Rollcage ROLLC
Rollcage ROLLC
March 10, 2014
ABOUT Rollcage

Rollcage community group

Dear newbie, welcome to this group!

This group has been originally created to plan multiplayer games on Rollcage.
Eventually, it evolved into much more than that : a Rollcage community.

What it features :

We also have a Mumble for the weekly games, the instructions to join it are here
  • Address :
  • Port : 1737
Please read the Mumble rules !

No port forwarding is needed to join a multiplayer Rollcage game ; though, if you can be a host that would be nice ! You have to forward your 21000 port on TCP. Some guides can be found in, but there is also this guide by Error409.

For Rollcage Stage 2 (Extreme), you have to forward the ports 2300 and 47624. If you manage to get it working let me know..

See you on the tracks!
New discord channel + Ballistic NG
A new discord channel

As you know, some of us are already playing Rollcage every Saturday night. This is usually a great time to meet each other and just chill on Rollcage.

However, why should we play only on Saturdays ? Maybe some of us cannot attend to it (different timezone, or just something else planned on saturday). Also, who never wanted one day to just play Rollcage without having to wait for Saturday ?

I also believe that there are some people out there who would like to try multiplayer, but never had an occasion to do so yet.

I've heard lately of Discord - and I believe it might suit us well for the sake of finding someone to play with. What it features :
  • Permanent messages
  • A cool client - once you've installed it, you don't even have to care much about it, it will connect automatically to the channels you subscribed to.
  • Voice chat (but worst than Mumble unfortunately)
  • No ad

So, how to use this Discord channel ? There are two subchannels associated to it : #general will be for general chitchatting about Rollcage - #multiplayer will be dedicated for finding someone to play with.

This Discord channel is experimental - but I hope it will encourage people to actually meet each other and play Rollcage together, without the need to know each other beforehand. Which is the original purpose of this group afterall ! :)

Of course, the Rollcage weekly games will never be removed, and will always happen on Mumble. This is tradition ;) The Discord games will happen in addition to the weekly games.

Ballistic NG
The second part of this announcement is about BallisticNG. You might have heard of it, it's a free Wipeout clone for PC (yes, for PC !), PS1-style. By fans for fans.

It's still an unfinished game, but so far the physics are very awesome, and the tracks too. If you liked Wipeout, you should definitely give it a go.

More info on their Greenlight page, including download link for the game

(oh, and it's open source too !)

Rollcage plays Guns of Icarus this Saturday !
See you on Saturday !

potterman28wxcv Apr 26 @ 3:43pm 
@Snake: Alright, I get it :)

Just uploaded a new logo for the Rollcage group - hope you like it !
Just need to remove that weird white line on top
Snake Plissken Apr 26 @ 2:31pm 
Yeah it was to Broscar, if you reread my comment it just commends his actual post ;)
potterman28wxcv Apr 26 @ 2:27pm 
@Snake: This group is a fan-based community group for Rollcage. We are very honoured to have codemonkey and Chris among us, but this group is initially a group made for fans by fans. Yes, this group is the place where codemonkey posted the Rollcage Redux/Extreme builds, but it is more of a special present for us ;)

So just to clarify : codemonkey and Chris are the only Rollcage/GRIP devs out there. I don't know who you are addressing to by "Bro", but if it's Broscar, I'm sorry to say he's not from Psygnosis (or maybe he is, but he has been hiding it for 2 years !)
Snake Plissken Apr 23 @ 8:01pm 
Bro, you have been a complete and utter gentleman when comparing the two games' I on the otherhand have been a prick when it comes to the god aweful Formula Fusion
But this is my opinion and I am entitled to it, you guys have been fair and honest with your competitors too, so there is always room for other devs, just not shit ones imo lol
Personally I don't ever think WO was your rival so to speak, I always enjoyed RC as a unique racer back in the PS1 days same as I did WO, to me the present two different syles of racing, so co-exist quite nicely

Broscar Apr 23 @ 7:00pm 
You guys surely remember our rival, Wipeout, right?
Well, it's been 16 years and I think we can drop the act now. Rollcage and Wipeout can co-exist.
Go vote!
Bartjaah Apr 23 @ 5:51am 
Thank you for the Redux version of this game. Never forgot about this gem. I'm going to share this game on
Enter chat room
March 10, 2014