Docta (EST)
Marten   Saaremaa, Estonia
*Inspirational quote that all the edgy 50+ level guys have in their descs*
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If you like and play OVERWATCH let me know so we can play together. i mainly play Zenyatta but also Zarya/Reinhardt, Lucio and Mccree

Currently working on creating a map for half life 2 ep 2

Hi i'm docta(EST) or you can call me Docta.
I am mostly friendly but I can be a real fag sometimes

Feel free to add me to discuss about trading, mapping or just games in general.
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Workshop Showcase
An AWP map that takes place in a warehouse/ arena.
Two teams, yellow and blue are pitted against each other in a small arena with ramps and cover.
If you like this map, please share and like this map and tell me what you think.

Also go check out the S
Welcome to my profile, some info below
Games i currently play: Overwatch, Hearthstone, all Half-life games(and mods), TF2.

* I check all profiles before accepting the friend request.
*I mainly use trade offers as it is easier for everyone.
*i often downgrade with a very small overpay

RL info

My name is Marten.I might be abit annoying and stupid some times. but mostly a friendly guy. I sometimes play with my friends and do mostly unfunny jokes that no one laughs at.

My main language is Estonian, I do speak English pretty well. I also know a bit of Russian, but I'm mostly pretty bad at it :'l cyka bljat

Gaming info

Golden god achieved.

platinum rank
*Zenyatta main, but
also play mostly Zarya, Reinhardt, Lucio and Mccree but i can play with anyone else too if needed.

* favourite maps in design and gameplay: inferno, overpass, vertigo
*most hated maps: dust 2, assault.
* favourite weapons: usp m4-a4, XM, MP7, m4a1, bizon, p250, knife, ssg

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591 hrs on record
last played on Jul 24
1,929 hrs on record
last played on Jul 23
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