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Weapon Sheen Guide
A Quick Guide To Show you how to make the sheens. Sadly It works only on normal weapons, Not The Austrlium ones.
What will you need ?
GCFScape [nemesis.thewavelength.net] : To Extract The latest Tf2 Content.

VTFEdit[nemesis.thewavelength.net] : To Make The Magic.

The Sheen Proxy[www.dropbox.com] : To Change The Sheen Colour From Sfm!

A Friend Made a Guide, How To Make The Killstreaker Effects!, Check it out :D
The Steps
First, Load a Rocket Launcher

As You Can see, It Is the Default Rocket Launcher Without any sheens.

Second, Navigate To The Weapon's Material Files.

It Should be in materials\models\weapons\w_rocketlauncher

Third, Open The VMT One.

Then Copy All of This to the VMT But leave the $basetexture

What To Copy ?

"$baseTexture" "Add The Weapon's $BaseTexture Here "
//"$bumpmap" "Add The Weapon's $Bumpmap Here "

"$phong" "0"
"$phongexponent" "30"
"$phongboost" "4"
// "$lightwarptexture" "models/player/pyro/pyro_lightwarp"
"$phongfresnelranges" "[.25 .55 3]"
"$halflambert" "0"
// "$basemapalphaphongmask" "1"

"$rimlight" "1"
"$rimlightexponent" "3"
"$rimlightboost" ".2"
"$rimmask" "1"

"$glowcolor" "1"

// Cloaking
"$cloakPassEnabled" "1"
"$sheenPassEnabled" "1"

"$envmap" "cubemaps\cubemap_sheen001"
"$envmapmask" "Effects\AnimatedSheen\animatedsheen0"
"$envmaptint" "[0 0 0]"
"$envmapmaskframe" "60"
"$envindex" "1"

"animatedtexturevar" "$envmapmask"
"animatedtextureframenumvar" "$envmapmaskframe"
"animatedtextureframerate" "40"
"resultVar" "$glowcolor"
"srcVar1" "$glowcolor"
"resultVar" "$selfillumtint"
"srcVar1" "$glowcolor"
"resultVar" "$color2"

After Copying You should have something like this.

Replace The Top $basetexture with the lower one and remove the $bumpmap.

So, You should have something like this.

Now, Save and time to go to sfm again.

Go To Sfm's Console and Type mat_reloadallmaterials , To Refresh the material we just saved.

Then Right click on the Rocket Launcher Model and Click AddOverrideMaterials

Then Right Click Agian And choose Show i Element Viewer Then Click Model.

Expand The Yellow Materials Word.

And Expand the w_rocketlauncher01 And Copy The Mtlname.

Then Right Click On the Yellow materials Text, and click Import Element, Then Navigate To The Weapon Proxy.

It should look like this.

Right Click on the Weapon Sheen Proxy, And Click Make Root.

Then Paste The Mtlname you Copied Before To the place where it says "Place Material Here"

Finally, Change The Color Of The White Box To any color you want.

*This Sheen Become Less visable when you have too many lights on the Weapon.

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[SFM] John #I am sick Feb 24 @ 6:26am 
hey guys i know how to get it to work whit alle c_models

you have to look for in your steam folder


and find you c_models
now goto the copy steps and do the same

i try with c_liberty_launcher models
but in folder is call c_liberty

sorry for my poor English

[UK:WAR]{MVP}Dr. Pepper Feb 20 @ 11:32am 
haha, broken my sfm 3 times with this! I'M DETERMANED TO GET IT TO WORK! XD
Kilere Feb 20 @ 3:46am 
well, somehow my SFM doesnt show the weapon proxy.dmx but it does show the hat proxy one, wtf?
Sumphis S> SFM Posters Feb 15 @ 10:18pm 
I'm confused, someone needs to make a video tutorial. I've been trying to figure it out for hours, and still hasn't :/
DJ PON-3 Jan 28 @ 7:08am 
Made the Lollichop gray.
Duderock Has a Bad PC Dec 14, 2014 @ 11:31pm 
I can't get it to work not sure why I just have no sheen at all and also you forgot to mention to change $phong to 1 when editing the sheen color instead of 0 which causes your weapon to turn gray.
I watch Netflix when I MVM Dec 6, 2014 @ 9:50am 
Got it working, But it seems to move around.
Skitt64 Dec 3, 2014 @ 2:01pm 
Good, but while good for still renders it doesn't look quite like it does in TF2. Also not bright enough.
The Tanning Bed Nov 29, 2014 @ 4:12am 
Did exactly what you said, but my Frying Pan turned gray. Any idea what I did wrong?
Arkanymoose. Nov 24, 2014 @ 4:19am 
Also when I put the Mtl name into "place materials here" it crahsed my sfm any idea why/any idea to fix it