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Admin @ PhantomGaming Dodgeball

johnraul83 : fuck you chaos
johnraul83 : you peace of shit with three big tittys]w
johnraul83 : you peace of shit

Sir Super wizard : kao go fuck ur slef

Overlord Super wizard : nigga sex

▸ nightlight : u cant
▸ nightlight : double pentrate me
▸ nightlight : like that

DemoGhost : i just find it funny that you have to quote your friends to have a decent profile

zombi memes:

zombi: pls kms but ur self

zombi : i eat my self out

zombi : 12 year old girls are way to old for sex

zombi : i sleep over
zombi : i can fuk all night

• ▬▬▬▬ Mean People ▬▬▬▬ •

Raguss : pyro requires no skill its just point and clic and hold so change class pyro

the fucking real one : its a tryhard class it doenst require skill
the fucking real one : kaos is tryhar

*DEAD* Box | Trade.tf : omg kaos
*DEAD* Box | Trade.tf : can u not be tryhard zombi

Coffee ♥. : 1v1 plz dont cc
Coffee ♥. died to a rocket travelling 52 mph
Coffee ♥. : wow, fuck off kaos u nub
Player Coffee ♥. left the game (Disconnect by user.)

*DEAD* DMdevil : fuck you cunt
garapatamo10 : hey kaos piss off
*DEAD* MrBluuy : Lol cunt
BumsGalore : fuck u kaos
BumsGalore : Fuck off kaos
BumsGalore : fucking fuck off kaos
CeNoEvil : fuck off kaos you sweaty cunt
Assassin (<3 Skwigi)Defender : kaos u wanker
kay kay </3: can you shut the fuck up
Crossed ツ : kaos u are a twatmunching mingebag wanker
AcerSwift : fuck off
scoutin : kaos is a noob who cant snipe
Me? : i hate u kaos
Me? : fuk u kaos

• ▬▬▬▬▬ Nice People ▬▬▬▬▬ •

rainbow lemon.dB : god you're hot kaos

Bonk_Boy.exe: you're a fucking sick cunt, kaos

shab : ur a loser

munch: how do i suck ur dick
๖Kaos: yes
munch: fml

10:52 AM - rae <3: im dont speak
10:52 AM - rae <3: i sorry

*DEAD* Huffy : Can't tell if sucking dick or making popcorn

Primal: u remind me of the womens voice from Trapped the tv show

Brendan <3: You are like aids in a blanket
๖Kaos: I thought that's how u liked me

• ▬▬▬▬▬ The Rest... ▬▬▬▬▬ •

It's fine, pony is perfect <3 : who do i need to hoofjob to get heals around here

[ADMIN] Mexi : Wait I don't a shit

shab : piss on me and call me daddy, but keep your feet away

shab : im not sayin no to free ass

Sammi <3 : kaos's breasticles are gianormous

Sammi <3 : i got a big butt

Sammi <3: pale ass ho
Sammi <3: you're stuck with me

11:20 PM - Kaos: salad
11:20 PM - Bonk_Boy.exe: salad*

✿ᴰʀᴬɢᴼɴ✿: thats ratchet

Fantasy_Man : Why u kill me and im playing and u not?!

๖Kaos : hey fantasy man, does this quote seem familiar to you?
๖Kaos : Fantasy_Man : Why u kill me and im playing and u not?!
Fantasy_Man : hey um is that some where or where u dar dat day

♛hussy♛ : the wrinkles on my balls r still wet

Bonk_Boy.exe: it is opinions
Bonk_Boy.exe: they are called opinions

swish : Bonk and Kaos
swish : can u
swish : remove the binds

▸ Lionheart Splinxy : im not cool im actually lame in here and irl

[420] Super wizard : kao is an fucking allhole that came in 1 mph

๖Chevycrysis: LOL
๖Chevycrysis: Smsu
๖Chevycrysis: Smusm
๖Chevycrysis: Smu
๖Chevycrysis: Rf
๖Chevycrysis: I m fony
๖Chevycrysis: I am chvo nd ui am a lil bot tipsy
๖Chevycrysis: LOL
๖Chevycrysis: I m gota gi
๖Chevycrysis: Th e cemals lose
๖Chevycrysis: :^
๖Chevycrysis: HE HS NI MOTH
๖Chevycrysis: LMAO
๖Chevycrysis: Fk me
๖Chevycrysis: I am to bed
๖Chevycrysis: Slepslepslep
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Stats and stuff that I'll probably never update
Currently Admin at Phantom Gaming
Ranks are for nerds, I'm pre shit tho
Orbiting record is 276mph, back on my old server.
Regular speed record is probably something like 350mph, I don't play against bot often.

Current Tours Completed: 75
Total Australium Drops: 4
      > Tour 6 (Wrench)
      > Tour 52 (Flame Thrower)
      > Tour 72 (Black Box)
      > Tour 75 (Medi-Gun)
Main: Scout

Main: Demo
Demo Rank: Esquire IV (Rank ~295 Global, Rank ~40 Aus)
Soldier Rank: Jester III (Rank ~1641 Global, Rank ~1877 Aus)
(Nowadays I play jump casually cuz I'm bad)

Rocket League:
Level: 55
Stats: https://rocketleague.tracker.network/profile/steam/KaosFMK
I'm diamond (somehow)

Battlenet Tag: GoatSyphilis #1406 (add me :o)
Level: ~362
SR: Season 5 Gold (lol), cbf doing placements
Lucioball SR: ~3050 Diamond :D
Mains: Genji, Lucio :^)
Stats: https://www.overbuff.com/players/pc/GoatSyphilis-1406

Last Updated: 20/08/17 14/09/17

Also bonk you're a gay piece of shit

more binds:

dmswo : 대가리에 SEX에 없냐? ㅗ
Doctor : are you actually that dick? you make me sick.... dont talk and play...
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fuck love a good bunnings snag ayy
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fuck u gay
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