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Do you want to take your articy:draft experience to the next level? Now is your chance to get a lot of new features for half the price!
From February 24th until March 3rd you can upgrade from version 1.x directly to articy:draft 2.3 for 50% less and get the following improvements:

  • Excel roundtrip: Export to .xlsx, modify values and re-import your data into articy:draft.
  • Global variables: Organize your global variables and use them to design state changes during the game flow.
  • Conditions & instructions: Control the flow of your game by using the built-in scripting language. Check variables in conditions and change their values in instructions.
  • Document view: Create living design documents or write linear dialogues with convenient script formatting.
  • Text formatting and hyperlinks: Structure your texts with lists or use formatting to highlight important parts. Use links within texts to create even more cross-references.
  • Spell checking: Get rid of your typos. In 25 languages.
  • Location layers: Group your location objects in folders and toggle their visibility conveniently.
  • Advanced search: Use queries to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Calculated reference strips: Let articy:draft gather references automatically according to your custom query.
  • Export to image: Use the export to .xps to save your flows and locations as vector images.
  • Export Flow to Word: Export your branching flow structures into an easily readable .docx-file with hyperlinks.
  • Better performance: Everything is faster and more responsive - especially in large projects.
  • Improved usability: Built-in tutorials, faster template editing and many usability tweaks more make your work with articy:draft even more convenient.
  • Extended language support: The articy:draft UI is now available in Russian and Italian language.

Shop page: Upgrade to articy:draft 2.x
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