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Universal Uncrafter
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Jul 22, 2016 @ 1:14pm
Dec 15, 2016 @ 1:24pm
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Universal Uncrafter

The Universal Uncrafter device will take any item with a recipe - even from mods! - and reduce it to its material components.

Material block types with no recipes can be converted into Grey Goo. Weak, easily gathered materials like dirt and gravel will convert at a 20 to 1 ratio, and some valuable types like pressurized steel girders will convert at 4 to 1, but most materials will convert at a 10 to 1 ratio.

In turn, Grey Goo can be converted into any material type. It will turn into the first material found in the Uncrafter's "Output" slots.

Craft it at an Inventor's Table or its successors.

There are few things other than just pure recipe backtracking:
-It won't run until you have enough space in the output slots.
-Large input stacks will start converting slowly, then speed up.
-Actual recipes with a pixel component will only refund half of the pixel cost. If only pixels, no refunds! Go find a merchant.
-Randomized guns and weapons will give you some metals appropriate to the level of the weapon.
-Yes, you can un-cook food. Make steaks raw again if you miss the taste of space salmonella.
-Saplings turn into plant fibers.
-As items can have multiple recipes, the Universal Uncrafter will choose one which isn't just pixels if possible, but will only pick one recipe in the end.
-No turning coal into 10 wood apiece. And no selling custom signs, either.

If you'd like to make a recipe for your mod which can't be deconstructed, put "nouncrafting" in its groups and it will be ignored.
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Bluegem Sep 27 @ 7:15am 
Love this mod, allowed me to unsubscribe from castillan, which I only still had for it's uncrafter, as I never really liked the race and items
XxTEMMIExX Sep 17 @ 1:09am 
In turn, Grey Goo can be converted into any material type. It will turn into the first material found in the Uncrafter's "Output" slots.

does that mean i can create diamonds?
Hopalongtom Sep 11 @ 7:56am 
Very helpful to convert mostly useless blocks to blocks mod added races frequently use for crafting! ^_^
AlphaOmega Aug 26 @ 2:06pm 
@Captain China not a one way trip at all.
leapfrog Aug 24 @ 7:58pm 
Is this mod a one-way trip like FU, or can i install it then uninstall again to continue my plain vanilla adventure?
Dionon Aug 19 @ 9:34pm 
Don't know if this has been suggested, but would you be able to make the Uncrafter "Upgradable"? Honestly, this is one of the most handy Mods ever, but sitting there when on a huge project, and trying to get even 10 stacks of Gray Goo is excruciatingly slow... Perhaps a tier like this

Uncrafter - As Basic Universal Uncrafter
Stellar Uncrafter - As Basic, 3 Input Slots, 3rd Row of Output (10 Tungsten, 2 Silicon Boards)
Galactic Uncrafter - As Basic, 4 Input Slots, 4th Row of Output (15 Titanium, 5 Refined Violium, 3 Silicon Boards, 2 AA Batteries)
Universal Uncrafter - As Basic, 4th Row of Output, Better Gray Goo Acquisition (Need 1/2 the Tiles to make 1 Gray Goo) (30 Durasteel, 10 Solarium Stars, 5 Silicon Boards, 3 Batteries)

That way, if someone wants the basic Uncrafter, that's fine... But if someone wants to get going on huge projects (Honestly, like I'm doing currently, which prompted this...) they can get an industrial style Gray Goo Factory.
Wicked Sly Aug 18 @ 7:28pm 
One of my favorite mods. Seriously helps with Crafter's Remorse which is a sad plague when crafting a lot of Frackin weapons.
ConfusingDalek Aug 11 @ 5:14am 
Grey goo can only be used to make things that turn into grey goo.
BPQ Aug 10 @ 4:40pm 
i made agesalt into ore and put the grey goo in but nothing happened. did i do somthing wrong?
ConfusingDalek Jul 31 @ 2:57pm 
That means that there is a recipe in PP that makes peng from iron.