Stop Wasting My Time - WotC
Breaks WotC Cutscenes, currently making the game unplayable
I love this mod. I've used it in Vanilla, LW2 and now WotC. Sadly, in WotC, the story progression is often bound to triggered cutscenes. These cutscenes aren't triggered with SWMT enabled, even though the squad reaches the respective tiles. The map and the story thus cannot progress until the mod is disabled.

Found so far:

- on the Skirmisher Mox' first mission (the cutscene where he blows up the purifiers doesn't show)

- on the Assassin temple mission (the Assassin doesn't spawn)

A fix would be lovely, because so far, the mod has thus had to be dropped out of my list.
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BlueRaja  [developer] Jan 3 @ 10:04am 
Could you provide me with a save-game that easily reproduces one of these issues? Preferably with no other mods enabled, or a very small list of other mods.
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Hello BlueRaja! Thank you for taking interest. I'd love to help but sadly cannot, at least not at the moment. I'm on a "soft" Ironman Legend playthrough, only using the one QuickSave slot.

I got stuck at Mox' mission, a bug encountered by others as well (https://steamcommunity.com/app/268500/discussions/0/1474222595307549305/). After exclusively disabling SWMT, the cutscene was triggered. I then re-enabled your mod, because it's awesome, but found myself stuck again later in the first Chosen Temple. I the disabled it again, now familiar with the problem, and went on playing without problems since.

I played with around 40 mods, albeit almost all are armour mods and don't affect gameplay.

When I fail (eventually, it's XCOM after all) I'll play through to the Skirmisher contact again and provide you with a save. Thank you for your excellent contribution, I still highly recommend and love to use it for LW2 and Vanilla!
tss. steam thinks its own link is malicious... alternatively google "Skirmisher Mox Escrot Mission Breaking Bug"
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