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ARK: Survival Evolved

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causevd Nov 30, 2015 @ 2:44am
Silica Pearls/Oil/Obelisk/Crystal/Caves/Dino Spawn - Everything DETAILED
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All coordinates are written in Latitude/Longitude format.

Here you can find image of the explored map. (Updated 3/16/2016)

Map marked by sections (easy to navigate)

I have marked on the map pretty much everything that I've spotted/explored/found. You will see that it will be marked with red color so it will be easier for you to find. Also you may notice that at some places the red color is more darker which means that on that place have been spotted more nodes of Pearls and Oil.

Spawn location coords:
Below you will find the coords of all spawn location on the map.

East zone 1: 28.9 / 63.9
East zone 2: 31.6 / 64.1
East zone 3: 33.7 / 66.5
North zone 1: 09.1 / 25.6
North zone 2: 08.9 / 26.4
North zone 3: 10.4 / 26.2
South zone 1: 63.1 / 65.7
South zone 2: 62.8 / 65
South zone 3: 62.1 / 64.8
West zone 1: 48.2 / 18
West zone 2: 48.6 / 18.1
West zone 3: 48.9 / 18

Map for all the resources, metal, obsidian, crystal, oil
On the map below you will find the marked locations for Metal, Crystal, Obsidian and Oil.
On the map I've marked only the locations that have resources on the land. Underwater/caves etc ... they are not marked because they were already written in some of the caves information. You'll notice on the map that I have written some random words. In case you can't see what's writing on top of the image I will explain it below.
MOCO = Metal Obsidian Crystal Oil
MOC = Metal Obsidian Crystal
M = Metal
MO = Metal Obsidian

Redwood Forest
This beautiful area can be found at the following coords: 37.1 / 59

Japanese/Cherry biome
Wonderful cherry blossom can be found on the image below.

Coords of the canyon are: 78.7 / 46.7

It's located NE on the map. On the island you can find metal, obsidian, crystal and in the lakes or water around you can find silica pearls & oil.

Dino Arena
This is the arena where we will be able to summon the broodmother. Coords: 53 / 24

Some of the artifacts can be found in the dungeon & new swamp cave but still some are missing WIP (work in progress).

Deep Sea Loot Crates
On the image you will find the deep sea loot crates
Huge thanks to Ogle and everyone else for finding the crates.

Where can I find Silica Pearls/Oil nodes?
They can be found West, North East and South deep in the ocean around those big rocks. (Thank you gkainu for updating the image)
Also in these areas can be found trilobites from which you can get chitin/oil/silica pearls.

Where can I find the swamp?
It's located East on the map and can be found a lot of Beelzebufo/Araneo/Onyx/Titanoboa/Sarco/Meganeura.
You can find Plant Species X over here as much as you want, they are not that rare.

Carno a.k.a Desert Island
It's located South East & bottom right corner of the map.
Also you can find metal/crystal/obsidian on this island but sadly no trees around.
It's a great source of prime meat, if you have in plan to tame T-Rex, Carno etc...
Coords: 80 / 70

Floating Island
You have everything on this island to survive. You have metal/obsidian/crystal/trees/dinos also near the cave there's a small lake, it's a perfect island to live on.
Can be found at 26.0 / 54.7
Also there's a cave at the center of the island and there's a PVP arena. Read below for more info & coords.
Rocks below the floating island rotates too.

Ice Flow Island
This is the island where Penguins spawn. Also on this island you can find Oil/Crystal/Metal/Obsidian.
Coords: 92.4 / 39.5

New Penguin zone
Your best place to find more penguins.

PVP Arena
It's located on the floating island. Coords of the entrance: 29.4 / 58.3

Yes, indeed, caves exist and they can be found at the following locations:

New swamp cave: 54.7 / 71.8
You can find inside loot crates, and Artifact of the Immune
To be able to survive in the cave you need a combination of Ghillie Armor and SCUBA.
SCUBA Mask, Tank, Legging and Ghillie Boots and gloves. Use also Bug repellant, get tons of Stimulants as there are tons of scorpions/spiders/meganeuras. Get Enduro Stew & Calien Soup. There's also water in the cave and as long as you bring canteen or water skins it's good, you gonna need a lot of water. Stack of cooked meat and Medical brews (around 10-15) should be enough for you. For weapons you decide.

New Ice cave: 80.6 / 38.9
It's still WIP (work-in-progress)

Ice cave
This is a massive cave. It has 2 entrances and it has some underwater tunnels that leads into another "rooms". You can find penguins just walking in the cave but you can spot some swimming in the water too.
1 entrance coords: 83.6 / 40.2
2 entrance coords: 82.2 / 40.6

Volcano cave WIP
Has 2 entrances (they are close to eachother) -
1 entrance coords: 09.4 / 86.5
2 entrance coords: 09.3 / 85.6

Swamp cave - 52.2 / 68.8
It's a really huge cave, you can find inside water/trees/oil/plant x species/silica pearls and there are a few creatures inside.

Small cave: 55.1 / 36.0
Just a small cave, nothing can be found inside.

Huge cave: 61.4 / 91.1 (Ocean entrance) - 62.9 / 87.2 (Flying entrance) - 64.2 / 89.0 (Land entrance)
This cave has 4 entrances. One from the ocean where you can come with your water dino, (unfortunantelly Mosasaurs can not fit inside the cave). Land entrance, where you can enter with your land dinos (every dino can fit). Flying entrance where you can enter with your flyers (every dino can fit) and another one by the waterfall.

The forgotten cave: 53.1 / 55.8
I will name the cave "The forgotten" because I forgot to add it to the list for a long time. It's only a small cave and nothing special in it.

Mountain Cave coords: 40.2 / 34.3
Small cave, unfortunately nothing can be found in it.

Under Mountain Cave coords: 37.3 / 33.8
It's a massive cave where you can find crystal/stones/trees/bushes/water/

Underground Cave: 16.2 / 51.0
Small cave that is filled with water and has 2 entrances

Floating island cave: 26.1 / 56.8
There's a lake just at the entrance of the cave.

Under waterfall cave: 63.7 / 79.8
Small waterfall cave: 32.1 / 49.6
Floating Island - 26.0 / 54.7

Underwater cave: - 56.8 / 54.4
This cave is filled with water and you need to have high lvls on oxygen or SCUBA gear to be able to last longer in it. There's nothing special in the cave besides crystal but around the cave there are nodes of Silica Pearls/Oil.

Small island underwater cave: - 59.6 / 52.7
Unlike every other cave, I call this cave special because it has a lot of Silica Pearls inside and around the cave. In the middle of the cave there is a some form of circle which has water inside and that hole is so big. Also bear in mind that if you want to explore the cave you will need SCUBA GEAR otherwise there is no way for it to explore. It has 2 entrances, One is from the island the other one is from the water. You can find oil nodes around the cave.

Huge cave with 3 entrances (2 from land & 1 from water)
There's no loot inside.
Land entrance #1: 85.7 / 29.7
Water entrance: 86.4 / 29.2
Land entrance #2: 84.6 / 27.5

Mjolnir Cave: 73.9 / 22.3
It's a huge cave, in the middle is the Thor hammer aka mjolnir and it's surrounded with water in which you can find oil/silica pearls

Probably the most deadliest place I've ever met. It's not like every other cave. Won't reveal too much information. And yes, creatures spawn inside the dungeon. You can find dung beetles too.
Coords: 75.7 / 42.8

Are there any Obelisks on this map?
Yes, there is 2 obelisks on this map. It's a tiny green obelisk, you can spot easily at night because it glows green around it but if you play on low graphics definitely you won't be able to spot it easily. It's located in the Dino Arena where you can summon the broodmother. Coords: 53 / 24 and the other one is just a bit south west from the swamp. Coords: 55.8 / 60.7

Flat grounds
70 / 20 (coords may vary) Big massive flat ground.
46.2 / 66 - Awesome spot to build also it has really cool view. It's not that big though but it's enough for building a house on a few floors.
48.1 / 61.4 Not that big but it has a nice view.
07.6 / 68.4 Island far from the civilization where you can find big flat surface
Big flat ground at the swamp: 43.3 / 70.8
Flat ground: 40 / 69.7
Huge flat ground: 34.8 / 59.5
Flat ground at japanese biome: 20 / 28.2
Flat ground at the waterfalls of the japanese biome: 26.9 / 17.5
Snow mountain big flat ground: 47 / 32.7
Huge flat ground: 52.9 / 59.6
Big flat ground: 50.2 / 56
58.7 / 85.1 - Flat ground
57.6 / 73 - Flat ground with good view
20.2 / 39.6 - Flat ground
52.7 / 30 - Flat ground near dino arena
53.9 / 86.6 - Small flat ground
43.8 / 66.9 - Swamp flat ground


Coords: 44.6 / 51.8
Coords: 50.1 / 50.8
Coords: 44.8 / 59.5
These are just a few ones that I liked more but there are more. Check the maps, see which one suits you the best for finding them. Every 3 images are showing the same spots.

Dino spawns

They can be found in the swamp and in the rivers below the floating island.

These creatures can be found in the swamp.

Check the map below for Diplodocus spawn locations

Check the map below for ape spawn locations

Check the map below for their spawn locations

Manta & Dunkleosteus
Check the image below for spawn locations.
M stands for Manta
D stands for Dunkleosteus
Sometimes you can find them near the west shore at 45.3 / 18.1

Woolly Rhino
Rhinos share spawns with Mammoths, so whenever you find Mammoths there's a good chance to find them. Below is a map of spotted Rhinos.

Here's a map of where Spinos spawn.

Spotted just above the small waterfall cave that is located on the lake. Coords: 32 / 49.1
Coords: 61.3 / 82.1 (above the south waterfall cave at 64 / 79.3 follow the river and you gonna find them)
River: 61.2 / 86.5 (pretty much at the new south & east zone where landmark re-work has been done)
A lot of beavers at one place: 66.5 / 15.2
Map of where Beavers & beaver dams spawn

Terror Bird
Check the map below for the spawn location of these birds.

You can find this dino everywhere, looks like it share spawns with trikes/parasaurs/stegos. Also they even spawn on those 2 islands that are north, coords: 11 / 50 & 11 / 65

Dung Beetle
You can find this bug in the swamp and in the dungeon.

You can find this dino into the swamp and at the river near the floating island which is at 35 / 60.

The Kangaroo has been spotted at the following areas.

Angler Fish
These fishes can be found pretty much anywhere near the underwater bushes/corals, usually they swim in group or those are rare moments where you can find single Angler fish.
I've spot them a lot like 15-20 at the west of the ocean between those underwater bushes. Also they have been spotted in front of the under mountain cave which is connected with the water, coords for it are 37.3 / 33.8. You can find it pretty much everywhere but their favorite place is to swim between the bushes, that's the place to look for them.
Coords: 53.3 / 07.6

There's a special island "Ice Floe" for them which is located south of the map. If you can't see any of them on the surface try looking in the water. I suggest you to have in your inventory SCUBA GEAR because most of them can be found under water and they swim really deep. As some of them like to swim more than to walk around. Coords: 89.8 / 40.4

Check the map below for spawn locations.

Can be found around the mountains / mountainous area and can be found on the desert island but they don't spawn that much which means that they are rare.

Has been spotted on desert island and somewhere in the jungles. They are very rare, and they spawn almost everywhere. Look at the image provided below for actual spawn. - Thanks to Excited Kangaroo for providing the image.

They never land for stamina. They never land on the ground. They can be find up in the air. But sometimes they fly really close to the trees. Below there's a map of all possible Quetz spawn locations.

Can be found on the top of the mountains or at the base of the mountains.

Can be found at the swamp or at the rivers near the floating island. Around 35/60.

Check the map below for the spawn locations.

Even that they are all over the map you can spot them easily at the following mountain 48 / 23 or on that mountain area.

Dinosaurs spotted at the mountain areas or around the mountain:
Sabertooth, Ankylo, Mammoth, T-Rex, Carno, Raptor, Argentavis, Meganeura, Direwolf, Patchy, Doedicurus, Megaloceros, Alpha's, Mesopithecus, Ape, Mesopithecus (Around the mountains - below them, they are not like exactly on the top of the mountain as the rest of the dinos)

Place with a lot of rocks
Can be found in the south east area, where was landscape reworked.
Coords: 58.2 / 87.7


What are these boats?
They are used to mark the spawn locations of the map.

Is there any VOD's of this map?
But after some time the VOD's will be deleted so I made a backup of their stream video and uploaded to youtube.

Can I paint the platform saddles?
Unfortunately you can't paint them. But sooner or later.

How big is the Valhalla map?
Valhalla landmass is 2-3 times bigger than the standard "The Island" ARK map.
Water is about 4-6 time bigger than the standard "The Island" ARK map.

How to find MOD ID of Valhalla?
It's pretty much easy if you know where to look.
This image below explains you everything.
If you click on "Description" tab you will see in the address bar numbers at the end. That's the MOD ID.


Spot Dung Beetles easily
It's pretty much hard to find Dung Beetles into the swamp especially from those huge bushes, what I suggest you is: take a bird, fly a bit high from the ground, set View Distance to LOW. With this, everything will disappear except for the dinos and will be much easier to spot the Dung Beetles.

Transporting with raft has no weight limit which means you can transport as much dinos as you can fit on 1 raft. I've managed to do this with 2 Carnotaurus and 1 T-Rex. It was fun sailing.

Tribe name
If you are playing on a PVP/Raiding server and want to revenge someone but want to do it silently then you should try this out. All you need to do is to be owner/admin of the tribe. When you find the player dinos that you want to kill, change your tribe name into something random, kill his dinos then change your tribe name back to what it was as before. Also I suggest you to rename the dino that you gonna be using while killing his dinos. When the victim will come back on the server and check his tribe log it will say tribe "whatever name you put" have killed his dinos and he will start searching for that tribe but he will never find the tribe because you've changed the name and it doesn't exist.

Developers Stream

Here are the Valhalla developers who stream while working on the map. Feel free to follow them.

Excited Kangaroo -
Antman -
Gkainu -
MDJanz -


If you like to support devs for spending their time by working hard on the Valhalla map you can donate to them by clicking on the link below. Every penny means a lot for them.


Change logs

Added raft trick 11/30/2015 10:12PM
Added underwater cave found 12/01/2015 1:05AM. Thank you galvi for showing me the underwater cave.
Added, image of the map marked by sections 02/12/2015 5:22PM
Added the new Small island underwater cave 12/04/2015 4:57PM
Added Developers Stream, Donation for supporting the developers and a few Q/A under the "FAQ" 12/05/2015 4:03PM
Added Penguins spawn location 12/07/2015 4:06PM
Added Ice Floe Island 12/07/2015 4:13PM
Added Angler Fish spawn 12/07/2015 8:18PM
Added a few awesome flat ground spots Meganeura spawn location and Plant Species X into the "Swamp" topic
Added one more flat ground location and added one more trick 12/17/2015
Added image map that shows Giganotosaurus spawn locations. Thanks to Excited Kangaroo for providing the image. 12/20/2015
Added Procoptodon spotted locations 1/1/2016
Added Dimetrodon spawn location 1/16/2016
Added Dung Beetle spawn location 1/19/2016
Added "The forgotten cave" 1/22/2016
Added Gallimimus spotted spawns 1/30/2016
Added a trick for spotting Dung Beetles easily 2/6/2016
Added a spawn locations for Terror Birds 2/9/2016
Added Huge cave location 2/12/2016
Added Small cave location 2/12/2016
Added PVP arena location 2/12/2016
Updated the underwater map for Silica/Oil nodes 2/15/2016
Added coords for spawn locations as you've asked, new penguin zone, PVP arena, 2 new caves that have been recently added, dungeon, ruins, beaver spawn locations. 3/08/2016
Added Beaver dams location 3/10/2016
Added marked map of spino and beaver spawns & deep sea loot crates 3/16/2016
Added location of volcano, dino arena (where you can summon the brood), swamp cave, volcano cave(WIP), dungeon artifacts, updated the spawn of beaver dams ( you should see more now, usually where beavers spawn).3/24/2016
Added Ice cave 3/25/2016
Added Woolly Rhinos spawn locations and more flat grounds 4/10/2016
Added To-Do list 4/11/2016
Added marked map for Quetz spawn locations, metal/obsidian/oil/crystal resources, Japanese/cherry biome and a location with a lot of rocks 4/11/2016
Added under the "FAQ" how to find the MOD ID of Valhalla 4/15/2016
Added locations for new swamp and ice cave, in this update also beaver dams and the new underwater dinos are fixed. 4/16/2016
Added manta & dunkleosteus map for their spawn locations and updated mosa & plesi spawn locations. 4/23/2016
Added marked map for direbears spawn locations 4/25/2016
Added Redwood forest location, ape and diplodocus spawn locations 5/7/2016
Added Arthropluera & Leech spawn location 6/7/2016

If I missed something else or you want to know let me know. I'll add/update as soon as possible.
Thanks for reading and GL & HF
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Eric_Northmen Nov 30, 2015 @ 9:43am 
Awesome info!
causevd Nov 30, 2015 @ 12:49pm 
Thank you, if anyone think that I've missed something let me know so I can add it

causevd Nov 30, 2015 @ 1:42pm 
Added raft trick 11/30/2015 10:12PM
Read above for more info.
causevd Nov 30, 2015 @ 4:05pm 
Added underwater cave found 12/01/2015 1:05AM
Hunt Dec 1, 2015 @ 9:44pm 
This is great infomation. Thx alot i found that if u do not have a water mount and u want pearls and oil the very tiny center island has some nodes. I get 200+ pearls clearing it out. Which is enough for me to make my quetz saddles. :)
.Axel. Dec 2, 2015 @ 12:44am 
Thanks for the info! Got any idea about penguins or angler fish?
causevd Dec 2, 2015 @ 8:17am 
Originally posted by dano.mullah:
This is great infomation. Thx alot i found that if u do not have a water mount and u want pearls and oil the very tiny center island has some nodes. I get 200+ pearls clearing it out. Which is enough for me to make my quetz saddles. :)

If you read below the "Caves" you gonna see that I've noted that you can find a lot of oil and silica pearls around that cave.

Originally posted by .Axel.:
Thanks for the info! Got any idea about penguins or angler fish?

I think that they are not yet added on the Valhalla map and I don't know the ETA of when they gonna be added.
causevd Dec 2, 2015 @ 8:23am 
Added, image of the map marked by sections 02/12/2015 5:22PM
causevd Dec 4, 2015 @ 7:58am 
Added the new Small island underwater cave 12/04/2015 4:57PM
Antman3639  [developer] Dec 4, 2015 @ 12:07pm 
Dude nice run down love the detail and cords as well. i very sure that alot of people will find thishandy.
causevd Dec 4, 2015 @ 12:43pm 
Originally posted by anthonyolson500:
Dude nice run down love the detail and cords as well. i very sure that alot of people will find thishandy.
Thank you very much. Gonna add later tonight the Penguins location.
causevd Dec 5, 2015 @ 7:09am 
Added Developers Stream, Donation for supporting the developers and a few Q/A under the "FAQ" 12/05/2015 4:03PM

Will be adding at Monday about the Pengiuns/Angler fish locations as of right now I am outside the city.
Ronin Dec 6, 2015 @ 9:37am 
Anglerfish spawns found in front of the massive grotto cave. (water in front of 37/34)
STOL  [developer] Dec 6, 2015 @ 10:48am 
Wow, I cannot thank you enough for doing this Eagle Eye! You rock man!
causevd Dec 6, 2015 @ 10:52am 
Originally posted by Ronin:
Anglerfish spawns found in front of the massive grotto cave. (water in front of 37/34)

Will test tomorrow this location. I have some more locations of where I spot the angler fish but need to double check before I am 100% sure. Thanks for the info though.

Originally posted by gkainu:
Wow, I cannot thank you enough for doing this Eagle Eye! You rock man!

Thank you for your kind words. Will keep updating as soon as I have more info.
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