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Repair Textures to Fix Hats and Make Them Paintable in SFM
By Pte Jack and 2 collaborators
First off, I want to thank R234 for inspiring me to create these videos and make this guide. I credit him in my Part 5 video. Other people I want to thank are Raptorn, Zappy and PalmliX. They are all great advisors to the community and from what I've seen in the discussion group, have provided an answer or guidance to almost EVERY question posted.

Believe it or not, 2 days ago I had no idea on how to edit Layers, the process I used was to create a jpg and try to edit that into the material. This is a MUCH simpler method and uses the actual material VTF files. No Exporting required.

This is a six part series on how to repair materials in the Robotic Boogaloo Hats and Misc Items, the Heavy's ToughGuy Toque and the VooDoo JuJu to fix them from being black or glowing and display there proper colours. The fixes also allow you to apply paint to colour your hats and misc items to suit your personal tastes. For now, I am just posting links to my video tutorials on my YouTube channel. If needed, I'll post step by steps later, but I think you'll find that the videos are pretty straight forward. I don't edit them all, but the process to fix the ones I miss is pretty much the same.

The process I demonstrate here uses GIMP with the VTF plug in to access the layed material files associated with paintable items, repair them, then apply the layers and save them back to the TF folders in SFM. I also demonstrate using Notepad++ to edit the material VMT files and what needs to be changed within them to paint the items using RGB colour values.

As for the image editing program, you can use any editor that allows you to apply a masing layer to a material image. GIMP, Photoshop, and a program called Paint.net have plugins available so that you can work with the VTF directly, (you don't have to export the material using VTFEdit to work with it). I am not sure if the plugin for Photoshop works with the Photoshop Essentials version or not, I haven't tried it yet, so if someone out there does try it, please leave a comment here on whether it works or not.

The videos here are geared to the novice user. So yes, they may seem long, but that is the way I create my tutorials, so that the novice understand the process and sees it repeated a few times and he can work along with it.
Here is a link to the entire Robo Boogaloo package that has been repaired by Sync.
For those who do not want to go through the agony of repairing the items themselves, Sync. has repaired all the items and posted a workshop download below.
All credit goes to Sync. for his effort.
(Beautiful Poster Sync. and the Community thanks you)
Now for Those Who Want to Learn... Samples of Before and After!!
Hats using their original Materials

Hats After their materials were edited

ToughGuy Toque and VooDoo JuJu Before

ToughGuy Toque and VooDoo JuJu After

Programs required for the process (and a couple of other vids)
This video discusses the various programs that will be required to fix the material VTF files and edit the VMT files.


How to get the Boogaloo items into SFM


Where to find the New TF2 VPK (Game Cache) files and how to extract them and get into SFM.

Fixing the Robotic Boogaloo Medic's Archimedes
How to fix the Black Robo Archimedes and make it Paintable

Repairing the Heavy Bot's Tungsten Toque
How to fix the Tungsten Toque and a little secret on how to change the colour of the light on top.

This model appears translucient in SFM, even after applying the fix. I believe it has something to do with the ambient occulsion setting added to the model when it was compiled by the author. I'm still working on figuring out how to fix that, BUT, it does look alright in renders.

Repairing the Pyro Bot's Figment Filament
Hmmm, Your light bulb a little Glowy? Can't change the colour from White to anything else?
Want to change this

into this

or make it Red like this

This one is an easy fix, no need for a lengthy video!!! (Yeaaaaahhhh!!!!)

Here's the fix:

1. Go to folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\tf\materials\models\workshop\player\items\pyro\robo_pyro_figment_filament and find the robo_pyro_figment_filament_1.vmt file

2. Open it in a text editor and find the line "$selfillum" "1"

3. change "$selfillum" "1" to "$selfillum" "0"

4. Save the file and over write the original

5. MAKE A BACK UP of the changed file.

Open SFM and load the Figment Filament and you'll find it clear, no glow.

Now to colour it simply change the RGB colours found in the "$colortint_base" "{ 100 87 76 }" line. To make it red like in the picture, the command would be "$colortint_base" "{ 255 0 0 }"

and that's it, you now have a functioning red Figment Filament.
Time lapse - Repairing the Robotic Boogaloo Gibus, Capotain, Demo Fro, Texastingallon, Last Watt and Baker Boy hats
This is a time lapse of me fixing the rest of the hats I had in the picture.


The process was pretty much the same as the first 2 I demonstrated.
  • Search for the VTFs associated for the item being repaired,
  • open them up in the image editor,
  • inspect the base material to determine if it needs to be changed, if yes, initiate the mask layer,
  • select the areas you don't want to change,
  • then invert the selection,
  • copy the selection,
  • switch to the base material and make it the active edit,
  • paste the selection,
  • commit the floating layer,
  • switch back to the mask layer,
  • select the items you don't want to change,
  • invert the selection then
  • colour the selection pure white,
  • apply the mask
  • then export as a vtf back into the folder the original came from
  • Overwrite the old file.
Repairing the Heavy's ToughGuy Toque
The ToughGuy Toque is a good example of selecting Items in a mixed colour environment. It demonstrates how to use a different selection tool and to combine the selections and get them pasted onto the base material.


Fixing the VooDoo JuJu - No material fixes require, just an edit to the VMT.
Now the JuJu has mystified a lot of us. It is nothing more than a white blob when imported into SFM. This is an example of a model and texture file that are perfectly fine. The actual problem lays in a setting used in the material's vmt file. A simple value fix in the vmt is all that is required.


Repairing the Magical Mercenary
Making the Hat with No Name Paintable
Repairing the Cool Cat Cardigan
Material Fix Resource
Also here is a library of material fixes compiled by Sync.http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=182880961
Fixes include dem Jujus, Filament and others. Go and have a look at it !
Nearly All The Material Fixes In 1 Pack !
All the Material Fixes, You Can Download it Here:

Note by PteJack about this material pack

I have downloaded this fix pack and have found that with changes to SFM since it was put together, a lot of the fixes just don't work. Models will go invisible or remain unpaintable. As such I have removed the link from this guide


*Place The "Materials" Folder In Usermode OR Tf2 Folders, Copy and replace

Made By Doud!
Doud's Fix for Weapon Sheens and KillStreak Eyes
A Guide That i made for a Tricky Way on How To Make The sheens ?

Check This Guide:

Need The Killstreaker Effects ?

R234 & Cmp™ Made This Easy Guide

Check the Guide:

For Any Questions, Comment down below.
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Arrow Prime™ Aug 5 @ 5:01am 
im not sure if the making backup par for filamental was necessary.. i painted it lime.. then i changed map.. and had to load everything again.. i put the filamental on and its just unpainted version.. but i cant paint it in any colour.. even if i change the rgb value in the vmt file.. i didnt make the backup..
Pte Jack  [author] Aug 4 @ 8:02am 
Hmmm, maybe I had already fixed it then... Hard to say, I have so many different versions floating on this laptop from other requests and personal projects.... lol
Taser ⇋HG⇌ Aug 4 @ 8:00am 
Okay. Thanks for the heads up. Managed to get the paint thing to get the right colour on it in the end. Hat proxy looks like it would need the Scrap Pack to have the same sort of fix the CCC had, just as a heads up.

Thanks again!
Pte Jack  [author] Aug 4 @ 7:57am 
I loaded the pyro and medic ShootmanyRobots and added an overide materials to each. Since the last SFM update that adds the $Cloakfactor, $ColorTintBase and $Cloakcolortint automatically, I find that The Blues paints perfectly that way, as do the Reds. No Fixes required.
Pte Jack  [author] Aug 4 @ 7:39am 
It looks like just the can or pod on top of the Scrap Pack is suppose to be paintable. hmmmm. Let me check this out.
Taser ⇋HG⇌ Aug 4 @ 1:12am 
This is fantastic! However Jack, there is one misc I could really do with you fixing, as I don't like using the paint thing you suggested (the colours go funny) and prefer to use the Hat Proxy. Sadly, I cannot currently paint the Scrap Pack from Shoot Many Robots.
Kissa Miau Jul 31 @ 3:54pm 
the Voodoo Juju fix doesn't work for me, even after restarting SFM multiple times
Doc Brown Jul 15 @ 11:12pm 
Thanks, I was going to models in tf, not materials.
Should have watched the video again :3
Pte Jack  [author] Jul 15 @ 7:05pm 
The file I think you have to fix in this case is the actual VTF file using GIMP. (not the vmt, it is a text file.) The file you need to fix is the jul13_madmans_mop_color.vtf located in the SourceFilmmaker\game\tf\materials\models\workshop\player\items\medic\jul13_madmans_mop folder. Try to fix it yourself (without looking at the file, I believe it is the same prob as I describe in the toughguy touque and the robo archimedes), if you have probs, drop me a line. I'm away right now but I check in from time to time.
Doc Brown Jul 15 @ 3:36am 
Hey, I'm having a problem with the item 'Das Maddendoktor'
It appears black in sfm, so I followed your instructions up to where I need to open up the .vmt file and edit it. But its not a .vmt, its a .mdl. So I can't edit it in Gimp.
If you can help me out I would really appreciate it, thanks!