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Mod to avoid train collisions on single tracks 2 ways from BloodyPenguin mod One-Way Train Tracks.

How does this mod works?

It is simple. Before entering on a single track section, a train will check if there is already another train running the track. If that's the case, the train will stop until the track is free.

When using long stretches of single track, be sure to lay down some double tracks section regularly so that train can intersect (they are called passing loops[]). If there are many trains, jams might still occur. Also place a 2 tracks section before a terminus station, so that trains can properly enter/exit the station.


Link to the GitHub repository[]. This mod uses detour and would be incompatible with any mod modifying the method CheckNextLane of class TrainAI (if there is any such a mod!).
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CoarzFlovv  [author] 9 hours ago 
Thanks for the feedback so far ;)

The mod is incompatible with Traffic President, I might be able to do something about it but not sure..

I am not sure about vehicle unbunching, is there an issue with the ingame vanilla function or is it a function of Traffic President?

@Wellech I have noticed issues with trains that uses multiple 'leading' carriages : the ID of the first carriage is then not the same when the train reserve, and I use this ID to book the track section...

@TheMiniMan1 I also saw strange waiting behaviour for monorails. Apparently, trains and monorails use the same AI...

Vlad 14 hours ago 
Yes now I am able to have a long two way single track for a terminus.
the_poison_dodo Jun 24 @ 9:20am 
why...the...FUCKING...fuck, is this in the game be default
jamonbread1 Jun 24 @ 7:17am 
Thanks so much! Now I can actually use those tracks for a function!

@Hyena I'm sure if you think about it some more you can figure out why your question doesn't make any sense
Hyena Jun 23 @ 5:30pm 
thats works with the one-way track from the dlc too?
Big Bad Nonja Jun 23 @ 1:27pm 
Thatnks for this mod. You've solved the single most irritating thing about one way track work :) Well, the ugly switches" are nearly as bad...... and the track....... and the ballast.... sigh... ;)
@Phileska, take a chill pill ya Drama Queen :D
불도마뱀 Jun 23 @ 7:06am 
oh, i'm very like this mode!!
I think I can make single train track with this mode
it's very fantastiic! thank you for made this mode
daverave Jun 23 @ 6:42am 
@Phileksa UK refer to them as passing loops and bogies, (sidings are tracts that terminate with buffers) we invented trains we invent the words to go with...
Xinex Jun 23 @ 5:59am 
I like you.V
Phileksa Jun 22 @ 9:11pm 
"passing loops?" nopers. "passing sidings." what's next? you'll be calling trucks bogies, using chain to connect your cars together, and building passenger coaches out of wood, all while considering inside cylinders a good idea? all while claiming that hump yards just aren't that efficient, primarily because you have to remove and replace all those chains holding your trains together?