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Guide to Improving Latency on International Servers in Under 15 minutes
por Tabris DarkPeace
Step 1: Install the UDP Latency Hotfox for Vista / Windows 7 - - Only do this if you're not using Symantec Endpoint Security, as there is a patch to this hotfix for those running Symantec Endpoi...
[60 FPS-1080p]Half-Life Walkthrough
por 60 FPS
Dear Watcher; Thank you for visiting my guide. You will not be disappointment. :) Here is full walkthrough of Half-Life. This walkthrough is 1080p-60fps and without commentary. If you like my guides, you can: -[url=
Soluzione Half Life
por crios92
Guida completa e dettagliata per superare ogni capitolo del gioco....
Как установить Black Mesa быстрее, безопаснее и проще
por MerL
Half-Life Cheats (Working with the add-ons too)
por Xan MK3
First!!! Right Click on Half-Life (or add-ons) then properties and start-options type -console or -dev -toconsole in there. then start the game press now ^ there comes the console. And Type sv_cheats 1 here the cheats: god=God mode noclip=no clip...
Классический русификатор для Half-Life
por Majahet
Полная русификация (текст+звук) от Бука (аддоны Blue Shift и Opposing Force тоже полностью русифицированы). Актуализирована....
Solutions to Resolution Bug and More
por Kill-Cam Celebrity
Every GoldSrc game seems to have this bug-- change your resolution from native, and you're screwed. Read this guide to learn how to reverse it....
Top 5 Half Life mods
por Boingo Boingo Whoopsie Knickers
A while ago, I made a guide for the top 5 Half Life 2 modifications. As of now, it has over 1000 views and counting. Considering that I started with Half Life 2, why not go back to the original and give its mods some recognition eh? *EDIT* ok, in case yo...
Half-Life Walkthrough
por PlumBrendan
This is a walkthrough for Half-Life, played on the hard difficulty setting, I will show you all locations of the Mysterious G-Man, every hidden supply, and obivously, how to pass each chapter the safest way!...
List of console commands.
por Stu Pidaso
The following is a list of commands that can be performed in your console or be added to your userconfig file....