Portal 2

Portal 2

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Italian for 'backtrack', Tornate is a small mappack that consists of 4 maps. Each map at one point was an editor map, then the maps were totally redone in Hammer. Tornate also gives the Portal 2 artstyle a twist, adding blue tiles in contrast along with lighter metal tiles.

These maps are more on the easy side, but who knows, I can't really tell you the difficulty. I don't know how you think with Portals.
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Tornate: Back Testing
Created by Reepblue
Map 1 of 4 of Tornate...
Tornate: Fly
Created by Reepblue
Map 2 of 4 of Tornate...
Tornate: Cluster
Created by Reepblue
Map 3 of 4 of Tornate...
Tornate: Forgotten
Created by Reepblue
Map 4 of 4 of Tornate

This map was a cut map from the original Tornate mappack. It was cut early on due to performance issues. It has now been better optimized and heavily reworked.

!!About the platform!!:

When I first made this map back in May of 2011,...