Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Theme Decals
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Mar 31 @ 12:40am
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Theme Decals

Adds decals which match the current map theme.

32m/16m versions for grass/cliff/sand/gravel/ruined/oil/ore and 32m/16m corner/16x8m edge versions for pavement.

Known issues:

If the mod is disabled, it won't work, because it's disabled.

If you change graphics detail or adaptive prop visibility distance settings, the lod distance will be reset so the textures won't work, you will have to reload.

May not work with theme mixer or terrain themes mod [obsolete], the textures probably will be wrong.

If ploppable asphalt doesn't work for you, this won't as well. Just like ploppable asphalt/sharp textures/decal hover area, it waits for loading manager to confirm all mods have been loaded, I've seen the ARIS/Skylines Overwatch mods preventing loading manager to properly report mods being loaded, or it may be some other mod doing that.

Anybody can create their own decals which work with this mod:

You can also publish them, and you can put the theme decals logo on it:

Here are some theme decals by Sparks:

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Ronyx69  [author] Apr 19 @ 3:24am 
@HatsuneKid Pretty unusable because of culling and bad draw distance, so I don't make decals so large.
HatsuneKid Apr 19 @ 2:54am 
It maybe need a bigger size. Such as 64m or 128m. :)
Ronyx69  [author] Apr 9 @ 11:22pm 
@dreesedatalink Must have been something else that happened, idk what. I don't even have sharp junction angles myself because I have fine road anarchy... I have over 100 mods though.
dreesedatalink Apr 9 @ 5:40pm 
@Ronyx69 i figured it out. it was because i was NOT subscribed to sharp junction angles. added that, then resubscribed to my other mods that i disabled in troubleshooting one by one. and now both this and plopable asphalt work. Thanks for the pointers, and your sweet decals
dreesedatalink Apr 9 @ 4:46pm 
here is the first spot that the error shows on the screen.
disabeling AVO didnt help
dreesedatalink Apr 9 @ 4:29pm 
i reloaded again and i see errors with advanded vehicle options somehting about value of "o" not valid over and over. i am going to unsub that and test again. then resub and clear my settigns file for AVO if unsubbing fixes your awesome mods. odd thing is plopable asphault was working.
Ronyx69  [author] Apr 9 @ 4:12pm 
@dreesedatalink The UI looks different for some reason, weird, anyway doesn't show anything useful.
dreesedatalink Apr 9 @ 4:03pm 
loaded BP's modtools and here is the F7 page. not sure what it means
Ronyx69  [author] Apr 9 @ 11:53am 
@dreesedatalink Only advice I can give is get mod tools and look for errors in the F7 console. I have no idea which mods and why they interfere with the loading manager.
dreesedatalink Apr 9 @ 11:25am 
i have read the comments and i am still having issues with this and plopable asphault mod. i have none of the overwatch or ARIS mods subscribed. any thoughts on what else may be conflicting? i even unsubbed the no need for power/pipe mods. i can tthink of what else it may be.