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SteamOS Update: Easily discover the games you can play
Fig 1. When navigating the Store with a Steam Controller, featured items are limited to Steam Machine-friendly content. A new Store setting allows advanced users to easily switch between viewing these items and everything available on Steam.

Either way, you’ll find we’ve added tips to the Store, letting you know when a game requires an additional keyboard and mouse, or a streaming connection, in order to play it on your current machine.

In the Big Picture Library, the default view now shows you the collection of games you can play locally. But don’t worry - you can still easily view everything else in your Steam Library here, too.

Give the changes a try after you opt into our Beta and let us know what you think of the new simplified shopping experience. If you’re a user who wants to keep an eye on All Things Steam, give the advanced option a try. We’d love to hear what you think of being able to quickly swap between locally playable and all content available on Steam.

SteamOS update 145 released
  • e2fsprogs - latest upstream version
  • geoclue - latest upstream changes
  • libdrm - latest upstream release
  • linux - Improved out-of-the-box support for DualShock 3 and 4
  • nspr, nss - update to latest from jessie to support chrome
  • plymouth - merge latest upstream and add script support for system update notifications
  • plymouth-themes-steamos - implement progress bar while applying updates at shutdown
  • steamos-autoupdate - handle multiple steam PIDs
  • steamos-compositor - Fix Planetary Annihilation freezing on startup. Fix cursor
  • unattended-upgrades - notify plymouth about system update progress
Security Updates from Debian
  • acpi-support - CVE-2014-0484
  • apt - CVE-2014-0487, CVE-2014-0488, CVE-2014-7206, CVE-2014-6273
  • bash - CVE-2014-6271 ("shellshock" bug)
  • bind9 - CVE-2014-0591
  • curl - CVE-2014-3613
  • dbus - CVE-2014-3635,CVE-2014-3636,
  • file - CVE-2014-0207, CVE-2014-0237,
  • gnupg - CVE-2014-5270
  • iceweasel - CVE-2014-1562, CVE-2014-1567, CVE-2014-1568/mfsa2014-73
  • lua5.1 - CVE-2014-5461
  • nss - CVE-2014-1568
  • openssl - CVE-2014-3513, CVE-2014-3567, CVE-2014-3568
  • python-imaging - CVE-2014-3589
  • rsyslog - CVE-2014-3634
  • wpa - CVE-2014-3686
Added new packages to repo.steampowered.com/steamos repository
  • libappindicator, libdbusmenu, libindicate, libindicator, xdg-utils - new packages to support chrome
  • python2.6 - added to support python-pip
  • strace - added to support debugging
  • bash-completion
  • file-roller
  • gedit
  • htop
  • iotop
  • lsof
  • nautilus-open-terminal
  • pastebinit
  • python-pip
  • zip

Updated installers are also available at http://repo.steampowered.com/download with the following MD5 signatures:

e0583f17ea8f6d5307b74a0d28a99a5e /var/www/download/SteamOSDVD.iso
a43ce5a25cde80096782ef01230be6f8 /var/www/download/SteamOSInstaller.zip

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