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Arma 3 Aegis
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Arma 3 Aegis

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Arma 3 Aegis - Stable Collection
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Arma 3 Aegis aims to expand on the vanilla 2035 setting directly with a variety of new weapons, factions, vehicles, and equipment. Many items have been readded from the pre-Alpha, with a focus on bringing them up to the same level of quality and consistency as other vanilla items. Aegis also enhances the vanilla sandbox by improving vanilla faction's loadouts and visuals.

This mod requires West Sahara CDLC, or its compatability data, to be enabled.

Argana, BAF, Russia, Raven Security, LDF Arid & LDF BLUFOR factions introducing their own selection of weapons, gear, vehicles, and decorative objects.
Rifles, such as the 5.45 mm AK-12, the AK-74/103 family, the iconic M4A1, a 6.5mm L85A3 and more, all in a variety of variants and colours!
Shotguns like the Russian BK-153, the M4 Shotgun and Bulldog 12G with dual tube system.
Handguns - a variety of new sidearms including the heavy Mk26 pistol, the G17, and yet more!
Mk11 and M110, a designated marksman rifle based loosely on the AR-10 platform.
MP7, a compact SMG developed in Germany.
M32, a rotary grenade launcher.
Punisher, a smart grenade launcher co-developed by the US and Germany.
New Aircraft, including rotary air like the AH-1 Navajo, Merlin HC5 and Mi-35, and the fixed wing F-38 and C/L-192.
BTR-100, a BTR-90 modernised by the addition of an unmanned turret, sporting a 30mm autocannon and Vorona missile pods.
Small Boat, useful for fishing or relaxing in shallow waters.
New weapon attachments, such as the ACOG scope, Russian PBS-1/4 suppressors, Mk20 Modular Sight, ROS Reflex Sight, Dual-Mode (IR/Visible) Laser Modules, compact laser pointers and much more!
RGO & RGD Grenades, a pair of impact frag grenades - vanilla grenades have been renamed to Frag / Mini Grenades.
New liveries for a variety of weapons, vehicles, and equipment items.
New gear, including 150+ headgear, vests, uniforms, facewear, and backpacks.
New props to decorate your scenes!
New markers to draw on your maps.
New pylon armaments including AGM-154C JSOWs, Vikhr AT / AA missiles, et cetera.
Western Sahara content integrated and distributed across the vanilla factions, and some of our new ones.
Authenticity and balancing tweaks to several magazines and vehicles' weapons to make them more authentic to their real life counterparts (and its compatible with other mods).
Numerous quality-of-life fixes; luminous flares, UGL smoke grenades are less bouncy, 3DEN doesn't automatically open categories, some items renamed / hidden to avoid meaningless clutter, consistency fixes, texture improvements, et cetera.
Improved particle effects, with illuminating flares and shockwaves. (Thanks Taro!)
CBA Joint Rails compatibility.
Task Force Arrowhead Radio compatibility.

AveryTheKitty - project creator, and responsible for much of the textures, encoding, localization, et cetera. Retired.
Bran Flakes - textures, encoding, and promotional art.
Foxtonnes - models and textures.
Grave - encoding, modelling and texturing.
Heliotrope - encoding and modelling.
Jamie - models and textures.
JC980 - models and textures - Gone, but never forgotten.
Lowaltitude - textures, models and encoding.
POLPOX - encoding, texture work, models and localisation.
Ravenholme - encoding, current Team Lead.

Bohemia Interactive for Arma 2, Take on Helicopters, Arma 3, and Argo.
Mr.Mustache for promotional art and public relations.
Ataboo for the Punisher's original model.
BOOLY for the RPK's original model.
Garkain for the Mk17's original model.
Grid Studios for the Bulldog's original model.
Olli Koskelainen for the F38C's original model.
SAM61 for the BK-153's original model.
Steffe-Engdahl for the MP7's original model.
Tigg for the M4 SSAS's original model.
Toadie2K for the original AK-74 family implementation.
3dGunsmith for the original ACOG and M4A1 models (APL-ND due to commercial license restrictions).
wnschpnsch for the original ICO (CompM4) models (APL-ND due to license restrictions).
neon-mahmud96 for the original DM Laser Pointer model.
AD-98 for the original ROS model.
Michael Karel for the original Compact Laser Pointer model.
David Falke for the original M203 model.
Taro for his amazing shockwave particle effects.
Lyotchik-sniper for several Russian vehicle textures.
wsxcgy for the LDF's desert camouflage swatch.
Lexx for various item textures.
Exocet for model work in conjunction with Grave.
JustPeachy for icons and the Russian AP-5 textures.
ThickStickRick for contributions in sound design.
Max Lachnicht for music.
Anthrax, Shaleshock, & TheMightySultan for their beautiful promotional art pieces.
Kydoimos for the flag of Argana vector graphic and various item and insignia textures.
Greenfist for the artwork.
kllrt, Locklear, NodUnit, Rob (Eggbeast), Chairborne, & Reyhard for their assistance.
Cascadeur for usage in creating animations.
Arma 3 community for your support!

Updated JSRS SOUNDMOD by Charms


Q: Can I reupload this mod?
A: No.

Q: Will you release X separately?
A: No.

Q: Does this mod replace anything?
A: Yes, several NATO and CSAT textures have been improved.

Q: I don't have Western Sahara, can I run this mod?
A: Yes - you just need to download the WS compatibility data.

Q: Will this mod work with other replacement packs?
A: Maybe, maybe not.

Q: Will you make a patch for X?
A: No. You are free to make your own patches.

Q: I have a question, where can I contact you?
A: Try our Discord, linked above. We're most active there, and unlikely to notice any questions asked in the steam comments.

The majority of Arma 3 Aegis, Atlas and Opfor is released under the APL-SA license, however, some of our assets are commercially bought or otherwise licensed to us under more restrictive terms. To ease confusion, all of the content of our mod suite that you are permitted to modify for your own use within the terms of the APL-SA license is provided in the github link below. All other content, or accessing it via decompiling our pbos, is APL-ND and you are not permitted to modify or reupload it in any way, shape or form without our explicit permission. Any assets used must be credited to the Aegis team and the original authors, where applicable.
Aegis Suite APL-SA Repository[]
BI APL-SA License Terms[]

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