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SteamOS update 96 released
  • Fixed performance and stability issues with wireless on the Gigabyte Brix systems
  • Added Bluetooth driver support for the Gigabyte Brix box.
  • upstream updates to tzdata
  • Added dynamic passthrough mode support in PulseAudio, you can now change in and out of passthrough mode using tools like XBMC while Steam is running
  • Fixed a critical APT bug resulting in packages sometimes being erroneously erased during updates (many thanks to Michael Vogt and Simon McVittie)
  • Added support for detecting hybrid configurations and using the driver corresponding to the primary VGA output by default
  • Fixed a bug where "Preparing hardware drivers..." would be erroneously printed during startup
  • Preinstalled all the languages that are supported by Steam client to enable a localized SteamOS desktop
  • Fixed lightdm so the desktop Region and Languages control panel can change the per-user language
  • Fixed "Metro: Last Light" on Intel graphics by backporting GLX support for ARB_create_context from newer X servers
  • Added Thai and CJK fonts
  • Fixed steamcompmgr to properly focus "CID the Dummy"
  • Updated AMD graphics driver to 1:14.1~beta1.3-1 from Debian jessie
  • Updated gnutls26, file, xserver-xorg-video-intel packages,udisks, python2.7 and iceweasel to incorporate upstream Debian fixes

Steam Controller Update
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September 23, 2013