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Detailed Outskirts
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Feb 29, 2012 @ 4:21am
Mar 6, 2012 @ 12:46am
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Update: I have been away for awhile now busy with life and work, blown up computer, but just to let all my devoted followers there will be an update soon.

Detailed Outskirts was made to bring smoother transitions to the Detailed Cities mod in conjunction with the later versions of Open Cities while still keeping the vanilla essence of the game.

Detailed Cities:

Detailed Towns:

Version v0.10 (Latest)
- Added detail to the outside of Riften.
- More assets to the outside of Whiterun to fill in some blank spaces.
- See if you can find the chickens.

Version v0.5
- Added detail to the outside of Whiterun.

= How to report a bug =

If you see any bugs, assets not rendering correctly or experience any crashes please do the following.

- Upload a save file and detailed instructions showing how you initiated the crash / bug.
- Provide a screenshot and a link (Please disable all mods when doing so).
- Give a list of all mods that you have on, the area the bug is the world.
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dedo Apr 22 @ 9:44am 
Excellent work, nice
Tupzard Apr 11 @ 8:01pm 
Mattrimkevx Jan 18 @ 7:43pm 
This mod and the exteriors mod is partially incompatible with RLO, the torches added by these mods give off a deep red light when RLO is enabled, while the vanilla lights and RLO lights are fine.
I ended up deleting all of the added torches in tes5edit. RLO adds it's own torches so it's not that big of a deal anyway.
Just thought I'd let you know.
bsc38 Jan 5 @ 2:12am 
I beleive I may have mistaken this for a similar mod that adds vendors outside the city walls. Yeah, when the Stormcloaks and I attacked we lost a few vendors. On the plus side, it helped me complete the achivement to have a bounty of over 1000 septim in each hold.
Dex  [author] Jan 5 @ 1:46am 
@ Reaver - More environmental changes to blend with my other "Detailed" mods.
Sheogorath Jan 4 @ 5:37pm 
so just more tree
Dex  [author] Jan 2 @ 7:22pm 
@ bsc38 - Interesting.
bsc38 Dec 1, 2013 @ 8:43am 
I love this mod. I've only had one problem. The attack on Whiterun, yeah my fireballs killed a merchant or two and cost me a coin and faction.
Christina Oct 21, 2013 @ 3:05am 
nice work ..
Chomps123 Sep 10, 2013 @ 8:39am 
do you have a mod that combines all 3?