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Diverse Rooms
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Apr 9, 2017 @ 5:55pm
Dec 7, 2018 @ 6:44am
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Diverse Rooms

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As the title implies, it adds more variety to the room backgrounds you may select during empire setup.
  • ~80 New Rooms

Ironman compatible! (Unless the ironman mode is lying to me) Should have no other mod compatibility issues.

  • Developers - Last Leviathan & Blackfyre
  • All art is owned by its creators.

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Ruby the dumb bunny Apr 23 @ 7:12am 
Hey I love your mod been using it since I first found it years ago but I've noticed that there on either side of the vanilla selections there are like 15 in a row of the same blank looking room, I feel like the pictures aren't showing up and at first I thought it was broken until I went on a clicking spree to see if it was all of them, I've re installed and it didn't fix it (I am using other mods but none that mess with rooms) but thought you'd be interested in my bug
Asura Sorath Apr 21 @ 11:01am 
@Blackfyre conflict with Fallen Human Empires show the ladscape of the homeworld top right and the room scape in the bottom left
FitnessGuru Apr 18 @ 6:19am 
Must have mod for me. Thanks for your work!
Deadwish Mar 30 @ 11:04pm 
It's probably a silly question, but... Is this mod compatible with achievements? I can't figure out which mod is causing me not to get achievements.
Blackfyre  [author] Mar 29 @ 11:57am 
@Thade: well, that's weird indeed! Do you have any other mods installed? I'm not sure what would cause that bug. Is it an old savegame?

Also, there's a known bug where all empires show the same room when you first meet them. If you contact them again, the empires should show the correct room (as long as it's a premade empire). If they're random empires, there's a chance they all picked the command2_room option, which is Diverse Rooms' 'default room'.
Thade Mar 29 @ 9:58am 
I encountered an odd bug in my game. With your mod installed, every single empire chooses the same room. No clue how to fix it :|
Eric Feb 28 @ 8:39pm 
"The Unbidden Was An Inside Job" lol
Grabthar's Hammer Feb 18 @ 8:45pm 
Blackfyre thank you for this great mod. I am really amazed at how just a tiny little improvement to the background like this can significantly improve the immersion. Thanks for your hard work.
Blackfyre  [author] Feb 18 @ 11:43am 
@Lazuli Now there's a bug I've never heard of.. :( Are you sure you're not also subscribed to Diverse Basics or Diverse Preset Empires? Diverse Rooms does not replace any of Paradox's vanilla backdrops.. If you're not subscribed to either of those mods, you could try validating your game files on Steam and see if that helps..