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ARK: Survival Evolved

Randi's Christmas Mod
Dec 18, 2017 @ 2:23pm
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Dec 18, 2017 @ 2:24pm 

Ark's new DLC is finally here And we want to settle this new adventure with you! Join our Aberration PvE server now and let the epic endless fun begin! We have installed the best mods on our new Aberration cluster server to give you the ultimate PvE building experience. Full freedom with no strict rules AT ALL.
Please read until the end and thank you for your time! :)
Reasons why you should join Emfolyo servers!

1. Discord server of 80+ members:
2. Active admins to assist you with any problems you have.
3. Weekly & Daily events. We also have christmas, halloween, valentine and easter events + more!
4. Giveaways. (CD Keys, DLCs, In-game items and more!)
5. Complete freedom with no strict rules, just pure fun!
6. Extremley friendly community and admins.
7. Amazing building mods such as Structues Plus, Castles Keep, Ecos Terrariums, Ecos RP, Ecos tek decor and much more!
8. Fast rates, no grinding and long taming/breeding times!
9. Cluster of 3 maps! Play on multiple maps ( Aberration, Ragnarok & The Island)
10. A place for new players on the servers where there is a level 100 Argy and tools to get started! (Ravager instead of Argy on Aberration)
11. Amazing server performance. Lag is something you will never experience on our servers!
12. 100% Server uptime!


Amazing building mods!
We have installed Structures Plus, Platforms Plus, Castles Keeps, Ecos Tek decor, Ecos Terrariums, Ecos RP and Randi's christmas mod to give you the ultimate building experience! Your building will never get boring again because of the endless possiblities you can do with all these building mods! Hundreds of different structures and decorations!

With Insects-Plus mod installed on our servers, you can breed all sort of insects! You can breed Dung Beetles, Scorpions, Mantis, Achatina,
Araneo, Arthropluera, Lymantrias, Onyc, Jug Bugs and you can even tame and breed Piranhas! Awesome right!?

Classic Flyers!
Do you hate nerfed flyers? We installed Classic flyers on our servers so you could experience the old flyers that we all love again! In addition to that: Pelagornis diving is enabled and Wyvern breeding is enabled! Yes you can breed wyverns on our servers!
Don't like classic flyers? No problem at all! Admins can replace your modded flyers with vanilla one anytime!

StackMeMore Mod
An amazing mod that adds stacks to every item in the game and makes them weigh much much less! This will help you carry lots of goods without having to put lots of points into weight!

Utilities Plus
With Utilities Plus mod, you will be able to use Reusable bola, spear, grabbling hook, flare gun, whipe, and parachutes! This mod also contains an amazing ultimate spy glass that lets you know everything about wild dinos before you tame them! Such as their stats, torpor and more!

Dynamic Fence System
Are you tired of placing tons of walls and structures around your base to protect your base with the wild? With Dynamic Fence System installed our server you no longer have to worry about that! It's a cheap awesome looking fence that can cover your base with only a few with them! Saves a lot of time and much more efficient & cheaper!

Bridge Mod
With Bridge mod installed on our servers, you don't have to worry about placing tons of pillars or worrying how to transfer your dinos from a lake to land.

Upgrade Station
We have installed upgrade station on our Aberration server due to its difficulty to help you upgrade your tools and fight this tough broken Ark!

Server rates: Aberration
XP: 10
Harvesting: 5
Taming: 5 (10)
Mating interval: 0.1
Hatching speed: 10
Maturing speed: 10
Babycuddle intervalMultiplier: 0.12

Server rates: Ragnarok & Island
XP: 25
Harvesting: 5
Taming: 12.5 (25)
Mating interval: 0.05
Hatching speed: 25.0
Maturing speed: 25.0
Babycuddle intervalMultiplier: 0.08

1. Structures Plus (S+)
2. Universal Server UI 716327557
3. Castles, Keeps, and Forts 764755314
4. StackMeMore 1184731864
5. Utilities Plus 899250777
6. Eco's Tek Decor 816908578
7. Eco's Terrariums 880887081
8. Insects-Plus 1112780816
9. Eco's RP Decor 741203089
10. Dynamic Fence System 931434275
11. Bridge 558651608
12. Platforms Plus 719928795

The Island & Ragnarok
1.Classic Flyers 895711211
2. Structures Plus (S+) 731604991
3. Universal Server UI 716327557
4. Castles, Keeps, and Forts 764755314
5. StackMeMore 1184731864
6. Utilities Plus 899250777
7. Eco's Tek Decor 816908578
8. Eco's Terrariums 880887081
9. Permanent Liopleurodon 922964412
10. Insects-Plus 1112780816
11. Eco's RP Decor 741203089
12. Dynamic Fence System 931434275
13. Bridge 558651608
14. Platforms Plus 719928795
15. Homing Pigeon 655261420


Aberration Cluster 10xAll

Ragnarok Cluster 25xAll

Island Cluster 25xAll

Add the server to your favorite, instead of choosing My survivors in Ark server's browser, choose Favorites.
To add a server to your steam favorites, launch steam —-> Select ‘View’ (Next to ‘File’) —-> Click ‘Servers’ —-> Click the ‘Favorites’ tab —-> Click ‘Add Server’ at the bottom, then add the IP!
Please make sure to subscribe to all the mods before joining! If you're having any issues connecting please let us know :)

We hope you join us and you are very very welcome! :)

The first survivor to defeat Aberration's Alpha Endboss on our Aberration server will win $20 prize! Go fourth and conquer! More info on our discord server.

Please join our discord to meet all the members of our community, learn more about the servers and more!

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esquire1980g Dec 18, 2017 @ 11:16pm 
ARKCHOICE cluster. Added to The Island and The Center. (cluster includes Scorched Earth and Ragnorok - Ab coming this week (after bug fixes from WC).
Sly Stone Dec 2, 2018 @ 2:01pm 
You have been invited to join: The Ascendants Ark Gaming Community

Our Discord:
Our Forums:

Steam Workshop Server Cluster Mod Collection:
Server Steam Group Page:

Ragnarok Direct Server Connect Via Steam To Play Now: steam://connect/

Olympus Direct Server Connect Via Steam To Play Now: steam://connect/

Extinction Direct Server Connect Via Steam To Play Now: steam://connect/

Both Ragnarok/Olympus/Extinction maps use same settings and mods as of 11-07-2018
(Extinction map does NOT use any dino addition mods the other servers use, Extinction has only vanilla dinos for now.)

Come join in the action.
PvE/PvP Tribe Leaders IF Agreed may declare war. (Both Parties Must Agree)
Reward system/Multiplied XP/Gather/Harvest/Taming/Breeding
PvE/PvP server has over 135+ custom dinos like you've never seen.
PvE/PvP Cluster Transfer dinos/items/characters enabled.
Mature non cheating Admin.
Really chill community of active daily players.
Infragilis Dec 2, 2018 @ 2:19pm 
Caling all Christmas lovers

The Four Horsemen Christmas Server

Receive a gift from raptor claus as he flies past every night

Ragnarok PVE with tribe wars enabled

Christmas community centre located at snowcherub lake (next to the redwoods and behind the highlands)

Aberration and extinction dinos added! - shinehorn, featherlight, gasbags, snow owl, gacha and velonasaur

Starter pack including a snow owl


Harvest x 8

XP x 8

Max player level 300

Max dino level 400

Taming 500

MatingIntervalMultiplier 0.05

EggHatchSpeedMultiplier 200.0

BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier 100.0

BabyImprintingStatScaleMultiplier 5.0

Mods x 16

Eco mods


Randi's Christmas mod

Holiday delight

Raptor Claus

Awesome teleporters

Awesome spyglass

Najs speedy flyers

TC auto rewards and more

Subscribe to the mods here

Join the server directly here

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Buck Dec 2, 2018 @ 3:25pm 
Server's Ark4Fun X10 Christmas Event / Servidores Ark4Fun X10 Evento Navidad

PVE Monday to Thursday/Tribe wars ON
PVP Friday to Sunday
Cluster Ragnarok, Extinction

  • Active Admins
  • Event's everyday PVE
  • Collision of structures disabled

This link will take you to the RAGNAROK server steam://connect/
This link will take you to the EXTINCTION server steam://connect/
connect by Steam from "View" -> "Servers" -> "Favorites" -> "Add a Server" -> Enter the IP for Ragnarok for Extinction

And soon.. The Island!

Join to Discord and claim a Rubble Golem
Join to Facebook and claim a Reaper King
Only say it when you do it to any admin and enjoy it !

Servidores Ark4Fun X10 Evento Navidad / Server's Ark4Fun X10 Christmas Event

PVE Lunes a Jueves/Guerras de tribu habilitado
PVP Viernes a Domingo
Viaje entre servidores Ragnarok y Extincion

  • Admin activos
  • Eventos todos los días PVE
  • Colisión de estructuras desactivadas

Este enlace los llevará al servidor RAGNAROK steam://connect/
Este enlace los llevará al servidor EXTINCTION steam://connect/
conectate por Steam desde "Ver" -> "Servidores" -> "Favoritos" - "Agregar servidor" -> Ingresa la IP para Ragnarok para Extincion

Y próximamente.. The Island!

Únete a Discord y reclama un Golem de escombros
Únete a Facebook y reclama un Rey Segador
Solo dilo cuando lo hagas a cualquier Admin y disfrútalo!
Wizzy411 Dec 3, 2018 @ 12:14am 
We have use it on 3 of our PvE servers at

Olympus -
CrystalIsles -
Extinction -
Maple Dec 3, 2018 @ 10:21pm 
7th Circle Gaming Community

Reasons To Join The Community
-We are a Growing community of advent gamers from all walks of life.
-To ensure our servers preform optimally we bought a top tier server tower in a datacenter.
-7 Ark Servers to choose from
-Our servers run the shop and currency plugins on the api framework for ark.
-We have a knowledgeable and very active admin team
-Our main cluster features a hand picked assortment of maps and mods to ensure there is something for everyone
-Our Newest cluster features all 4 Ark DLC maps linked together so players can follow the ascension storyline if they wish. this cluster has same mod list for ease of transfer between maps and has tameable/breedable corrupt dinos

-Depends on which server you choose. anywhere from 4x to 10x Harvest and XP
-Boosted Breeding

Click Here To Join The 7th Circle Discord For More Information On The Mod Lists, Rates, & Server Connection Information []
🌺Misa Dec 4, 2018 @ 1:06pm 
🌼🌲 [AU] Hidden Paradise 5xALL MODS 🌲🌷

🌍 ♥ ❖ Arktopia Gaming ❖ DISCORD URL ♥ 😜

Hidden Paradise server connection Info:

If you are having trouble finding the server try connecting through Server Ranks:

❗❗❗ Wiped 01/12 NEW ❗❗❗

You are invited to join our Hidden Paradise PvPvE server, with PvP but limited structure damage. If you are bored of vanilla ark and want to experience an awesome modded play through with us. Lots of mods for decorating and creative builds, taming helpers and adjusted configs for the best experience.

Please join our Discord and ask to talk to an admin if you have any issues or want to talk about adding or removing certain mods. Keep up to date with server down times and info. 😊

Mod Collection
Our Mods
🔸 S+
🔸 Auction House v2.2c
🔸 DPs Elixir of Hunger (Perfekt for taming)
🔸 Saddle Emporium
🔸 Better Reusables
🔸 Cross Aberration
🔸 Classic Flyers
🔸 HG Stacking Mod 5000-90 V280
🔸 Advanced Engram Unlocker
🔸 ecoTrees
🔸 Editable Server UI (WBUI)
🔸 Awesome SpyGlass!
🔸 Bitou2k's Kibble: Craft Station
🔸 Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture
🔸 eco's RP Decor
🔸 Unlock Haircuts and Emotes
🔸 Wardrobe Skins
🔸 Ship Cargo Decor
🔸 Libby's Food Mod
🔸 Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator
🔸 Palisade
🔸 Awesome Teleporters!
🔸 eco's Shoppe Decor
🔸 Randi's Christmas Mod

🔹 Gathering x5
🔹 Exp x5
🔹 Taming x5
🔹 Breeding x10
🔹 Max Player Level: 200
🔹 Max Wild dino level: 150
🔹 Unlock ALL tek at player level 200

⭐ Be kind to one another
⭐ Do not use any third party programs or hacks
⭐ Exploit ANY glitches will get you banned
⭐ Do not abuse harass anyone

Aardwolf Dec 8, 2018 @ 11:47pm 
Using this mod for christmas

My Other Life PVE Server Cluster

My Other Life PVE
My Other Life Cluster X20 Gather 30X tame / LVL 210 / Dino 300 + 200 Tame all engrams
Steam Group
20x Gather
30X Tame
Player level 210
Max Wild Dino level 300 +200 Tamed
All engrams (including Tek)
Max tribe tame dino's 500
This server Auto Updates
This server auto destructs when playes have not logged near their base or Dino's
Tame dino's 14 days
Thatch 4 days
Wood 8 days
Stone 12 days
Metal 16 days
Tek 20 days

Classic Flyers, Structures Plus, Platforms +
StackMeMore, DPs Tranqulizer Sniper Rifle,
Awesome Teleportersl, Platforms Plus
Engram Unlocker, Element Crafting Station (reduced cost)
Blueprint Crafter, Automated Ark
Pimp My Home and Pimp My Home Building Parts
Upgrade Station, Awesome SpyGlass

Mod Pack

Ragnarok steam://connect/
The Island steam://connect/
Scorched Earth steam://connect/
The Center steam://connect/
Aberration steam://connect/
Lost Continent steam://connect/
Extinction steam://connect/
Amissa steam://connect/
Crystal Isle steam://connect/
Hope steam://connect/
Olympus steam://connect/
Shigoislands steam://connect/
The Volcano steam://connect/
Ezincane Island steam://connect/

Hoorah Booyah PvP Cluster
20x Gather
40X Tame
Player level 302
Max Wild Dino level 300 +250 Tamed

This server auto destructs
Tame dino's 14 days
Thatch 4 days
Wood 8 days
Stone 12 days
Metal 16 days
Tek 20 days

Classic Flyers, Structures Plus, Automated Ark
StackMeMore, DPs Tranqulizer Sniper Rifle,
3's Loot Crates, Engram Unlocker
Element Crafting Station, Platforms Plus
Awesome Teleporters, Upgrade Station
Awesome SpyGlass

Mod Pack

The Island steam://connect/
Ragnarok steam://connect/
Scorched Earth steam://connect/
The Center steam://connect/
Extinction steam://connect/
Aberration steam://connect/
The Volcano steam://connect/
Shigoislands steam://connect/
Olympus steam://connect/
Hope steam://connect/
CrystalIsles steam://connect/
Amissa steam://connect/
Ezincane Island steam://connect/
Lost Continent steam://connect/

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