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Widlund May 30 @ 1:17pm 
Thanks bro, I just reported it and blocked all profiles
Froggy May 30 @ 1:16pm 
Widlund, that is a scam. You can safely ignore it.
Widlund May 30 @ 1:08pm 
Hello, I have a question regarding someone might scaming me saying they "reported" me for duped inventory, can you help me?
After Dark Angel May 26 @ 12:01pm 
Thank you for serving Arctic Ice.
McLovin420 May 26 @ 12:10am 
are you able to moderate in the workshop? any workshop for any game?
there is an item that was infringing on copyright of mine and friends of mine.
so we originally tried to act on it to have it removed.
but the user who had the item uploaded has edited and modified the item.
you'd now see a zero size file with tag spam and no description instead.
it looks like they were trying to exploit and circumvent the claim filed on it.
now i'm wondering if this is a type of abuse and they're attempting to make us look bad.
could you see if you can delete the item as it's now just a type of spam and abuse.
user in question already has a very long drama and toxics and harassing history with me
witnessing this recent behavior and act of theirs has me suspecting they're malicious again.
H4CK3R MAN May 21 @ 12:10pm 
Did you activate the code?