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яawя! fзaя mз bзotch!
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The Dorkiest Girl You'll Ever Meet! (Guaranteed)
The name's sally but I like to be called shally.
I'm a simple yet unique girl.
I'm twenty-three years old.
I brush medium blonde/green/black hair.
I see through dark brown eyes.
I'm the middle child.
I'm not short; I'm funsized! (。>‿‿<。)
I have two brothers. One older; one younger. THE YOUNGER ONE IS FUCKING COOL.
I guess I'm a total weirdo, but that'll be of your digression.
I don't care what people think. I just live how I want to.
I have a BAD memory... Deal with it.
I'm lazy.
In my free time, I like to sing, and lick lake in my sleep.
I like the color black.

Former Roles
Ex-TeamSpeak 3 Admin for GFL
Ex-GFX Leader for GFL
Ex-Manager for GFL CS:GO KZ
Ex-Host for GFL Minecraft
Ex-Admin for GFL Gmod Purge
Ex-Admin for GFL Gmod TTT
Ex-Trial Admin for GFL Gmod Deathrun
Ex-Super Admin for GFL Gmod Zombie Survival
Ex-Admin for GFL CS:GO Surf RPG DM [US]
Ex-Admin for Project 21 TTT
Ex-Moderator for Dinklebergs TTT
Ex-Senior Moderator for GarnetGaming DarkRP
Ex-Junior Admin for Renegade Army CS 1.6 Dust 1
Ex-Junior Admin for Renegade Army CS 1.6 Dust 2
Ex-Junior Admin for Renegade Army CS 1.6 Minigame
Ex-Junior Admin for Renegade Army CS 1.6 Knife arena
Ex-Moderator for Renegade Army Minecraft

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┌─────────────────Welcome to my Profile─────────────────┐
:burstcrystal: If you are part of GFLClan community, you must be approved by me personally before being able to re-add me. I will only let close people to add me. In order to get approved, please message me on discord: Hime#3667 .
:burstcrystal: Please state reasons of why you're adding me, or request will be declined with exceptions if I know who you are.
:burstcrystal: Any phishing links in comment will be reported.
:burstcrystal: Do not ask me for any other personal information even if I know you in real life.
:burstcrystal: Do not assume just because I am a female means that it's okay to flirt.

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❏ Last Updated O1 / 27 / 2O18 ~ O5:53 P.M.

Montreal Gaming - Co-Owner
BAP Scans [] - Owner | Quality Checker
RenegadeArmy [] - gfx designer
GCC [] - Social Media Management Member

~Please look at my first biography to find my former roles.~

:voxredtroll: Social Media :voxredtroll:
Instagram: DeputyDerpy, baebypoo, OfficialGFLClan
Twitter: NibbPower
Twitch: NibbPower
SnapChat: DeputyDerpy
WeChat: DeputyDerpy

Artwork, Workshop, & Screenshot showcase designed by LadySinister

Request Rules
It seems everyone is requesting me to make their steam profile pretty. I do not do steam profiles excluding avatar or profile picture on steam. Anything else that's steam related is not my field at all. So please do not request me for that. I can do forum profile, signature/banner, and once in awhile wallpaper/overlay. I will start charging them for cost depending on if I want keys or money.

:snikplayer: Simple Forum Signature/Avatar = Free
:snikplayer: Animation Forum Signature/Avatar = $2 USD or 4 Keys (no capsule)
:snikplayer: Advanced Forum Signature/Avatar = $4 USD or 8 Keys (no capsule)
:snikplayer: Overlay/Wallpaper = $6 USD, no keys accepted.

Before you request, I will always show design and you can choose from the list. If you want something free but also more than just simple, we can work something out. When you're requesting something, please make sure to be as specific as you can. I will have the artwork with my logo on it until you pay, then I will remove my logo. But either way, I have the original files :voxredtroll:. I will only take refunds if you have a complain, like a legit complaint of an error or disatisfaction of the order. Please do not report and ask for refund just because you were not specific enough for your request.
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Created by - a s_h, cy, C, Aevoa, and Delite
2,862 ratings
This guide is going to show you an easy way of uploading items to the steam workshop of any game you are eligible to upload items to, even with animated branding images. It also covers what can be done with them using the showcases.
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Domps Mar 19 @ 12:32pm 
murder isded
|S.T.A.R.S| HoodieNinja Mar 14 @ 12:41am 
good cause im broke asf right now Lol
|S.T.A.R.S| HoodieNinja Mar 13 @ 4:49am 
Just wait im gonna get to 125 :tdealwithit:
|S.T.A.R.S| HoodieNinja Mar 6 @ 12:56pm 
im pretty sure i was a higher lvl then you on steam feelsbad man Lmao
literally uses an emoticon and says i'm cringe
✪TTR Evolution✪ Mar 4 @ 2:45am 
u cringe me