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Beyond the future
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Jan 18, 2013 @ 11:14am
Mar 11, 2014 @ 7:17am
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Beyond the future

In this mod the players will be able to experiment into a larger 'Future Era' with new technologies, buildings, resources, wonders and units. Requires Gods and Kings and/or Brave New World expansion packs.

New features:
- Buildings
· Steel Foundry (consume 3 iron a give more production and food)
· Oil Refinery (consume 1 oil and give more production)
· Biofuel Refinery (consume food and provide Oil)
· High-Tech Store (give more happiness)
- National Wonders
· Apollo Program now is a National Wonder, give more science
· Moon Base, require the Apollo Program to be build. Increase the science and give 5 Uranium.
· Supercomputing Centre, increase the science in the city where is built.
- Wonders
· International Linear Collider, more science and a free Research lab in the city.
- Projects
· Mars Mission, the same as the old Apollo Program, necessary to reach the Scientific Victory.
- Resources
· Titanium
- Units
· Orbital Ballistic Missile (Nuke)
· Advanced Mechanized Infantry (Req. Titanium)
· Unmanned Air Vehicle (Req. Titanium) - Unit made by Ekmek
· Railgun Destroyer
· Railgun Armor (Req. Titanium)
- New techs
· Miniaturization
· Orbital Flight
· Grid Computing
· Space Mining
· Artificial Intelligence
· Nanomaterials
· High Tem. Superconductivity
· Intelligen Machines

To do: HELP Required!!: (I'm not so good with 'artistic' things)
- The new future units, I'm really bad with the 3D modelling so I need someone who can do and adapt it for Civ V (Advanced Mechanized Infantry , Railgun Destroyer and Railgun Armor)

Alternative source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=20788

Special mention:
- New Bonus Resources (CCTP Teaser) guys for the Titanium graphics
- framedarchitecture for Resources Expanded, used to add Titanium
- UAV by Ekmek -
- Vader266 for the ingame texts and their revision and great improvement.
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snowdawn May 28 @ 1:44pm 
One of the best mods in Civ 5. Thank you for creating this mod :)
staubamk May 15 @ 12:13pm 
I have G&K, BNW, and a lot of other mods. I loaded this mod and it doesn't allow my first city to choose a new production. Unloaded it and everything was normal. Must be an update conflict or something.
Death stroke Apr 17 @ 8:46am 
need HELP does not work.
narrative-knight Apr 6 @ 4:34pm 
I had to unsubscribe. Once I researched the last technology the game stuck on choosing a new tech with nothing to choose. End of game.
Neo_Fenrir Mar 25 @ 11:33am 
Oil refinery needs to be fixed, creates a runaway stacking production bonus that increases every turn.
The Tiger Mar 7 @ 9:42pm 
@sabratha no the author is or wastrying to look for models for those but right now i think this mod is dead
Sabratha Feb 21 @ 12:57am 
I my Game, the Railgun-Units are regular Units and the Advanced Mech. is a regular Infantry. Do i made something wrong? How can i delete this Units without deleting the Techs?
Nickybuttons12345 Feb 18 @ 12:22pm 
"In this mod people will be able to experiment into a larger 'future' era-"
*Downloads the mod*
"-with new technologies, buildings, resources, wonders and units. Requires Gods and Kings and/or Brave New World expansion packs."
CMX Feb 2 @ 7:55am 
Will the mod work with prehistoric era or city state diplomacy?
dmboguski Jan 30 @ 10:05pm 
whenever i go on the my gods and kings games, after i create it with the mod active, if i load back in the mod is inactive and i cant reactivate it