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Gotterdammerung (1944)
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Gotterdammerung (1944)

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Gotterdammerung 1944-1945
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September 1943:
In 1943 the German army was in its apogee but the situation begins to lean towards the allies with the defeat of the axis army in Africa and the encirclement of the German troops in Stalingrad it is time for the axis of repatriate his material in Africa to prepare for the future battle that will take place in Europe. On its side the japan is confronted to a new threat the united states which begins to invade the different spossesions japan in pacific.

June 1944:
In the East, Operation Bagration is about to be unleashed on the Germans. In the West, the allies have landed in Normandy but are still contained by the Wehrmacht, and fanatical SS divisions. In Italy, the Germans have good fortified positions, and the allies are bogged down and are taking heavy losses. The outcome of the war is far from certain, Germany’s war machine is producing weapons, air craft, and tanks more than ever. With a calculated counter offensive, the Germans could, in theory, throw the allies back to the sea in Normandy, and focus entirely in defense against the Soviets in the east and bleed them white.

December 1944:
The Russians are unstoppable in the east, but the Germans are resisting harder and harder. In the West, the allies have freed France and Belgium, but things have slowed down since then due to extended supply lines and increasing German resistance. Recently the Western Allies faced two major setbacks and heavy blows. The first one was the failure of Operation Market Garden, and the more recent one is their heavy losses in the Battle of Hürtgen Forest. The battle was so costly that it has been described as an Allied "defeat of the first magnitude," with specific credit given to Model. With these recent victories, the German Army is now emboldened, and with a high morale, they are ready to lunch their counter offensive called Wacht am Rhein later known as Battle of the Bulge. If the Germans are successful in this counter offensive, the western allies might come to the peace tables.
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