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Universal Uncrafter
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Jul 22, 2016 @ 1:14pm
Dec 15, 2016 @ 1:24pm
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Universal Uncrafter

The Universal Uncrafter device will take any item with a recipe - even from mods! - and reduce it to its material components.

Material block types with no recipes can be converted into Grey Goo. Weak, easily gathered materials like dirt and gravel will convert at a 20 to 1 ratio, and some valuable types like pressurized steel girders will convert at 4 to 1, but most materials will convert at a 10 to 1 ratio.

In turn, Grey Goo can be converted into any material type. It will turn into the first material found in the Uncrafter's "Output" slots.

Craft it at an Inventor's Table or its successors.

There are few things other than just pure recipe backtracking:
-It won't run until you have enough space in the output slots.
-Large input stacks will start converting slowly, then speed up.
-Actual recipes with a pixel component will only refund half of the pixel cost. If only pixels, no refunds! Go find a merchant.
-Randomized guns and weapons will give you some metals appropriate to the level of the weapon.
-Yes, you can un-cook food. Make steaks raw again if you miss the taste of space salmonella.
-Saplings turn into plant fibers.
-As items can have multiple recipes, the Universal Uncrafter will choose one which isn't just pixels if possible, but will only pick one recipe in the end.
-No turning coal into 10 wood apiece. And no selling custom signs, either.

If you'd like to make a recipe for your mod which can't be deconstructed, put "nouncrafting" in its groups and it will be ignored.
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Dva2Vo7 May 9 @ 3:20am 
Уебанский сука Стим, где кнопка "скачать" мод???!!
PyroMancer Apr 24 @ 2:27pm 
Is there a way to pick which recipe is used? I have FU mod installed and some of the ingots turn into bees instead of the raw ore which is really annoying.
Chet Apr 22 @ 7:15pm 
Well, you can take the uncrafter and delete it before you uninstall the mod. If I would guess I'd say no.
𝓹𝒆𝓽𝒆 Apr 18 @ 8:33am 
will this affect my save file?
tahu810 Apr 11 @ 4:14pm 
The weapons I find on Tier 2 planets end up giving me Titanium which is found on Tier 3 planets
Matt Rethyu Apr 4 @ 2:33am 
If a block has a crafting recipe, does it get uncrafted into the materials, or do all blocks get turned into grey goo?
Absolute Madman✨ Mar 30 @ 3:47pm 
My friend has an issue where he his game crashes everytime he comes across one. IE he can join my world, but the moment one is on screen he crashes.
1MINISKIDI Mar 29 @ 3:15am 
This + ISE4 = Infinite ores. As i can turn bars back into ores, refine them, and then uncraft them, and so on...
spirit6 Mar 10 @ 1:22am 
Any chance of it giving the blueprints for the items it uncrafts? so if you accidentally uncraft a good item you can restore it. just a thought.
Kolljak Feb 14 @ 6:39pm 
found a rather strange bug/unexpected result i put a barrel of oil [FU] into it and it gave me BEES.