which the mods load.

Also check out Detailed Outskirts: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=14323

*NEW* Detailed Towns:

= Live Stream =


= Latest Patch Notes v0.30 =

- Added new lighting to Riften, but not so much to take away the sneak shifty look.
- Added artificial light source to true lighting that is there for quests lines I suppose.

- Detailed.
- Corrected artificial lighting source and true light source to give a more realistic light from fires.
- Flora added top half of Markarth in bland areas.
- Added additional light sources to very dark areas.
- Added static objects in bland empty areas.

- Cutting block at the Skyforge
- Some objects not seated correctly.
- Artificial or true light sources with one without the other.

= To Do List =

- Make compatible with Open Cities. (Trees already show up in Whiterun)
- Adding city lights to unnaturally dark areas of the cities (If you have a lighting mod it might have already fixed this).

= Known Bugs =

- If you have any bugs to submit, please give a detailed description of the problem and a screenshot.
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Demo Knight Sep 23 @ 8:08pm 
Will this be compattable with JKs Whiterun(on nexus)
Locklear Sep 14 @ 2:28pm 
Lag :(
ANONYMOUS Sep 2 @ 11:28am 
amazing! keep up the good work ;)
Casy Aug 27 @ 4:31am 
I quite like the skyforge marker. It's a fast way to the Companions.
Dex  [author] Aug 27 @ 1:39am 
@ Casy - No i didn't add caches
@ Chaz McGee - It was requested to be added by a number of people i would need more feed back to remove it.
Chaz McGee Aug 13 @ 3:25pm 
could you remove the map marker for the skyforge because it's fairly unnecessary and I quite like this mod
Casy Aug 9 @ 12:29am 
Is it possible that your mod adds thief caches to cities? I found 12 in Whiterun alone and yours is the only mod I have that changes anything in cities.
Darksaxo Aug 7 @ 5:17am 
bonito, sin ser excesivo, perfecto. Pretty without being excessive, perfect
SPY Aug 2 @ 12:55pm 
Awesome mod...just perfect not overkill.
tornvele Jul 24 @ 8:30am 
Thank you for this! I really love a few other city mods I saw. But having multiple mods wasn't helping my game experience. Now that I found yours, I don't have that worry!