ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Stargate Worlds [SGw] v2.2 (previously SGA)
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Jan 26, 2016 @ 6:29pm
Jun 18 @ 7:11am
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Stargate Worlds [SGw] v2.2 (previously SGA)

GOAL of this mod: elevators rings, teleportation stargate, dial the address of a gate, connect, you are able to teleport (any number of players/dinos tamed & wild, until you reach the gate while open, you get teleported if enough room in destination area) (1 connection = 1 way teleport, its how it works on Stargate series).

If you want to support, feel free to []

Admins, check the Spawn Items thread to see the extra items you can use. (public stargates, one way stargates...)

How-to :
You create the Ancient Bench and use it to craft the stargate and ZPM (Zero point module, its used to power the stargate)
You place the stargate and rename it (it will be used in the widget history)
You open the stargate inventory and put the ZPM in the trophy item slot (extreme right of the inventory panel).
SHIELD: The optional shield go into the costume slot, when active, shield will kill any traveler coming into your gate, you must disable it (when you are connected to your gate, use the radial menu to disable the remote shield).
In order to teleport big dinos, you must have enough room in front of the gate.

Admins can place Public Stargates, they dont require power (ZPM), dont take damages and they dont store history calls.

Teleporter rings : Place 1 teleporter on ground floor and another one on a ceiling (but at 5 ceilings max around the first) and it will act as an elevator/teleporter. When you walk on it, it checks for another teleporter into a cylinder (collision box) of 10 foundations large (second check is 50 large) and a very far distance up and down. It should work from ground to floating island.
You can force link 2 rings, by rename them with the same name. They will always connect each other since the distance is handled (max 50 foundations horizontally, almost infinite vertically).
Admins can place public rings (no damage, not locked).

Stargate on Saddle : you should place the gate on foundations. Seems to be buggy on raft.

How to go to temple :
You will need to craft the rune in the ancient bench (3 artifacts, any)
Go into the temple with those items : Stargate Zpm (the lost temple stargate zpm is empty) and a Jumper ZPM. Test room resets randomly after 30-60 minutes.
Good luck.

Jumper controls : Right click => stargate remote, Space => Elevate, C => Lower, X => Land (when close to ground), Shift => Speed. Ark passengers seats, doesnt let me allow you to go third person, but you can go 3rd before taking the seat. Jumper provide oxygen, hyper and hypo thermal protection. Jumper need Jumper ZPM to regain energy.

If you liked my job, you can rate

Credits :
NoStuff, models for Stargate, Bench and Dhd (profile)
Sephiroth718, for tests since months :) (profile)
Husky, for tests with LostTemple and Jumper (profile)
Stargate Carter Pack, model for the Jumper (

MODID : 609380111

Server PvE Iso Crystal :
Click to access the mod collection.
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Oxxy  [author] 1 hour ago 
Provide a screen of the area of the bottom ring please
Razoroth 4 hours ago 
The placements are 1 on the top side of a underwater cube, the other on the bottom side of the inside of a different underwater cube. Figured that might help to debug the issue.
Razoroth 4 hours ago 
My teleporter rings aren't working properly either. I have an underwater base, and a "floor" above water using the underwater cubes above. I placed rings up top, then about 6 cubes below, offset by 2 cubes (4 normal foundations). When I use the bottom rings, it teleports me to the top. When I try to use the top rings, it does the animation, I see a quick "flash" of the image I'm supposed to see on the bottom (the wall facing the water) then instantly I'm back up top. this all happens within a split second. Barely even noticed the flicker of being where I was supposed to go until a few tries later.
Kool-Aid 8 hours ago 
ok will try that
Oxxy  [author] 9 hours ago 
dont put them strict vertical, move one a lil bit on the sides and it will work
Kool-Aid 9 hours ago 
@Oxxy the Teleporter rings are not working on my server for some reson... any help would be greatful.
OmniSpecter 22 hours ago 
will you be keeping the atlantis gate also? and if so, adjusting the symbols to reflect that it is an atlantis gate and not a milkyway gate?
Oxxy  [author] Jun 23 @ 7:05pm 
On the current version of the mod, you can set it via server config ini. I did that cuz a lot of people didnt wanted to wait the full anim. However, with the new coming SG1 gate, you will be able to switch between long/short anim and anyway, when it will start doing the anim, you will be able to teleport, so no more complain about waiting time :)
OmniSpecter Jun 23 @ 6:04pm 
I had just gone thru the lost temple and got the jumper, but I happen to notice that the gate inside the temple dialed one chevron at a time like the TV show did, instead of a instant dial so to speak. one chevron engages at a time as the symbols spin around. personally i enjoy that myself in the dialing sequence.

is it possible to also make this a option somehow for users? even in game in the pinwheel, have a option in the dhd for fast or slow dialing by default? or in the INI file? just some thoughts to let users pick their experience
Oxxy  [author] Jun 23 @ 4:31pm 
I saw that it was too little, i switched to another config and its louder for a larger area. seems to be fine, next update.