Texas, United States
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I am currently mentoring 1 roamer, 1 sniper, 1 spy. Comment if you want me to mentor you
Invite-level roamer, world class 6s sniper, member of -AA-
Q: Why no badges?
A: See below, alt acct
Q: Do you still play?
A: No, I retired
Q: Will you ever return?
A: I do not have plans to, I quit due to school/other personal issues; but I may return one day
Q: Is this your main account?
A: No, this is the account I created after retiring to avoid some spam I was getting about ma3laa and other stuff (it gets annoying with 10+ adds a day)
Q: Do you know about ma3laa’s frag videos getting privated/removed?
A: Yes, I do. Yes, I also have the original versions. No, I will not post them, share them with anyone, or explain why they were removed---don’t ask.
Q: Did #ss and co. hack?
A: Yes Kappa, not m4risa or powah though
Q: Do you stream/youtube?
A: Not really, but maybe eventually
Q: Ask anything else in the comments below; I will probably answer most questions though
“Contrast affects accurate perception”
“Everything a person truly is, is based on how well they can perceive other people”
“Accepting the misperceived difference placed upon you defines/determines greatness to the outside world, which had already been placed into the perceptual consciousness of being by oneself”
“Don’t always seek uniformity, after all Hitler just wanted to unify Europe”
Special thanks to the following people for thousands of hours of enjoyment and teaching me so much, not only about tf2 either, this was an incredible journey I’ll never forget (no particular order): Max!, m4risa, jake, thalash, quad, shrugger, akiisa, kaidus, hafficool, starkie, thazu, lansky, leaky, rando, ma3laa, strife, bfl^satan, pulse, sheep, doc havoc 2, tagg, silentes, vhalin, dd5f, condoM, jukebox, every teammate I ever played with, but especially: a3m and blad3- we stuck together for 5 seasons and thanks for all the unforgettable experiences and incredible times. All of yall are amazing and please message me if I forgot anyone! Special thanks to Valve for never listening and always promising to “get in touch with the competitive community”. For my last shoutout, I’m giving it to my heroes, the ones I never truly met: Mix^platinum, kapuchino, rain, dellort, ryb, GeaR, and A_seagull.
Total time spent playing tf2: If I actually calculate it, I get depressed so we just say thousands
HL: Played UGC Platinum Soldier, Demoman, Sniper, Spy
HoF: in for Demo (HL), Sniper (6v6)
Lead editor of Team Fortress 2 Legends Of The Day- don't ask when issues are coming out :D
Director/voter of Team Fortress Hall of Fame; comment below if you have suggestions or are looking to communicate for hL, oZf, or TFC
Currently Online
Nerdy TF2 Comp Resume
Not fully in chronological order:

UGC 6v6 Steel 3rd/4th place (roamer); 2nd Place Roamer Award
UGC 6v6 Silver 1st place (roamer); Best Roamer Award; Best Offclasser Award
ESEA Open 2nd place (roamer) [2nd place regular season]; 3rd Place Roamer Award; Best Offclasser Award
ESEA Intermediate 10th place (roamer) [didn’t make playoffs]
ESEA Intermediate 3rd place (roamer) [1st place regular season]; 2nd Place Roamer Award; Best Offclasser Award
UGC Platinum Highlander 1st place
UGC Platinum Highlander 1st place; 2nd All-Star Team (sniper)
UGC Platinum Highlander 1st place; 1st All-Star Team (demoman)
Ultiduo Championship Cup 3 1st place (soldier)
Ultiduo Championship Cup 4 1st place (soldier)
ESEA HL Experiment Cup 1st place (sniper)
ESEA Skills Competition 9 3rd place
ESEA Skills Competition 10 1st place
ESEA Skills Competition 11 1st place
HGTV Bunny-Hopping Flow Season 2 1st place (sniper/spy)
HGTV Bunny-Hopping Flow Season 3 2nd place (sniper/spy)
HGTV Bunny-Hopping Flow Season 4 2nd place (sniper/spy)
HGTV Bunny-Hopping Flow Season 5 1st place (sniper/spy)

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802 hrs on record
last played on Aug 19
489 hrs on record
last played on Aug 18
2,962 hrs on record
last played on Aug 7
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xd ur bad kid
added for trade
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:D didn't think you'd rage that hard after the 5-0
Pure ` Jun 11 @ 2:51am 
literally on the spectrum
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Updated summary to include more stuff- typed on a phone in a lit environment so tell me if there are mistakes
Promenade Apr 30 @ 11:08am 
Really? I thought you had a known reddit account, any way its pretty easy to clear up