ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Stargate Worlds v3.0
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Jan 26, 2016 @ 6:29pm
Jan 15, 2018 @ 1:13pm
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Stargate Worlds v3.0

Goals of this mod: elevators rings, teleportation stargate, dial the address of a gate, connect, you are able to teleport (any number of players/dinos tamed & wild, until you reach the gate while open, you get teleported if enough room in destination area) (1 connection = 1 way teleport, its how it works on Stargate series).

You dont need to wait the end of the animation to enter the stargate.

If you want to support, feel free to []

Admins, check the Spawn Items thread to see the extra items you can use. (public stargates, one way stargates...)

How to: link

If you liked my job, you can rate

Ideas and enhancements: link
Known issues: link
Spawn items : link
To hide/show engrams : link
Server variable config : link
Updates, Subscribe to get informations & schedule : link

Fish village map extension :

Credits :
NoStuff, models for Ancient Bench (profile)
Sephiroth718, for tests since months :) (profile)
Husky, for tests with LostTemple and Jumper (profile)
Stargate Carter Pack, model for the Jumper (

MODID : 609380111

Test server with the lastest test mod version (thanks to Mjainc) :
Test server[]
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StoneTiger Oct 24 @ 9:17pm 
Dont put a jumper in a cryo pod it makes them lose their stats. went from 4k weight to 120 and couldnt use it any more
Raovake Gaming Oct 23 @ 3:58pm 
For those that are not aware Stargate now has a successor as of Oct, 2020. The new mod's name is Stargate Evolution and will continue the work of Stargate on ARK, and will expand past what any of the Stargate mods have ever done.
Come check us out:
Osiris -->Basti<-- Oct 15 @ 10:13am 
Nice Gate, nice sound = nice MOD
dankirsch Oct 14 @ 10:13am 
any way to speed up the stargate animation?
The_Doctor Oct 9 @ 4:05am 
Just like a stargate
norseman73 Sep 30 @ 2:42pm 
make a stargate weapons mod i need a zat in ark or a staff blaster oh and a death glider
BlackWolf Aug 26 @ 8:12am 
apollo29 Aug 26 @ 7:49am 
Since Patch 313.5 is this mod not longer working at our server
12121 Aug 20 @ 4:31pm 
I pay for source files or technology