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Hello game devs!

We're proud to announce our new FLEX LICENSE, a simple monthly payment model that gives you always the latest articy:draft version for $9 per month (or $8 per month in a one-year subscription).

Full-featured and easy on the purse!

This new license gives you all the features of the most recent articy:draft version, incl. the commercial use right. It's flexible, because you only pay a low monthly fee and can cancel your subscription each month. If you pay on a yearly basis, you get an even lower rate.

The purchase price of the same product (articy:draft SE + 2.x version upgrade DLC + commercial use right) is $297.

New shop page and community hub for Flex License

Here's the new shop page and community hub for articy:draft 2 SE - Flex License. We see you guys there :).

Power to the creative people!
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