Boosted high tour. [mvmlobby.tf]
I low-man and speedrun MvM

Tour 500 reached 7.10.2021 15.33 (or 10/7/2021 3:33PM if you're an ape)
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Im in love
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I really love Snuuut. Like, a lot. Like, a whole lot. You have no idea. I love him so much that it is inexplicable, and I'm ninety-nine percent sure that I have an unhealthy obsession. I will never get tired of listening that sweet, angelic voice of his. It is my life goal to meet up him with him in real life and just say hello to him. I fall asleep at night dreaming of him holding a personal concert for me, and then he would be sorry tired that he comes and cuddles up to me while we sleep together. If I could just hold his hand for a brief moment, I could die happy. If given the opportunity, I would lightly nibble on his ear just to hear what kind of sweet moans he would let out. Then, I would hug him while he clings to my body hoping that I would stop, but I only continue as he moans louder and louder. I would give up almost anything just for him to look in my general direction. No matter what I do, I am constantly thinking of him. When I wake up, he is the first thing on my mind. When I go to school, I can only focus on him. When I go come home, I go on the computer so that I can listen to him beautiful voice. When I go to sleep, I dream of him and I living a happy life together. he is my pride, passion, and joy. If he were to call me "tacobot clown," I would probably get diabetes from his sweetness and die. I wish for nothing but his happiness. If it were for him, I would give my life without any second thoughts. Without him, my life would serve no purpose. I really love Snuuut.
Akainu Gaming 5 hours ago 
i want to hold Snuuut tight as i suckle on his armpits and nibble on his ears
Mhuss 21 hours ago 
Sn***t join cleanseal church :cleanseal:
oddschool 23 hours ago 
Just take it somewhere else thank you very much
Snuuut 23 hours ago 
i'm not "fighting", i'm just using an opportunity to make fun of your fellow tacobot clowns for entertainment purpose ;)
oddschool Oct 17 @ 2:14pm 
can you go fight on someone elses profile, i dont want my comments to be flooded with irrelevant ♥♥♥♥
Snuuut Oct 17 @ 1:56pm 
yes you and your fellow tacobot clowns, since you make so many claims without actually proving things ;)

frank what's the definition of "rent free"?
and why are you dodging my questions? :)
where's the evidence i asked for? you haven't shown any evidence to your accusations yet ;)