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Prehistoric Beasts
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Crysta  [developer] Mar 14, 2020 @ 2:59pm
Dinosaur Information
Dracovenator is an avid wyvern hunter. Found along side them and Magmasaurs, this dinosaur is an apex predator. They kill their victims using stolen draconic essence, and are a great addition to any who want to conquer the arks!

  • To see how to properly use Dracovenator, please check out this video:
  • Dracovenator has 19 attacks, and listing that here would be difficult.

Taming: To tame Dracovenator, you need fertilized eggs. Magmasaur eggs are the best, followed by Ice wyvern, then Poison/Fire/Lightning, then Crystal wyvern eggs. Other then the special food, it is a traditional KO tame.

Giant Sea Slug
Found on the ocean floor, the Giant Sea Slug is a unique addition to the arks. Found across all ocean maps, it has a unique digestive system. While non-threatening, and not very useful for attacking, the Giant Sea Slug has a unique use. When fed ‘Fish Cakes’ and set on wander, the Giant Sea Slug produces a very nutritious and important resource for the game.

Taming: To tame a Giant Sea Slug, all you need to do is to craft a ‘Fish Cake’ and passively feed it to the slug. Taming a Hainosaurus requires a large amount of Squiddige, something only produced from the Giant Sea Slug. Once tamed, it will only eat this food.


Hainosaurus Tenebra is a smaller more aggressive relative of the Mosasaur. Found in the oceans depths, this super predator is a great addition to any tribe or survivor who wants to rule the seas. Immune to electric attacks from jellies and eels, and able to move and swim more efficiently, Hainosaurus is the true master of the sea. They stalk the ocean, hunting for their favorite prey, the Tuso. However, in order to tame this beast of a sea reptile, one must first tame and safely keep a Giant Sea Slug. For they hold the key to taming, and raising a Hainosaurus. Killing the rare Alpha Hainosaurus can reward survivors with loot.

  • Left-click is the bite. Does extra damage to Tusos.

Taming: Taming a Hainosaurus requires a large amount of Squiddige, something only produced from the Giant Sea Slug. Once tamed, it will only eat this food.

These large birds are often found gathered with other Terror Birds. Why they do is beyond me, but clearly it is of benefit to both parties. Either alone or in a pack, these birds are dangerous. Between sharp clawed feet and strong beaks, it's best not to mess with these without a tame as backup. One could easily over power you, and turn you into a quick meal.

  • Left-click is the bite.
  • Right-click is the talon slam. In the air it does a double talon slash, doing bleed damage.
  • C is the cosmetic roar.
  • X is the beak click ability.
  • Space is jump. Holding space allows Kelenken to glide like Terror Bird.

Taming: To tame a Kelenken, you must first hurt it until it drops 75% of its health. Once there, and animation, sound, and particle affect will occur. From there, simple chain bola Kelenken, and feed it fermented sweet melons. After feeding enough of these melons, Kelenken falls asleep and taming from then on is normal. Kelenken prefers Regular kibble.


This slow lumbering herbivore is a rather solitary creature. Usually found wandering the barren deserts alone, left to fend for itself. Had this been any other creature, I would have assumed it would have died out, given the sheer quantity of predators and low amount of food. But, somehow they manage to survive and thrive, most likely because of their less than pleasant temper.

  • Left-click is a bite attack (can be used to harvest bushes/trees)
  • Right-click is a barf attack (must have fermented sweet melons in dino inventory)
  • C = claw attack (can be used to harvest bushes/trees)

Taming: Taming a Massospondylus requires sweet melons (less effective) or fermented sweet melons (max effectiveness). Simply drop one on the ground and follow it around for a short time. It will alert you with an animation and sound when it is hungry again. Drop another melon on the ground to continue taming it.


If Allosaurus therotribus wasn't scary enough, then it's distant relative Neovenator clausura surely will. Larger than Allosaurus and as powerful as Tyrannosaurus dominum, Neovenator is the champion of dinosaurs. While not as strong in brute force as Tyrannosaurus, it makes up for it in maneuverability and speed as well as a powerful bite. A Neovenator's jaw can lock up, crushing any prey in its toothy maw. One misstep and you'd surely die. And if this feathered terror wasn't dangerous enough, they are incredibly smart, so much so that no ordinary person or tribe can conquer them.

  • Left-click performs a bite attack. If a Neovenator has grabbed a creature or player, this will perform a chomping attack.
  • Right-click grabs small creatures and players. It can be clicked again with a creature or player in its mouth to release it.
  • C = roar
  • Left Ctrl activates predator vision while the Neovenator Tek Saddle is equipped and element is in the inventory of the Neovenator.

Taming: In order to tame a Neovenator you will need to use a ballista turret and a chain bola to trap its mouth closed while it is running towards you. While Neovenator is unable to bite due to having its mouth forced shut you have a short amount of time to approach it and press E to ride it. Due to the short amount of time you have it is best to let Neovenator get as close to you as possible before using a bola on it. Once the player is mounted on Neovenator it can be tamed exactly like an Equus. However, the only food it will accept is Coagulated Kibble.

Ornithocheirus is a fast and agile pterasaur. Able to fly for long distances and dive underwater, Ornithocheirus is an adept hunter. These massive flyers have a huge territory, and guard it from invaders. Due to their aggressive tendencies, they cannot pick up tamed animals.

  • Left-click is the bite.

Taming: If you can find and KO an Ornithocheirus, they will eat Exceptional Kibble, followed by land meat.

Postosuchus is an aggressive hunter, found in the redwoods, or deep in the radiation on Aberration. While they are a threat to unsuspecting players, they are on the dumb side. Eating whatever they can get their jaws around, and abandoning their eggs moments after laying them. This can be used to a survivors advantage; tamed Postosuchus are easy to care for, and their noxious breath can be used to keep away smaller dinosaurs.

  • Left-click is the bite.
  • When in a pack, right-click does a claw swipe. Does gash/ bleed damage.
  • When in a pack, the alpha can roar using C. This causes the Postosuchus' to get a buff that increases movement speed, damage, and stamina regeneration.

Taming: Taming a Postosuchus isn't possible. Rather, you must find and raise their eggs.

Found across all the ARKs, Saltasaurus is a great addition to the Sauropod family. While Saltasaurus is the smallest of the Island’s sauropods, it’s great abilities and strong armor make it a desirable sought after tame. Its small stature allows it to be faster than the other Sauropods, though still slower the Diplodocus. Not only does Saltasaurus have strong attack resistant armor, but it also has the ability to harvest a large variety of organic materials from the land. If that wasn’t enough, Saltasaurus’s small size and strong armor make it a unique sought after tame for all peaceful and warring tribes…

  • Left-click is the front ground pound. This does the most damage out of all of Saltasaurus's attacks.
  • Right-click allows Saltasaurus to use its back feet to stomp. Looking left and right affect which back leg Saltasaurus will use.
  • C is the tail swing. The tail swing has a decent sized AOE, and provides some knock back. This attack is also directional.

Taming: Saltasaurus’ strong armor prevents most types of tranq damage from affecting it. Rather, you’ll have to use strong longneck rifles equipped with shocking tranq darts to have any affect. Once knocked out, Saltasaurus eats all the island berries and advanced crops, but prefers Superior Kibble.

Larger then Baryonyx, and almost as strong as Spinosaurus, Siamosaurus is a swift fish eating predator. Ignoring humans and land dwelling creatures, Siamosaurus prefers to spend its time on the ocean coastlines, searching for fish to prey on. It's unique water adaptations keep it well fed and agile, while avoiding competition from inland predators. Eating fish and avoiding fights meant this Spinosaurid could live in harmony with other coast dwellers.

  • Left-click is bite on land and in water. Harvests pearls.
  • Right-click is claw; only works on land.
  • C is the roar; only works on land.
  • Ctrl is tail attack. Underwater has no cooldown, on land has cooldown but added knockback.
  • Space is underwater dash, like Ptera.

Taming: Siamosaurus is a passive tame. To tame one you must feed it Biotoxin (preferred) or Angler Gel. Watch out, as they can and will rage out while being tamed, and will harm you.

Much like Tsintaosaurus's cousin, Parasaurolophus, Tsintaosaurus has an elegant crest sported on its head. Their small stature means that they tend to run from predators, rather then fight back. These herd dwelling herbivores would be a good source of food, if not for their quick reflexes and speed.

  • Left-click is bite.
  • Right-click causes Tsintaosaurus to roar, enables the Danger Mode.
  • Space is jump.

Taming: Tsintaosaurus is a very simple passive tame. Simply feed Tsintao berries or Simple kibble to tame one.
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Tsintaosaurus has become one of my favourites of this pack. I really like seeing their colours and they make some lovely sounds.
Crysta  [developer] Nov 25, 2020 @ 7:52am 
Originally posted by Polacanthus pudding:
Tsintaosaurus has become one of my favourites of this pack. I really like seeing their colours and they make some lovely sounds.
Thanks!! I'm glad you like them =D
Polacanthus pudding Nov 27, 2020 @ 12:40pm 
Just asking, can the sea slug be transported using the fish basket?
Crysta  [developer] Nov 27, 2020 @ 12:43pm 
Originally posted by Polacanthus pudding:
Just asking, can the sea slug be transported using the fish basket?
As it isn't a fish, no. You can use cryopods if you wish, or mods that act similar (dino storage for example).
Have to say love the Siamosaurus, but god is that roar creepy as hell :lunar2019deadpanpig:

Also should have came here first, nothing like tranqing a passive tame and be stuck waiting for it to wake up
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Question about Postosuchus, will it form a nest for the eggs or are we simply looking for a random egg on the ground somewhere, and will it only leave fertilized eggs if that's the case or will it be pretty much random whether they drop a fertilized egg or not?
Crysta  [developer] Jan 14 @ 6:53pm 
As they wander around, they have a chance to leave a nest behind. This nest will contain a fertilized egg. As soon as the egg is grabbed the nest poofs. They are placed randomly, so the best way to find them is to spend some time looking around where Postosuchus spawn!
Ok thank you
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