Chernobyl   Kyyivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine
foken edgyner main.
Sometimes I play and create UGC* for TF2 and other games.
I play classes 6, 2, 7. I'm also a scrub and team captain. Studying physics like a fuccen nerd.

my etf2l -
my ugc -
my tit-tf2l teemo -

UGC* - User generated content, not United Gaming Clans. Oh my dude you just got praaanked! Betcha didn't see that one coming, huh?

Memes below (as if there's not enough above kek)

Sntr: well this is surprising
Sntr: nuke in the group chat
Hydrogen: looks like we need stronger scrub repellant
Sntr: how do you repel nukes
Hydrogen: we shoot down the planes carrying them?
Hydrogen: duh
Sntr: well
Sntr: since he is in the group chat
Sntr: do you have to shoot down the chat
Hydrogen: no

Nuke: Hydro
Nuke: I never asked you this, but I need you to answer seriously
Nuke: Are you atomic hydrogen or molecular hydrogen?
Hydrogen: why don't you take a guess
Nuke: It will depend if you're single (atomic) or not (molecular)
Hydrogen: atomic then
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+rep good med
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Hey, Trying to clear some space on my friends list, and noticed we dont talk too often. feel free to re-add me if you think you wanna talk more ^^
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How dare you try to kick Delfy
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I finnaly judged all the payload maps (400 about ~100 made it alive)! Be ready for the heavy update soon~
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