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September 23, 2013
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Discussion about SteamOS, Beta Hardware, and Big Picture Mode.
SteamOS: Unresponsive Steam Controller after recent Beta update
  • If using the controller wirelessly, make sure to connect it to your SteamOS system using a micro-USB cable; if the controller was powered on, you might need to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable once to switch to wired operation
  • Sign in to your Steam account
  • Navigate to Settings -> System using the analog stick and press the "Check for SteamOS updates" button
  • Wait until the update icon stops spinning
  • Navigate back to the home screen with the B button
  • Find the SteamOS update message in the Inbox envelope, and apply the update
Problems can include total loss of input (if wireless) or inability to configure the controller (if wired). The update can also be installed with a keyboard or another type of controller.

Please note: Restarting your Steam Machine does not automatically apply updates.

Introducing SteamOS "brewmaster"

Q. Where can I download the brewmaster installer?
A. ISO (for legacy systems) ZIP (for UEFI systems)

Q. How do I install brewmaster?
A. See "How do I install SteamOS?" in the SteamOS FAQ. The process is the same for both brewmaster and alchemist releases.

Q. How do I upgrade alchemist to brewmaster?
A. Upgrade is not supported. You will need to completely reinstall.

Q. How does this affect my existing SteamOS alchemist installation?
A. There is no change to alchemist support yet. For now, we will continue updating alchemist with the relevant security updates and Steam will continue to support alchemist. At some point we will drop support for alchemist and only support brewmaster.

Q. What version of the Linux kernel does brewmaster use?
A. The brewmaster kernel is based on the 3.18 LTS kernel with additional SteamOS patches. The kernel sources can be found in the steamos_kernel[] repository.

Q. How do I give feedback or report bugs in brewmaster?
A. Please post on the SteamOS Discussion Forum, or file an issue in the SteamOS issue tracker[].

Q. What kind of issues should I report?
A. We are especially interested in any regressions in hardware compatibility or Steam games. If it worked in alchemist and doesn't work in brewmaster, let us know!

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September 23, 2013