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Godzhand Quas Wex Invoker
Invoker is not the easiest hero to use in the game, instead it is one of the most challenging yet a fun and a rewarding hero. Knowing that Invoker has 10 different spells, to master and to remember these spells, hotkeys and the combination is crucial. Timing is also very important since you have 2 spells max and changing from one spell to another spell takes precision as you need the right hotkey combination in different situations (Ex: when you are panicking or in an intense battle, the right skill matters)

Pros of QW Invoker
- One of the most fun late game hero
- Having 10 Spells
- Good push capability
- Good crowd control
- Good counter initiation spells
- Max Wex = Fast ms

Cons of QW Invoker
- Lacks early game burst damage
- Not difficult to counter or shutdown in lane
- High mana cost
- Long cooldown

What's Invoker role?
It depends on how the game goes, but Invoker is best played as a semi-carry. Invoker need to stay in the lane until level 7 or having a decent amount of farm except if you are 100% sure to be able to get a kill by going to another lane. Since Invoker positioning is very important try not to put Invoker in the front line since by using QW invoker he has tornado to open or to counter. First, you need to analyze whether the enemy team has better initiation or not, if they do then counter it by using tornado since tornado has the ability to remove many buffs.

Debuffs Spells:
Rabid, Surge, Living armor, Nature's Guise, Enrage, Bloodlust, Empower, Strafe, Enchant Totem, Phantom Strike, Ice armor, Grave chill.

Debuffs Item's Active:
Drum of Endurance
Mask of Madness
Pipe of Insight
Ghost Scepter
Etheral Blade

Debuffs Runes:
Double Damage

Quas, Wex, Exort
First of all Quas is very crucial in the early phase of the game since most mid hero can't sustain many hits and with limited regeneration they need to get tango. While for Invoker he has Quas to regenerate Invoker's health and especially with the extra tango, you will have higher chance to sustain in the lane.

For picking Wex instead of Exort has its own pros and cons,
Pros of Wex:
- +Movement Speed
- +Attack speed
- +Higher chance of survivability

Cons of Wex:
- Low damage
- Harder to land a last hit

Pros of Exort:
- High damage
- Easier to land a last hit
- More harassment

Cons of Exort:
- Less mobility

Best lane for invoker is mid.
This is very important in early game phase, to always try to harass the enemy. Just by hitting whenever you can hit them and do not be scared of getting hit by the creeps since you have quas to regenerate and tango. It's also very important because most other mid heroes have more damage than invoker, but less regeneration so they depend much on regeneration items (tango, pot, etc).
And whenever you can get 2-3 hit on cold snap use it!

Later in the game whatever Invoker build you are going to follow, having 1 situational item is crucial (Black King Bar / Linkin).

What role to pick?

- Carry Role: When you know you have a huge advantage among all the other players, having a good amount of farm and levels. Another reason to become a carry Invoker because your team is lacking of a carry and because as a carry invoker you will have orchid, think of the enemy such as storm, nyx assasin, outworld destroyer, and similar heroes; those heroes has the ability to counter or run so using orchid might be a good idea because it will silence them and without their spells they are useless.

- Team Fight role: When you know that your team is lacking of AoE damage or initiation, or because of the enemy hero rely hugely on their mana to use their ability (Emp).

- Roaming/Push role: When you know you have a potential carry and you have decent farm, also a lot of enemy hero (ex, clockwerk, outworld destroyer, pudge, and similar heroes) who can trap you or initiate on you it's a good idea to use this build (forcestaff / Cyclone / Blink). Just to let you know the roaming role can also be used as a push role since later in the game having 2 Forge spirit and necromancian will enables you to push harder.

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Hey Godzhand I have a noob question : what makes you decide to go foe exort at lvl 12, and not earlier for example ?
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Pro guide written by a pro invoker player
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