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The Employment Agency - privately owned
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Oct 23, 2016 @ 11:47am
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The Employment Agency - privately owned

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The Employment Agency - privately owned, by Populous

Dear Mayer, you say you have an unemployment issue... nothing causes the collapse of a cities population like unemployment so, we introduce to you an original and another first asset of its kind: “The Employment Agency”.

Because Unemployment leads to crime, loss of taxs... and health issues... this asset can be found under medical and actually serves the purpose of a normal clinic however the concept of this asset is to temporarily hire a lot of workers when there is an excess of unemployed Cims and so the building will be understaffed if you have a shortage of workers. For that reason, this asset is privately owned and so you as Mayer can add this building when unemployment is high and remove this building when there is a demand for workers, a new twist on the term "temp' agency".

Employment Per Building:
- 100 Uneducated Workers
- 100 Educated Workers
- 100 Well Educated Workers
- 100 Highly Educated Workers

- Build more residential then you could before and keep your cims employed
- Lights where there should be lights including flight warning lights
- 4 colors for more variety ( see images for colors )
- Markers are set so cims will enter and exit the building and sit on benches
- Parking lot works so cars park
- Privately owned

- 0 construction cost ((privately owned)
- 0 maintenance cost (privately owned)
- Standard Clinic settings

Yes, absolutely, Thumbnail included for easy identification from the menu system

- Yes, this is a recolored, reprogramed, redecorated stock building (Sorry my time is limited these days, but the concept is what's new and important).
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Populous  [author] Aug 14 @ 6:33am 
The fact that people don't actually answer questions or stay on topic is why I don't read formums. Yes, there is a better way to chat without sending notifications to everyone on the list.
Populous  [author] Aug 14 @ 6:27am 
Well yes, when you need people to work commercial, industrial (realize until you have high level industrial... highly educated workers won't work here) then you delete this building to send them to the job market.... but if you leave it, population will eventually increase.
Darkangel Aug 14 @ 2:17am see how no one reallky answers the question sufficinetly in the fav cims mod itself. Another person also asks if they leave teh city will they leave permanently or do they come back of which no one bothers to answer him. Very sad. At least I can rely on you to answer even if my question isnt clear enough. Btw is there a way to chat online as it would be so much easier than text.
Darkangel Aug 14 @ 2:05am 
Really? Ok it’s just that when there were less people than jobs my 2 employment agencies still said full 200 jobs used so they weren’t transferring to other needed factories saying not enough workers etc so the only way i got more factory workers was to bulldoze the employment agencies.

Now the separate matter not related to your employment agency directly: did you see my picture I linked with all the 25 year olds that said they left the whole map ie all the 25 year olds on my fav cims mod that said they are now FAR FAR AWAY??? Why only 25yrs leave? That means the 25yrs people have left my map completely never to return! That is what is the game killer. Do you know about this separate phenomena???
Populous  [author] Aug 13 @ 6:26pm 
This states they are visiting other places or places in your city, not that they left. Well yes, if they are happy working here and it is close to thier home, they may move. Also if you don't have jobs available when you delete this asset they will leave. Honestly, just leave the building as it will continue to run with our without employees.... just make sure your local markets have workers, if they do.... leave this building intact or otherwise you take away a great number of jobs. then you can leave the outside connections active.
Darkangel Aug 13 @ 10:03am
Please help Pop this is teh game hkiller for me when cims hit 25 they leave and then i need outside 26 years to start again from that age. In other words all my effort in ediucating them with good schools is wasted as highly eductaed people with jobs leave wtf why??? This has happened for the last 4 maps that i can remember.

When I bulldozed the employment agency my cims go immediately in unemployment then it looks like they are leaving staright away as it says minus 700 in red for population and minus around 500 for working people leaving but after a few weeks it balanced again and then started to go up but it seems i still lost some precious highly educated cims from my map. Maybe i should cut all outside connections so they cant escape?
Populous  [author] Aug 13 @ 6:37am 
Darkangel, Bulldozing will not attract outside Cims... having it attracts Cims because there is work. So you would only bulldoze this if your businesses run short of people, and need workers for business. Honestly as employment is available the population goes up and unemployment rate decreases. I have never had an employment issue where I had to destroy the building, but one can if they over develop and need to put workers on the market... Not enough employees available and business will leave, but bulldozing is a last resort to save business if ever needed either way people should not leave your city unless there is no jobs and this building provides jobs and takes on your unemployed. 62k is a good game
Populous  [author] Aug 13 @ 6:25am 
Ana, thanks and welcome to Cities Skylines
Darkangel Aug 13 @ 4:34am 
How do you know that by bulldozing this building you will not get new workers from outside instead of these ones you expected who may leave town instead? Is that ever possible or will this guarantee the same workers here wont leave your city but will fill up an office needing workers etc? Also since i use realistic aging ie the 1/16 live to 90 years instead of 5 years and also avoids death waves I have noticed one drawback in that most of the people that leave my city are aged 24 to 25 when they finish uni and need to move out of home and or start a family in another house or unit. It amazes me that not all my houses are filled so why the game ejects them im not sure since I havent fully reached the 65k agent limit yet although im close at 62k.
Ana Félix Pires Aug 13 @ 3:19am 
Nevermind! All it needed was a bit of time to work. I left the game running and unemployment had gone down when I came back. I'll get the expansions eventually, but I'm still learning how to play! :)