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Diverse Rooms
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Diverse Rooms

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Stellaris' basic rooms are just that: 'basic'. I've always found them a little uninspiring and bland. Every single empire you encounter talks to you from a similar rectangular room, with a slightly different window, looking out onto a slightly different planetary surface with some slightly different form of city on it. I get it, it's functional and efficiently conveys the information you want it to convey to the player..

However, I feel those rooms do not do justice to the wonderful stories Stellaris sometimes creates, the sense of awe you should feel when you encounter a Fallen Empire, the shock at stepping onto an Artist Enclave and seeing a multitude of alien races, and so on..

What does this mod do exactly?
  • Adds close to 300 more rooms
  • Makes available to the player some of the 'hidden' Paradox rooms

If you're using Diverse Rooms and are contacted by one of your own custom-made races (with a room from this mod), it's highly likely you'll encounter a bug that we haven't been able to squash yet: first you'll see the 'basic' room for the race's government type and, when you contact them again, you'll see the room you assigned them from Diverse Rooms.

If this bothers you immensely, I highly recommend using the companion mod Diverse Basics to mitigate the effects.

Ironman compatible! (Unless the ironman mode is lying to me). Should have no other mod compatibility issues, unless that mod somehow extensively reworks how Stellaris uses the room backgrounds.

  • Developers - Last Leviathan & Blackfyre
  • All art is owned by their creators
  • A full credits list can be found here.

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Cone Sinker Jul 29 @ 6:16pm 
Please help, i have both diverse rooms and diverse presets but still all of the ai empires spawn with vanilla rooms. is there something i'm doing wrong or do i need the diverse basics mod for it to work:steamsad:
⎛⎝Lucifearus⎠⎞ Jul 23 @ 2:28am 
This mod is still working wonderfully and even works with players in multiplayer who dont have it, meaning its fully cross compatible with people who both dont and do have it! The best Stellaris mod that exists currently tbh.
Blackfyre  [author] Jul 17 @ 6:06am 
@daaurpoj: Sure! Sign the petition over on the Paradox forums and let them know you want them to address this issue: .

I'm going to include this link in the description as well, so hopefully more people will see this.
daaurpoj Jul 16 @ 10:44pm 
Is there any way to quickly scroll through rooms? Having to manually click through 300+ rooms takes quite a while
Anansi Jun 12 @ 1:34pm 
"The Unbidden was an inside job," the tag for this mod, is the funniest shit I've seen all week. Had me dying
Storm Vader May 31 @ 2:26pm 
Load order?
Dead Fox May 29 @ 1:09pm 
Apparently I'm missing a descriptor file?
T145 May 28 @ 12:36am 
In 3.4.x the new rooms aren't appearing. The only mods I have installed alongside this are other graphical changes like UOD and having this mod last in the load order doesn't do anything. I've also tried loading it before any menu changes (i.e. UOD), which also didn't work. Is this meant to be standalone or applied manually?
thomasmayrhofer1 May 23 @ 6:35am 
Okay, thank you. So to get your new backgrounds all the time in new campaigns, I would need this "main" mod here + the 2 others "Diverse Preset Empire" and "Diverse Basics" cominbed? So 3 mods, right?

Is load order okay by default?

Thank you so much.
Blackfyre  [author] May 22 @ 5:20am 
@thomasmayrhofer1: it only half works in an ongoing campaign. First contact will always show a Paradox room. That can be fixed with my other mods 'Diverse Preset Empires' and 'Diverse Basics'. Because the game you started has used Paradox made empires and randomly generated empires, the full lineup of rooms in Diverse Rooms wasn't used to generate the backdrops for these empires. In a new campaign you'd see a lot more rooms from the mod being used.

It only changes the diplomacy screen, not the planetary screen, that's correct.