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[60 FPS-1080p]Half-Life Walkthrough
by 60 FPS
Dear Watcher; Thank you for visiting my guide. You will not be disappointment. :) Here is full walkthrough of Half-Life. This walkthrough is 1080p-60fps and without commentary. If you like my guides, you can: -[url=
How to Make a Dedicated Server
by Kill-Cam Celebrity
Here's how to make a Half-Life server, illustrated and simplified for those who haven't calculated the exact radioactive properties of a resonance cascade. NOTE: You will need Port Forwarding set up for this to work. Since it changes for different rou...
Guide to Improving Latency on International Servers in Under 15 minutes
by Tabris DarkPeace
Step 1: Install the UDP Latency Hotfox for Vista / Windows 7 - - Only do this if you're not using Symantec Endpoint Security, as there is a patch to this hotfix for those running Symantec Endpoi...
Как установить Black Mesa быстрее, безопаснее и проще
by kenny
Half-Life Cheats (Working with the add-ons too)
by Xan MK3
First!!! Right Click on Half-Life (or add-ons) then properties and start-options type -console or -dev -toconsole in there. then start the game press now ^ there comes the console. And Type sv_cheats 1 here the cheats: god=God mode noclip=no clip...
Классический русификатор для Half-Life
by Majahet
Полная русификация (текст+звук) от Бука (аддоны Blue Shift и Opposing Force тоже полностью русифицированы). Актуализирована....
Bunnymod Pro
by .executλble
Bunnymod Pro, a successor to HLSP Bunny Mod, is a mod designed specially for Half-Life speedrunning. Bunnymod is widely used in most of the runs, because of its features that allow easier routing and monitoring various significant parameters like speed an...
Top 5 Half Life mods
by Boingo Boingo Whoopsie Knickers
A while ago, I made a guide for the top 5 Half Life 2 modifications. As of now, it has over 1000 views and counting. Considering that I started with Half Life 2, why not go back to the original and give its mods some recognition eh? *EDIT* ok, in case yo...
Half-Life Walkthrough
by PlumBrendan
This is a walkthrough for Half-Life, played on the hard difficulty setting, I will show you all locations of the Mysterious G-Man, every hidden supply, and obivously, how to pass each chapter the safest way!...
List of console commands.
by Stu Pidaso
The following is a list of commands that can be performed in your console or be added to your userconfig file....