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Mass Effect Civilisations - Asari
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Mass Effect Civilisations - Asari

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The Asari Civilisation is a Stellaris mod that adds the Asari species from Bioware's Mass Effect franchise into the game! They come with a custom shipset, several portraits (and a lot of clothes), pregenerated empires and more!
  • Compatible with Space Combat Expanded!
  • Localisations: Russian

Pregenerated empires:
  • The Asari Republics: the iconic Asari government from the world of Mass Effect. Based on the continental planet Thessia, the apex of democracy and the beating heart of galactic love. The Asari Republics seek to dominate the galactic culture and diplomacy, but they are not afraid to wave giant dreadnoughts around if that's what it takes to keep the peace. Also comes with the Athena Nebula system initialiser, containing five lore-correct(ish) systems!
  • The Asari Corporate Interests: Influential individuals and powerful corporations operating out of the asari colony of Illium, the entrepot between civilised galaxy and untapped resources of the lawless Terminus Systems. The entities that control it make up for in wealth and connections what they lack in morals, having created a decadent yet lawful capitalist paradise. Comes with the Crescent Nebula system initialiser that contains four lore-correct(ish) systems!
  • Or create your own Asari civilisation! Do you want to be like Aria T'Loak, directing her own little empire of scum and villains? An Asari republic that broke off from the rest? An alternate reality Asari Star Empire of galacic conquerors who would rather enslave potential mates than lure them in with charm and diplomacy? You can do any of those or anything else you come up with, and you will still be able to take advantage of the unique Asari mechanics!
  • Features AI support! When played by AI, the two prescripted factions have their own behaviour and diplomatic lines!
Speaking of which, unique mechanics:
  • Biotic Evolution:
    Civic (Must be taken at start, cannot be removed)
    Thanks to the special circumstances of their evolution, Asari are capable of neuroelectrically generating mass effect fields on a limited scale. If, in theory, a higher form of energy manipulation was possible, the Asari might just have a bit of a headstart on its development...
    This civic, only available at Empire Creation, allows to to start the game with Psionic Theory and grants a research speed bonus to all Physics-related technologies.
  • Gynogenetic:
    Trait (cost: -2)
    The Asari are a monogendered species that reproduces parthenogenetically. A partner is required, but no fertilisation takes place. Instead, their genetic map is used to randomise the genetic makeup of the offspring, who otherwise would be a clone of her mother.
    This trait allows pops of alien species living on the same planet to contribute to the growth rate of gynogenetic pops. If no eligible alien pops are available, gynogenetic pops suffer a massive growth penalty as their own genetic pool is limited and occasionally results in detrimental recessive traits being passed onto the offspring.
  • Amaranthine:
    Trait (cost: 4)
    Naturally occuring cellular rejuvenation grants the Asari extraordinary longetivity, but also brings about many biochemical, psychological and social changes over the course of their long lives.
    This trait dramatically increases leader lifespan, but also significantly increases recruitment cost.
    Note that the starting age of leaders will also be significantly higher, most will spawn between 250 and 750 years old!
A huge assortment of customisation options! You should never see two identical pops on a planet or two identical leaders in your empire!
  • 40+ portrait variations: Based on Liara, PeeBee, Morinth and more!
  • 90+ outfits and counting! Each type of leader draws from its own pool of vocation-appropriate outfits, and even pops change clothes based on their ethics and status! Commando uniforms for militarists, corporate suits for materialists, cute maid outfits for slaves!
Custom ships and city graphics!

  • Thanks to Nessa who worked tirelessly and tolerated my constant fangirling and nitpicking, the Asari have access to a fully featured custom shipset!

I strongly recommend using EG* - No Exhaust Trails! Trust me, the vanilla trails look *extra-awful* with asari ships!

Be sure to check out other mods by Team Nessassity!

Especially our other Mass Effect mods!

If you like what you see, consider supporting us directly!



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RedRapture 4 hours ago 
I just hope for the Systems Alliance ships to be brought up to 2.0 standard. NSC adds in several useful things, but the main issue, the different ship classes, can be solved with your own ship class mod. All the rest is just...gravy on top. Delicious, but only adding to the flavor.
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Well something had to give with people asking agin and agin for update NCS ISB RS Oh well Still a great mod
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A sad day has come
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Today we have revised our policty regarding compatibility with third party mods. We are no longer accepting compatibility patch requests from users and will no longer offer support for mods that we do not personally use.

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*by the goddess
ƔALERIUS 19 hours ago 
Well, thaats one kind of a modest request, my godess xD
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Is there any chance of you creating mod for the other major races on this scale Humans, Turians ect.
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In our save we've played with several Mass Effect races as an AI pendant, as well as the Asari and especially during 1.9, so whereever the issue comes from, it's not this mod on its own, sry. Each stellaris player has an individual mod constellation, so there won't be a special hint, about what mod causes such an incompatibility. You have to have a look at your active ones and odd them out by hand. Annoying work, yep.
Der Uberjuden Mar 17 @ 10:55am 
You can always click on them in the menu, edit them, then save them, and force them to spawn. That'll GUARANTEE the AI will play as them in your next game.