Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Theme Decals

Adds decals which match the current map theme.

32m/16m versions for grass/cliff/sand/gravel/ruined/oil/ore and 32m/16m corner/16x8m edge versions for pavement.

Known issues:

If the mod is disabled, it won't work, because it's disabled.

If you change graphics detail or adaptive prop visibility distance settings, the lod distance will be reset so the textures won't work, you will have to reload.

May not work with theme mixer or terrain themes mod [obsolete], the textures probably will be wrong.

If ploppable asphalt doesn't work for you, this won't as well. Just like ploppable asphalt/sharp textures/decal hover area, it waits for loading manager to confirm all mods have been loaded, I've seen the ARIS/Skylines Overwatch mods preventing loading manager to properly report mods being loaded, or it may be some other mod doing that.

Anybody can create their own decals which work with this mod:

You can also publish them, and you can put the theme decals logo on it:

Here are some theme decals by Sparks:

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MaestroII 19 minutes ago 
Please fix it!
[HG]Drebing Oct 21 @ 10:56am 
I got the same problem. Has someone found a solution?
Pablito Sep 28 @ 8:03am 
i cant see the texture decal just a message in the field instead, can you help me ? Thank you.
k4wx Aug 25 @ 7:26pm 
Update: I painstakingly reworked all the affected areas, and now the order has switched back to normal. lol, fuck my dumb life. I might have to leave decal work until the very end before taking screenshots.
Ronyx69  [author] Aug 23 @ 10:36pm 
@k4wx It's still probably completely random, I doubt any kind of stack order has been coded into the shader. Once the game was updated, the randomness was somehow affected probably.
k4wx Aug 23 @ 7:40pm 
@Ronyx69 I've seen you comment on this elsewhere (while I was looking for a solution to my current problem), but it does seem that, while it may be random, there is still a great deal of consistency... For me at least. Whenever a decal stacks on top of another, it will tend to remain that way for 95% of camera angles, only flickering occasionally. And this used to mean I could reliably blend dirt into grass, but nay more =[ it is indeed sad.
Ronyx69  [author] Aug 22 @ 10:28pm 
@k4wx The order is completely random and changes based on the camera angle. It's sad, just like the draw distance...
k4wx Aug 22 @ 7:12pm 
Anyone else found that the stacking order of decal types has changed since the concert update? Namely, dirt now stacks under grass for me, which has mucked up many detailed areas.. Bummer!
ConureGuy_411 Jul 6 @ 2:28pm 
I wish I knew how to use the scripts to make a grass one, but not my forte.
Ronyx69  [author] Jul 6 @ 4:02am 
@Titan Maybe I think? lol didn't think of it, you can try it, it just copies over the diffuse texture and that's it... only for props though.