Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Better Balanced Game v3.8.1
Full Change Log
Civs and Leaders
    • Continent combat bonus is attack only
    • Film studio tourism bonus reduced from 100% to 50%
    • Rough Rider UU is now a Cavalry Replacement:
          Class: Light Cavalry
          Cost: 340
          Combat: 62
          Movement: 5
          Maintenance: 2
          Special: +5 Combat on hills, gain 25% of enemy strength as culture for kills on home continent
    • Mustangs (UU Airplane) strength reduced to 90
    • Worship Building enhancement bonus increased from 10% to 20%
    • After researching Astrology, gain 1 Great Prophet Point per turn in the Capital.
    • Mamluks can now upgrade into Cuirisser
    • Leader Ability Bonus Production reduced to 0% when targeted with a declaration of war and reduced to 50% when liberating a city state.
    • Digger UU buffed to:
          Combat: 74
          Movement: 3
      Resource Maintenance: 1 Niter
    • Tlachtli UB cost reduced to 100, now provides +3 culture instead of +1 culture/+2 faith
    • no changes
    • +8 Food and +8 Production for cities with a National Park
    • Hockey Rink UI now at Civil Service
    • Mountie UU buffed to 70 combat strength and Nation Parks bonus radiuses increased to 4 from 2
    • +1 Food on Tundra and Tundra Hills tiles
    • Crouching Tiger UU is now a Crossbowman replacement with the following stats:
          Cost: 190
          Ranged Combat: 40
          Combat: 30
          Range: 2
          Maintenance: 3
          Special: +7 Ranged Combat Strength when attacking adjacent units
    • UU scouts can move faster through woods and rainforest, but no free promotion
    • +1 food on floodplains
    • Iteru production bonus increased to 25%
    • Sphinx UI Updated as follows:
          +1 Culture, +2 Faith
          +1 Culture and +1 Faith if adjacent to a Wonder
          +1 Food and +1 Production if built on a desert tile without floodplains
      +1 Culture if built on floodplains
          +1 Culture at Diplomatic Service
          +2 Appeal to each adjacent tile
    • Half cost Theater Square buildings (+100% production)
    • Sea Dog UU is now available at Exploration (was Mercantilism)
    • Tourism from wonders boost reduced from +100% to +50%
    • Chateau UI updated as follows:
          +2 Culture
          +1 Housing
          +1 food and +1 gold for each adjacent luxury resource
          +1 Culture for each adjacent Wonder
          Now available at Feudalism (was Humanism)
          Must be built adjacent to a river
    • Leader ability updated: Now provides 50% of slain enemy unit base combat strength as faith.
    • Tsikhe UB is now a replacement for Ancient Walls that provides +3 faith (and +3 tourism at Flight). Also wall strength is between ancient walls and medieval walls, at 100.
    • Khevsur UU is now a Swordsman replacement with the following stats:
          Cost: 100
          Strength: 35
          Maintenance: 2
          Class: Melee
          Special: +5 combat in hills, moving on hills costs only 1 movement
          Requires 5 Iron on online speed
    • Extra District is now available at Guilds instead of game start
    • Acropolis UD: Bonus envoy now requires an amphitheater
    • Extra wildcard policy card delayed until Political Philosophy
    • Huszar UU gets +2 combat strength for each alliance instead of +3
    • Black Army UU get only +2 combat strength per adjacent levied unit
    • Levied units only get +1 movement instead of 2 and no combat bonus
    • Levying units only grants 1 envoy instead of 2
    • Warak'aq ranged strength reduced from 40 to 30
    • Stepwell UI:
      +1 food moved from Professional Sports to Feudalism
      +1 food for every adjacent farm
    • Chandragupta:
      military and religious units get +1 movement
    • Gandhi:
      +1 movement to Builders and Settlers
      additional belief when founding a religion
      +50% production to Holy Site buildings
    • Jongs require 5 Niter on online speed instead of 0
    • Commercial Hubs no longer receive river adjacency bonus
    • Samurai UU availability moved to Feudalism
    • Domrey's are catapult replacement that can move & shoot, and have +5 offense & defense
    • Prasat UB now provides a free missionary when built (requires a majority/founded religion)
    • Trade routes to or from other civilizations provide +2 faith for Khmer, and +2 faith for the sending civilization
    • Aqueducts are half cost (+100% production)
    • Holy Sites get +2 faith from adjacency when placed next to a river
    • Mbemba UU requires 5 Iron (online speed)
    • Seowon UD
      +2 science as base, increased by +1 for every 2 adjacent mines
      Theater Squares provide 0 adjacency instead of -1
      +1 adjacency for Theater Squares
      culture bombs when completed
    • +20% production in all cities for 10 turns after taking a city
    • Hetairoi no longer replace Horsemen, allowing for Cav pre-builds
    • Hypaspist requires 5 Iron (online speed)
    • Alexander now gets +25% of unit prod cost in Science for kills
    • Toa strength kept to 40 (firaxis nerfed hard)
    • Toa now 2 maintenance instead of 0
    • Combat Bonus versus civilizations in a golden age reduced to +5
    • Chemamull UI now provides +1 production and an additional +1 production at Civil Service
    • Malon Raiders are now a Courser replacement with the following stats:
          Cost: 200
          Maintenance: 3
          Movement: 6 (instead of +5 combat when within 4 tiles of borders)
          Special: pillaging only costs 1 movement
    • Trading posts no longer give +1 diplomatic visibility
    • Ordu UB cost cut in half (60 production now)
    • UU requires 5 niter on online speed
    • Berserker UU adjusted to be 35 strength, +15 when attacking, may be purchased with faith, comes at Feudalism, and gets +2 movement when embarked
    • Stave Church gives +1 Faith to all resource tiles in the city instead of additional adjacency bonus for woods
    • Holy Sites get major adjacency from coastal tiles, and +50% production towards the district and associated buildings
    • Harbors get +2 adjacency from an adjacent Holy Site
    • Melee naval units production bonus reduced to 25%
    • Ranged unit production reduced to 0
    • Experience bonus reduced to 25%
    • Nubian Pyramids UI now provides 2 of the appropriate resource for adjacent districts (food for city center) and can be built on all floodplains, flat plains, and flat grass
    • Pitati Archer reduced to 25 strength
    • Grand Bazaar now a Market replacement instead of Bank replacement
    • No longer receives a movement bonus when declaring a surprise war
    • Immortal Adjusted to 35 Combat (was 30) and 20 Ranged (was 25)
    • Units get +3 Combat Strength when attacking
    • Pairidaeza get +1 Culture when adjacent to a Campus
    • Pairidaeza get +1 Gold when adjacent to an Industrial Zone
    • Pairidaeza get +1 Gold when adjacent to a Harbor
    • Internal trade routes get +2 Culture at Medieval Faires
    • Internal trade routes get +4 Culture at Urbanization
    • Internal trade routes get +2 Gold at Banking
    • Internal trade routes get +4 Gold at Economics
    • Now receives a relic upon founding or completing a religion
    • Winged Hussar availability moved to Divine Right (was Mercenaries)
    • Baths give minor district adjacency bonus in Culture
    • Now only receives 4 bonus tiles when founding a city (was 8)
    • Cossack UU Combat reduced to 62
    • Lavra gets Writer, Artist, and Musician points only when city has a Theater Square
    • Lavra Great Prophet Points reduced from 2 to 1
    • Happy bonus increased from 5% to 10%
    • Ecstatic bonus increased from 10% to 15%
    • Highlander has +10 Defense Strength
    • Golf Course UI updated as follows:
          +1 Culture and +2 Gold
          +1 Culture and +1 Gold if placed adjacent to the city center
          +1 Culture if adjacent to an Entertainment Complex
          +1 Amenity
          +1 Housing at Urbanization
          +1 Culture at Diplomatic Service
    • Kurgan UI now provides +1 production for each adjacent pasture
    • Civilization Ability is updated to allow faith-purchasing of any light, heavy, or ranged cavalry units
    • Saka Horse Archer has been updated as follows:
          Cost: 70
          Ranged Combat: 25
          Combat: 15
          Maintenance: 2
          Range: 2
          Movement: 4
    • Mission UU updated as follows:
          +2 Faith
          +2 Science if adjacent to a Campus
          +2 Faith if on a foreign continent
          Available at Theology
          Provides +1 Housing at Civil Service
          +2 Science at Enlightenment
          +2 Loyalty if on a foreign continent
    • Fleets unlocked at Mercenaries instead of Mercantilism
    • 30% discount on Missionaries
    • +3 influence points per turn towards envoys
    • War Cart UU now a Heavy Chariot replacement with 32 strength and costs 1 maintenance. Has a chance to capture defeated Barbarian and City-State units
    • Ziggurat UI +1 culture moved from Cultural Heritage to Diplomatic Service... also gets +1 science and +1 culture at Enlightenment
    • +50% production towards Factories and Universities
    • +5 Corps and Armies bonus delayed to Nationalism

Non-Unique Units (replacement UUs also adjusted)
  • All planes -10 combat
  • Siege units get +10 ranged defense
  • Anti-Air guns moved to Steel tech
  • Privateers are now available at Exploration
  • Infantry buffed to 72 Combat and 3 Movement, and cost 1 niter maintenance
  • Warrior Monks +5 combat strength (40 now)

World Wonders and Natural Wonders
  • Great Library: Now Available at Drama and Poetry
  • Hanging Gardens: Now provides +1 housing to each city within 6 tiles
  • Venetian Arsenal: Changed to provide +100% to ship production
  • Crater Lake now gives +2 Food, +2 Science, and +4 Faith
  • Cliffs of Dover provides an additional +2 Food, and can be settled
  • Dead Sea provides an additional +2 Food
  • Eye of the Sahara provides +2 Food, +2 Science, and +2 Production
  • Galapagos Islands provides an additional food on adjacent tiles
  • Lake Retba gets +2 Food added
  • Pantanal gets +2 Science added
  • Ubunsur Hollow now provides +2 Faith, +2 Food, and +2 Production
  • Goibustan now +4 Culture and +4 Production
  • White Desert now +2 Science, +2 Culture, and +6 Gold
  • Chocolate Hills now +3 Food, +3 Production, and +1 Science
  • Devil's Tower grants 2 Faith to adjacent tiles instead of 1
  • Huey now gives +2 culture to lake tiles

  • Trade routes send 6 religious spread and return 3 instead of 1 and 0.5
  • All worship buildings production cost reduced
  • Dar E Mehr now gives +2 culture in total instead of +1 faith per era
  • Work Ethic now +2 production per shrine and +4 per temple
  • Divine Inspiration now +6 faith per wonder
  • Crusade reduced to +7
  • Lay Ministry is now +2 Faith/Culture for appropriate districts
  • World Church is +1 Culture/3 Foreign Followers
  • Cross Cultural Dialogue is +1 Science/3 Foreign Followers
  • Pilgrimage is now +3 Faith per foreign city
  • Tithe is now +1 Gold/3 Followers
  • Zen Meditation now requires only 1 district
  • Religious Communities now applies to Holy Sites
  • Itinerant preachers percentage increased to 40 from 30

  • Dance of the Aurora only applies to flat Tundra tiles now
  • Goddess of Fire Pantheon Faith from volcanic soil and geothermals doubled to +4
  • Lady of the reeds and marshes works on all floodplains and also on marsh wonders
  • Sacred Path also gives +1 adjacency to woods, as well as rainforests
  • Initiation Rites now gives 25% of a land military unit's production value in faith when produced
  • Fertility Rites now gives +1 food on cattle, sheep, wheat and rice, in addition to the free builder
  • Religious Idols gets +3 Faith instead of +2
  • Monument to the Gods now affects Wonders of any era
  • Stone Circles gets +3 faith instead of +2 from Quarries
  • God of War gives +1 Great Person Points to Harbors, Encampments, and Commericals

Governors, Governments, and Golden Ages
  • Victor's Garrison Commander gives +3 combat instead of +5
  • Magnus' Surplus Logistics promotion now gives +2 Production
  • Foreign Ministry (tier 2 gov building) now gives 2 envoys and 2 extra influence per turn
  • Communism's Collectivization card now gives +2 Production for domestic trade routes
  • Warlord's Throne gives +25% production towards naval and land military units, -1 unit maintenance cost, and +15 to strategic resource stockpiles
  • Audience chamber gives +3 food and +3 housing for cities with a governor
  • Pen, Brush, and Voice Golden Age gives +2 culture and +1 gold per district

Culture Victory
  • Moon landing only gives 5x Science as Culture instead of 10x
  • Computers and Environmentalism give +50% tourism boost instead of +25%
  • Tourism from wonders increase to 5
  • Books are now 4 culture and 2 tourism instead of 2 and 2
  • Art is now 4 culture and 4 tourism instead of 3 and 2
  • Artifacts are now 6 culture and 6 tourism instead of 3 and 3
  • Music gives 12 culture and 8 tourism instead of 4 and 4
  • Relics give 4 tourism instead of 8
  • 150 tourism required to gain one foreign tourist (instead of 200)
  • No tourism penalty for being in democracy or digital democracy (used to be 20)
  • Tourism penalties for other tier 3 and 4 governments absorb the 20 from democracy to equal out if someone catches you in government tier... so they are 40 instead of 20 now

  • Score for techs and civis increased by 1 (were 2/3, now 3/4)
  • Score for wonders reduced from 15 to 4
  • Score for Great People reduced from 5 to 3
  • Score from converting cities reduced from 2 to 1
  • Score for cities reduced from 5 to 2
  • Score for population increased from 1 to 2
  • Era score will no longer count towards actual game score
  • Oil can now spawn on flat plains, as well as all floodplains
  • Walls are now halfway between R&F and GS values (75, 75, 75, 300) (100 for Georgia's Tsikhe walls)
  • Incense +1 food
  • Retinues and force modernization policy cards allow for producing units for half resources cost instead of only working on upgrades
  • Minimum favor from grievances is now 0 instead of -10
  • Can improve offshore Oil at Refining Tech (when Oil is revealed)
  • Citizen specialists now give +1 main yield (ex. +1 science for campus specialist)
  • Nan Madol suzerain bonus only applies to special districts now
  • Limes policy card now provides +100% production to Siege Units and does not expire
  • Fishing boats give +1 production

  • GEORGY_ZHUKOV and HORATIO_NELSON retirement abilities removed
  • Ranged units' promotion, Arrow Storm, no longer works on defense
  • Siege units' promotions, Grape Shot and Shrapnel, no longer works on defense
  • Can declare war on a city-state on the same turn an opposing Amani is removed instead of having to wait 10 turns
  • Artwork from the same artist give their standard culture and tourism yields instead of 1 culture and 1 tourism
  • Fascism combat bonus works on both offense and defense
  • Policy card exploit fixed
  • Pantheon exploit fixed
  • Priority targeting button removed from aircraft
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