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Tamku Wilderness
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May 16 @ 9:12pm
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Tamku Wilderness


Tamku Wilderness is a map roughly based on Langtang National Park in Nepal, filled with steep mountains and deep valleys. Four rail connections are provided, but they reside on opposite sides of the map leaving you to purchase out the proper land and connect them to create your own functioning rail network. A single highway meanders through the center tiles, but with only two highway entrance points you'll have to use a combination of public transit and effective road planning to fully develop this region. The starting tile places you right against the foothills of some of the tallest mountains in the entire map, but if you can develop beyond this first area, there are many wide-open tiles to expand your city across. This map is very resource rich and will reward those who capitalize on it.

Recommended Settings

Map Theme: Väterchen Frost
This is by far my favorite snow map theme available, big thanks to hadece!

LUT: None!
Snow biome maps are different than any other biome in that you typically don't want to use an LUT to preserve the whiteness of the snow. You can use LUT's that reduce saturation, but any re-coloring will typically leave you with odd looking snow

Ultimate Eyecandy: Link
I recommend playing with the ambient settings within this mod to reduce the dramatic colors the snow seems to take on during sunrise/sunset. I've found that reducing the Global Lighting and increasing the Ambient Lighting yields some of the best results (this is how I achieved the sunset look in the screenshots)

I absolutely recommend using 25 or 81 tile mod, as the entire map has been designed to be built on! You also may want to get Cloud & Fog Toggler, but that's just my personal preference :)
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MrMiyagi Sep 14 @ 4:27pm 
This is a hand-crafted masterpiece. Watching your video making this was inspiring!! Hats off to you Flux.
00 Aug 26 @ 5:24am 
nvm i didnt see the sidebar
00 Aug 26 @ 5:23am 
my map has no trees or vegetation?
☭ Karl Marx ☭ Aug 21 @ 3:43am 
zinfandel2005 i think its locked, sorry
zinfandel2005 Aug 12 @ 5:16pm 
Question, can you play this map even without the Snowfall DLC? What I mean is is the map locked for people with the DLC or will the map just not have snow without the DLC?
knee socks Jun 23 @ 2:12am 
Zaphod Jun 20 @ 3:56pm 
As someone who owns snowfall and has already built a city on this map, I do think a summer version would be quite attractive.

No matter what you do with LUT's and graphics mods, winter maps will always be a little painful to actually look at because of the white-out. It's my biggest problem with snowfall.
Domi277 Jun 20 @ 12:02pm 
Can you make the same map without the snowfall dlc? it looks great :D
MyLastSong18 May 26 @ 12:27am 
Seriously people? Flux didn't have to release this. Be greatful that he did and that he created such a beautiful map. If you don't want to buy the DLC find a different map, its really that simple... Or better yet create your own map and stop complaining